Crossy Road pulls in $1 million from ads

Unity touts Hipster Whale's success with integrated advertising feature

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony settles over misleading Vita ads

Early adopters of handheld to receive $25 cash or $50 voucher; FTC also goes after advertising firm for astroturfing Twitter campaign

By Brendan Sinclair

Ubisoft wants to expand Assassin's Creed audience to kids

Publisher's Splinter Cell brand manager says Mega Blox deal was intended to introduce children to franchise

By Brendan Sinclair

Gamer Network launches new 'Fishbowl' mobile ad format

High-impact format to capitalise on increasing mobile traffic

By Dan Pearson

King runs more TV ads than Sony and Microsoft

Ad firm says Candy Crush Saga maker doubles number of spots from platform holders

By Brendan Sinclair

Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra in response to #GamerGate

Gamasutra says Intel was "flooded with complaints over a recent opinion piece" concerning video game equality

By James Brightman

Virtual world MovieStarPlanet partners with SuperAwesome

“The digital kids universe is a challenging place for brands to connect with kids in both a safe and entertaining way"

By Rachel Weber

The method to Madden's ad madness

EA Sports' Anthony Stevenson explains why marketing campaign puts more focus on a violin-playing bear than new game features

By Brendan Sinclair

"Influencer-driven collective" 3BlackDot puts YouTubers & devs under one roof

Syndicate and SeaNanners on board to "deliver audience engagement"

By Dan Pearson

ASA deems Dungeon Keeper ads "misleading"

UK advertising watchdog upholds consumer complaint about EA's free-to-play release

By Rachel Weber

SuperAwesome and Bin Weevils sign exclusive ads deal

"This is a landmark deal for the kids industry"

By Rachel Weber

Upsight is the result of Kontagent-PlayHaven merger

"Devs shouldn't be building their own analytics, marketing tools, and ad tech"

By Rachel Weber

Cracking the code on eSports

MLG president Mike Sepso lays out the challenges to growing and selling gaming as a spectator sport

By Brendan Sinclair

Conan O'Brien charges for Clueless Gamer reviews

Red Barrels confirms $35,000 fee to have Outlast featured on segment; show says disclosure unnecessary

By Brendan Sinclair

EA paying YouTube gamers for coverage

Ronku program shells out hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote titles like Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo stock rises after mobile investment

But Dwango Co. share buy is ad-related, not content

By Dan Pearson

SuperAwesome network outpacing online virtual worlds

"This new generation of kids is very different. They are going to disrupt a lot of our landscape"

By Matt Martin

MediaSpike raises $5.2m for in-game product placement

Company continues to develop services for social and mobile games

By Matt Martin

First Xbox One TV ad features no games

Half-minute spot for North American market focused on NFL fantasy football, Skype functionality

By Brendan Sinclair

Google offering skippable YouTube style ads for online games

DoubleClick Ad Exchange also opening up to publishers

By Dan Pearson

Gamer Network forms partnership with Global Radio

Deal will provide content and commercial support for XFM

By Dan Pearson

Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements

Xbox One maker calls dibs on technique to encourage viewership of shows and ads

By Brendan Sinclair

Suda51's Killer is Dead will see "wide" appeal, says Xseed

Executive Ken Berry talks about how Killer is Dead will be a unique opportunity for the company

By David Radd

Wartune advertising runs afoul of ESRB

Free-to-play online game uses Adults Only rating as selling point, even though it's never been rated at all

By Brendan Sinclair

Gearbox calls Aliens suit "beyond meritless"

Developer calls Colonial Marines complaint frivolous as Sega offers more reserved defense

By Brendan Sinclair

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