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2 Xbox One may allow loaning of digital games

29 days ago Phil Spencer says Microsoft is open to players loaning digital rights to games or giving them as gifts

16 Is crowdsourcing less ethical than free-to-play?

A month ago Ben Cousins looks at the "ethical scorecard" for a variety of business models; F2P is under fire from the establishment, he says

10 UKIE frustrated by missing tax relief

A month ago Rumours prove false as Budget fails to feature


9 Next-gen is "a better marketplace" - EEDAR

In association with QUALCOMM

A month ago EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin shares observations on how the new consoles compare to the last generation

9 Xbox One, PS4 drive US retail sales up 9% in February - NPD

A month ago Xbox One and PS4 were neck and neck for the month, helping to boost overall hardware sales by 42%

5 ChangYou investing $600 million in mobile games

A month ago The Chinese online gaming firm is about to get very serious in the mobile space


GDC's financial impact on San Francisco: $46 million

In association with QUALCOMM

A month ago San Francisco Travel Association weighs in on the importance of the Game Developers Conference to the city

King targets $7.6 billion valuation

A month ago Candy Crush maker's $21 to $24 per share IPO target would put total value above Zynga


5 Player retention is the key to success - Steve Nix

A month ago Former id software and GameStop exec launches Yvolver, a new loyalty rewards-based platform to assist mobile developers with engagement

3 Trion launches DRM-free digital platform

A month ago Glyph will offer a wide variety of Trion and third-party games without imposing any DRM restrictions

Next Games lands $6 million in seed funding

A month ago Finnish developer of new Walking Dead mobile game attracts support of IDG Ventures, AMC Networks, more

SoftBank invests in mobile start-up Turbo Studios

A month ago Newly formed studio in Brooklyn gets backing from same firm that has majority stake in Supercell and GungHo

40 Tomb Raider finally beats profit expectations

A month ago A year after release, Square Enix reboot on verge of 6 million sold, on pace to be best-selling in franchise history


52 F2P the “most democratic form of development” - Kabam

A month ago Andrew Sheppard, president of Kabam Studios, talks about the industry's transition to F2P and its fear of the business model

17 OnLive relaunches business with comprehensive overhaul

A month ago New management, technology and business models revitalise streaming service

56 Valve is pushing price of PC games to free - Lovell

A month ago Author says letting devs control Steam sales will drive prices to iOS/Android levels, give Steambox edge over traditional consoles

1 Canabalt creator launches Finji studio

A month ago Adam and Rebekah Saltsman announce Austin-based multiplatform studio, intend to fund collaborations with other creators

19 Ouya to start embedding in other hardware

A month ago The Android-based games platform will no longer be exclusive to the $99 Ouya hardware

3 MMORPGs: Time to level up

Opinion A month ago Steve Peterson looks at the current MMORPG landscape, the marketing challenges, and what lies ahead


14 Microsoft appoints Stephen Elop to head Xbox

A month ago Former Nokia CEO is taking over the Devices and Studios division, as Julie Larson-Green moves into a new role


5 Fries: Publishers created a void that indies stepped into

A month ago Xbox co-creator on the trend of “fewer and fewer titles that are less and less innovative” and how the pressures of AAA led him to leave MS

14 Amazon's console dreams

Opinion 2 months ago Here's why it makes sense for Amazon to create a console


19 The Irrational decision

Opinion 2 months ago Does the shutdown of Irrational Games make sense? [UPDATE: Take-Two has finally issued a statement]

NBA execs on the power of video games

2 months ago With the NBA attracting a global audience, the league's reach is getting a boost from video games across varying platforms


31 Irrational Games to be dissolved

2 months ago Ken Levine starting up "small entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two" as all but 15 members of the studio will be laid off

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