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Interactive Tayside profile

5 years ago An explanation of what the organisation brings to the table, and how it helps local businesses to grow

1 Crunch development periods are an "exploitation of staff"

5 years ago Tag Games MD Paul Farley is adamant that bad management can be avoided

Tag's Paul Farley

5 years ago The Dundee-based developer's MD on the mobile scene, and why the company will never go through crunch

Dundee - a city profile

5 years ago What was once an industrial town has changed a lot in the past decade - but there's plenty more to come

Labelling players as "casual" is wrong - Slam Games

5 years ago It's the style of game that's important, says VP David Thompson

Slam's David Thompson

5 years ago The Scottish developer's VP gives his thoughts on the casual games space, and why it's game type and not player that's important

Operators are "stifling" mobile industry - Dynamo

5 years ago Developer's technical director believes they're "not the best people to sell games"

Dynamo's Stuart Reid

5 years ago The mobile developer's technical director on growing a start-up business, and the challenges facing the mobile scene.

Development wastage can be eliminated, says Denki

5 years ago Interactive TV developer's approach to game creation enables high productivity

Denki's Colin Anderson and Gary Penn

5 years ago The MD and internal development manager offer an insight into the interactive TV scene, and reveal their plans for business expansion

A Proper Job

5 years ago Proper Games' CEO Paddy Sinclair on developing for XBLA, and the advantages of small companies

Proper Games: XBLA needs proper categorisation

5 years ago Flock! developer believes that "flat-out delisting perhaps isn't the solution"

It would cost a billion to take on WoW, says Monumental boss

5 years ago Football Superstars dev explains decision to produce sports-themed MMO

4J's Chris van der Kuyl

5 years ago The company president on the Scottish dev scene, and why the industry's business model is changing

1 Games industry to follow Hollywood model

5 years ago 4J's Chris van der Kuyl looks ahead to the production company structure

1 Codemasters boss warns against outsourcing abroad

5 years ago "UK development is worth investing in," Cousens tells EIF audience

Durrant: There's more to come from Dare

5 years ago World-renowned competition director explains what still needs to be done

Who Dares, Wins...

5 years ago Dare to be Digital's Paul Durrant explains the competition's origins, and what still needs to be done.

3 Sony and Nintendo will tie in hardware race, says former SCEE boss

5 years ago Deering predicts third place for Microsoft

'Less than 3 out of 10 games recover costs,' says EIF boss

5 years ago Deering highlights need for alternative revenue sources

Keeping it Realtime

5 years ago Studio manager Colin Macdonald on life in Dundee, and what's behind the local games industry community

Realtime: We let our games do the talking

5 years ago Studio manager Colin Macdonald explains why you won't hear idle boasts about APB

1 Scotland Week: Introduction

Opinion 5 years ago A preview of a special week of content

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