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2 Creativity: Influence vs Individuality

3 years ago Boon Cotter on the thorny issue of inspiration

5 Force Sensitive Resistor

3 years ago Discovering a new biometric technique with Pete Collier

1 Digital Distribution Woes

3 years ago Martin Pichlmair outlines some of the pitfalls for indies in the digital market

5 Gold Star For You, Friend!

3 years ago Designer Adam Rademacher discusses rewards systems and how to use them effectively

8 So You Want To Be A Graphics Programmer?

3 years ago Practical advice from Keith Judge on how to make an impression as a graphics programmer

Losing Your Objectivity

3 years ago Hogrocket's Pete Collier on remaining focused on the bigger picture during game development

5 Indie Project Budgets

3 years ago Broken Rules' Martin Pichlmair discusses the maths behind its recent public funding for three new projects

6 Teaching Players How to Play Your Game

Opinion 3 years ago Hogrocket creative director Pete Collier offers his thoughts on a crucial design area

7 Growing Game Animation

3 years ago WB Games' Mike Jungbluth looks at the advantages of player input and transitional animations

3 Pick Up That Can

3 years ago Human Head's Norm Nazaroff on the problems with interactive objects

27 Machine Code is for Kids!

3 years ago Dylan Cuthbert on why machine code is perfect for kids to learn programming

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