E3 2011

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2 OnLive's Steve Perlman

3 years ago The founder of OnLive reveals European expansion plans and why the company is comparable to Zynga

3 Mass Effect 3 named "most promising retail" title of E3

3 years ago EEDAR names Bioware sequel in show review

9 Report: Wii U dev kits "underclocked"

3 years ago Current projects not up to final visual standards

Video: Ubisoft's E3 Wii U roundtable discussion

3 years ago Yves Guillemot and Satoru Iwata on how the two companies will work together

36 Wedbush declares Wii U "two years late"

3 years ago Analysts say Nintendo has conceded advantage to competitors

1 Wii U reveal won't harm Wii sales, says Fils-Aime

3 years ago Nintendo will continue to support established console after new hardware release

2 E3 2011: The conservative convention

3 years ago What did E3's familiar names and few surprises say about the future of the console business?

5 Sony's Andrew House

3 years ago The Euro president discusses PS Vita and the impact of the earthquake and PSN hack on game development


Sony: $170m PSN cost will not impact video game budgets

3 years ago As company braces for huge bill, PlayStation Vita launch strategy dependent on ongoing earthquake assessment

1 Crytek CEO expresses cautious optimism over cloud gaming

3 years ago Cervat Yerli says that industry will overcome teething issues, but early models could be "dangerous"

3 Venue change on the cards for E3

3 years ago E3 2011 draws 47000 visitors, but building work may force new premises in 2013

23 Identity Theft

Opinion 3 years ago Nintendo's decision to carry its Wii and DS branding into the next generation will confuse more consumers than it attracts.

6 Carlson Choi tells Nintendo to back 3DS pricing

3 years ago Namco Bandai marketing VP says to ignore calls for price drop

Gears of War team denies working with Kinect

3 years ago Lead gameplay designer not ruling out motion control, but 'not yet'

Gaikai targeting online TVs

3 years ago "I would expect it to be on lots of televisions" - Perry


6 OnLive hardware deal to grow total addressable market by 75m

3 years ago Cloud gaming service to achieve significant expansion through TV and Blu-ray manufacturers by year end

9 Iwata: Wii U likely to cost more than 20,000

3 years ago Price converts directly to $250 or 150, but will Nintendo inflate cost in Europe?

3 Miyamoto discusses Wii U with Iwata

3 years ago Latest Iwata asks shows Nintendo attempting to heal casual/core divide with new console

19 Nintendo shares fall to 5 year low after Wii U reveal

3 years ago Stock declines as analysts are disappointed by E3 conference

28 Wii U includes AMD graphics, new 25GB disc format

3 years ago Plus new controller will not be sold separately, confirms Nintendo

12 Fils-Aime admits to using PS3, 360 footage in presser

3 years ago NOA president says to expect graphical parity, and "fantastic value"

2 Miyamoto makes Pikmin first official Wii U title

3 years ago Nintendo spokesman says development on Wii version has been transferred

OnLive to launch tablet client this year

3 years ago Game streaming service and controller due for iPad and Android in Autumn

18 Winning the Night

Opinion 3 years ago E3's conferences are over for another year. Who won, who lost out - and what fresh direction does this give the industry?


12 Sony: PlayStation Vita price was decided from day one

3 years ago Company did not want repeat of PS3's high price holding back sales, says Worldwide Studios boss Yoshida

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