GDC 2011

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3 Hidetaka 'SWERY' Suehiro

3 years ago The Deadly Premonition producer on his cult hit and Japanese development

Cutting the Mustards

3 years ago Chair Entertainment's Donald and Geremy talk Infinity Blade, iPad 2 and the App Store

2 Street Fighting Man

3 years ago Capcom's Christian Svensson on handhelds, DLC and the future of free-to-play

3 Why social games need to take the road less travelled

3 years ago More impassioned ranting from GDC

21 Hawkins: Apple and Nintendo changed business, for worse

3 years ago EA founder and Digital Chocolate CEO sounds off at dev licences, App Store

Nexon's Daniel Kim

3 years ago On Euro expansion, the value of acquisitions and validating the micro-transactions business

6 We're all possibly lambs to the slaughter - Hawkins

3 years ago But the browser will set you free, says Digital Chocolate founder

GDC 2011 sees 19,000 industry visitors

3 years ago Next conference planned for March 5-9 2012

3 Bungie backtracks on MMO claims

3 years ago Developer dismisses online action game suggestions as a "joke"

PhyreEngine 3.0 released for PS3 and NGP

3 years ago New version of development framework supports new portable, as Sony plans GDC demo

3 Konno: Nintendo "didn't believe in potential" of 3D

3 years ago EAD boss Hideki Konno explains initial resistance to the 3DS from Nintendo execs

8 Bungie: New game is "massively multiplayer action game"

3 years ago But Halo creators reject "World of Warcraft in space" description at GDC panel

6 Developers should "have a fixed ship mindset" - Epic

3 years ago Exec producer Rod Fergusson believes the schedule is "what's really, really important"

8 Industry must "stand together" on social games issues

3 years ago Brenda Brathwaite believes that 'great games' are possible on social network platforms

9 Threat Level

Opinion 3 years ago Satoru Iwata's warnings of a threat to the industry ring hollow - this is evolution, not collapse.

2 Social games aren't evil, they're evolutionary - Brathwaite

3 years ago Brenda Brathwaite rants back at those accusing social of ruining the industry

4 Pac-Man creator: "Controls are too complicated" in current games

3 years ago Namco's Toru Iwatani discusses making games with women in mind

5 Epic demos next-gen Unreal engine

3 years ago "If the next consoles can't do this... Well, Apple increased the iPad 9 times today"

8 Nintendo admits online failings

3 years ago Iwata recognises company "can do better" as Netflix link-up is unveiled for the US

Minecraft wins big at GDC and IGF awards

3 years ago Five trophies for indie hit, while Red Dead takes four

Easy Company

3 years ago EA's Ben Cousins on the free-to-play revolution


2 Battlefield Play4Free has 10% of BF3's budget

3 years ago But Easy studio already commercialising beta of PC exclusive, says Cousins


9 OnLive planning new payment models for Europe

3 years ago Chris Donahue: "I want everybody's money"

18 Console design is pushing away customers - Jaffe

3 years ago Too many barriers to instant gratification; players getting better experiences on portable

4 Sony confirms 2GB, 4GB NGP game cards

3 years ago Handheld not as powerful as PS3 "because the battery would last five minutes"

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