E3 2012

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E3 report details less risk, more movement from Asian companies

2 years ago DFC Intelligence comments on growing risk aversion of major publishers in gaming world


16 Nintendo's Wii U has "major issue" with capability

2 years ago Dean Takahashi discusses issues with the Wii U's tablet controller

1 E3 Awards see The Last of Us winning big with critics

2 years ago The Last of Us takes home 'Best of Show' E3 Game Critics Awards


3 Global Gaming Market: "Console is not dead"

2 years ago Data and opinions from analysts and execs on the present and future of global gaming

True cross-platform play coming from the cloud

2 years ago OnLive and Razer's cloud-based services promise the same high-end PC experience wherever you play


16 Warren Spector: "The ultraviolence has to stop"

2 years ago The veteran designer talks about disturbing trends at E3, and how Epic Mickey 2 is different

3 Kojima on Japan's game development curse

2 years ago Country's developers too focussed on home market

5 Unreal Engine 4 illuminates next-gen at E3

2 years ago Microsoft and Sony may not be talking about next-gen just yet, but Epic is demonstrating it with UE4


25 Not So Smart: Microsoft's Heart of Glass

2 years ago Microsoft needs to make a much more convincing case for SmartGlass. The tech is fine, but who'll build content?


4 God of War, Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe pursuing free-to-play project

2 years ago Jaffe tells us why he hates certain parts of F2P and how he hopes to create F2P that won't piss gamers off


5 Jack Buser: "PlayStation Plus is a revolution"

2 years ago The head of Sony's Digital Platforms talks about PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Mobile, and what retail means to them

6 EA prepping "3 to 5" new IP for next generation

2 years ago Frank Gibeau explains why EA is holding off on new IP on current gen consoles

19 Hitman trailer: "never the intention to provoke people"

2 years ago IO Interactive answers critics of its Attack of the Saints teaser

2 E3 "half a show" without Sony/Microsoft next-gen consoles, says EA

2 years ago This transitional year gives an opportunity for third-parties to stand out

10 John Carmack: Next generation of consoles should last a long time

2 years ago The id Software founder talks PCs and consoles

Next-gen consoles for Sony/Microsoft likely out late 2013

2 years ago They weren't at E3 2012, but will almost certainly be at E3 2013, according to analysts talking with publishers and developers

18 Wii U lacks "killer app" say analysts

2 years ago More information about the console is wanted

3 Nintendo shares fall following E3 press conference

2 years ago Investors were not excited about Nintendo's E3 press event

ESA: 49 Percent of U.S. households have a game console

2 years ago More people are gaming in more ways than ever


43 Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" says EA Origin boss

2 years ago David DeMartini, head of EA's Origin, talks about a rocky first year and how EA wants Origin to be the hub for gamers

3 Sony: "We've never been first, we've never been cheapest"

2 years ago SCEA CEO Jack Tretton says console business is about being the best

2 THQ's Rubin fires back over San Diego rumours

2 years ago Calls accusations of burying news "a conspiracy theory"

1 Last Guardian absence due to "technical difficulties"

2 years ago Sony president Shuhei Yoshida promises game still planned for PS3

2 Chris Lewis: "We remain committed to great content, great games"

2 years ago Microsoft will not forget system's roots despite new multimedia push

6 Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi talks cost of extra controller support

2 years ago The Nintendo EAD manager notes that Nintendo wants a wider audience for Wii U

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