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Digital game revenues nearly $59 billion by 2019 - Juniper

A month ago Research firm projects diminishing console and handheld sales while Steam drives digital transition

GamerGate meetup halted by bomb threat

A month ago Police interrupt weekend Washington, D.C. gathering of movement supporters


6 id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995

A month ago John Romero says studio wanted to implement a way to compensate creators in original Quake

Unreal Engine 4 launches SteamVR support

2 months ago Latest version of Epic tech integrates features of Valve's upcoming headset in time for first Vive VR game jam

1 Konami delists self from New York Stock Exchange

2 months ago Publisher deems continued listing "not economically justified," will continue to be traded in Tokyo, London exchanges


1 Daybreak wakes up to life after Sony

2 months ago Ex-SOE execs discuss rebranding, recent turnover, free-to-play on consoles and the move to Xbox, mobile, and VR

7 Skyrim paid mod pulled from Steam

2 months ago One of Valve's featured user-made mods removed for using animations from another mod without permission


Clive Downie leaves Zynga for Unity

2 months ago COO jumps ship as John Riccitiello adds another ex-EA colleague to engine maker's executive ranks

Square Enix plans E3 media briefing

2 months ago Final Fantasy publisher joins cavalcade of press conferences at annual LA-based gaming expo

40 Valve letting users sell Steam Workshop content

2 months ago Skyrim is first game allowing mod makers to publish and sell their creations through Steam

Facebook: Too early to talk large-scale Oculus shipments

2 months ago CFO David Wehner says VR headset still "very much in the development stage," considers it a "long-term growth area"

Valve opens applications for HTC Vive Developer Edition

2 months ago Free VR dev kits expected to start shipping this spring; commercial units still on track for later this year


2 Messing with success

2 months ago Torn Banner developed the multimillion-selling PC hit Chivalry working from around the world, so why did it scrap that in favor of working from an office?

PlayStation pushes Sony's sales forecast up

2 months ago Gaming revenue beats expectations for fourth time in fiscal year; net loss for company still expected


2 Rob Pardo partners with Unity

2 months ago Ex-Blizzard exec talks about trends and challenges facing devs before embarking on a world tour of studios using engine

Gaming will hit $91.5 billion this year - Newzoo

2 months ago Research firm projects 9.4% growth in global revenues with Chinese market overtaking US

Mad Catz, Harmonix co-publishing Rock Band 4

2 months ago Peripheral maker re-teams with developer to handle retail sales, promotion, distribution for music game revival

13 It's harder to release a game now - Cliff Harris

2 months ago Rising advertising costs, discoverability getting worse, says Gratuitious Space Battles dev

5 Microsoft to focus E3 on first-party games

2 months ago Phil Spencer reveals strategy heading into annual LA expo, says this year's show might have a different feel than usual


Jack Attridge departs 22 Cans

2 months ago Godus co-designer leaves Peter Molyneux's studio to start up his own outfit


Ron Moravek leaves Nexon XP

2 months ago Relic co-founder departs Western publishing division behind upcoming Dirty Bomb, BlueStreak

41 Anita Sarkeesian named to Time 100

2 months ago Cultural critic the only gaming representative to crack list of most influential people

6 Apps are the most competitive market ever - Rovio exec

2 months ago VP of acquisition and engagement says user acquisition costs must be part of core development budget

March sees social games in free fall - Superdata

2 months ago Research firm puts US digital revenues up 2% to $1.01 billion despite 10% drop in social

Codemasters to renew F1 license

2 months ago Current deal has eight-year partnership expiring after likely launch of F1 2016