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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously a long-time news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US, and joins up with the US editorial team led by James Brightman.

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Brandon Beck keynoting MIGS 2014

A month ago Riot Games CEO and co-founder to discuss his company's formula for success in summit-opening address

2 Activision offers free Call of Duty cross-gen to digital buyers

A month ago Those who download Xbox 360 or PS3 versions before April can upgrade to next-gen counterpart

2 King runs more TV ads than Sony and Microsoft

A month ago Ad firm says Candy Crush Saga maker doubles number of spots from platform holders

AIAS doles out 2014 scholarships

A month ago Foundation names recipients for this year's Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarships

Square Enix sues SNK Playmore

A month ago Publisher fights back in copyright dispute over Neo Geo games featured in comic series

4 Battlefield 4 "absolutely" damaged player trust - DICE

A month ago Producer David Sirland says the studio has made changes to ensure they won't see a repeat of last year's launch problems

13 Harder to wow with visuals now, says Crytek dev

A month ago Nicolas Schulz says quality of graphics across industry has made it harder for games to stand out

1 Sony internet TV service to launch this year

2 months ago SCE has Viacom lined up, in talks with more content partners to stream channels online


38 Objective: Impossible?

Opinion 2 months ago An objective approach to games journalism is a noble goal, but black-and-white reporting still has a lot of gray area

6 PlayStation Now beta launches on PS3

2 months ago Sony continues rolling out streaming game rental service in North America


5 Community is the new marketing

2 months ago Motiga's new SVP of publishing David Reid explains how the job has changed in the era of games-as-a-service

2 Destiny sales top $325 million in five days

2 months ago Activision touts first sell-through totals for Bungie's latest shooter

6 GX3 hits Kickstarter goal

2 months ago GaymerX organizers raise money to bring revamped show back for a third year

21 Devs see power of platform holders, YouTube

2 months ago Surveyed creators say video personalities slightly more trustworthy, much more effective than traditional press


17 The ESRB: Twenty Years of Sex and Violence

2 months ago President Patricia Vance on rating board's first two decades, Hot Coffee as a highlight, and the challenges ahead

2 Analysts positive on Microsoft-Mojang deal

2 months ago Industry-watchers say Minecraft union makes strategic sense, but some point to possible pitfalls

Harmonix, Tilting Point sign multi-title mobile deal

2 months ago Dance Central developer turns to publishing service for help with monetization, marketing, funding, and more

19 Microsoft to break even on Mojang this fiscal year

2 months ago $2.5 billion acquisition cost expected to be accounted for on a GAAP basis by the end of June, 2015

4 PewDiePie signs with MLG

2 months ago Episodes of YouTube star's BroKen podcast to air first on eSports outfit's online streaming platform

26 Microsoft acquires Minecraft

2 months ago Developer Mojang bought for $2.5 billion as Notch and other co-founders depart studio


Licensed to thrill?

2 months ago Roadhouse Interactive COO Ian Verchere explains what brands can--and can't--do to ensure success in the mobile market


4 Oculus co-founder donates $31 million to University of Maryland

2 months ago Brendan Iribe gives back to his old school, will have new computer science building named after him

1 EA kept quiet on Real Racing dev's forum hack

2 months ago Publisher acknowledges Firemonkeys forums were hacked a year after the fact, says "small number" of user emails potentially taken


25 The devaluation of everything

Opinion 2 months ago The barriers to entry in gaming are falling left and right, causing some unfortunate side effects in the process

13 Destiny day-one shipments top $500 million

2 months ago Activision declares Bungie shooter the biggest new franchise launch in gaming history