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Riot sues League of Legends cheat-makers

2 months ago Developer goes after hackers behind LeagueSharp subscription service "dedicated to destroying the LoL player experience"

Firefly Games raises $10 million more

2 months ago Rush of Heroes publisher will invest funding in movie-based games, VR, eSports

6 Don't believe the hype

Opinion 2 months ago Weekly roundup: No Man's Sky still embodies a simple lesson many in the industry refuse to learn

Nordic rebrands as THQ Nordic

2 months ago Swedish publisher has 23 projects underway, with a majority of them based on acquired IPs from THQ

10 Critical Consensus: No Man's Sky

2 months ago Mixed first impressions from reviewers coming to grips with space exploration game

1 Bossa nets $1.35 million for Worlds Adrift

2 months ago London Venture Partners funding to help Surgeon Simulator studio create ambitious Improbable-powered MMO sandbox game


7 Pokemon Go legislation puts ESA in a tight spot

Opinion 2 months ago Will the industry side with sex offenders or risk legislators hobbling a new market just as it gets going?


8 Relentless shutting down

2 months ago Developer of Buzz! series, Murder Files closing as all employees being let go today

Zynga posts another up-and-down quarter

2 months ago Frank Gibeau says company turnaround is building momentum, confirms work on games using VR, AR, and wearables

Take-Two financials endure Battleborn miss

2 months ago Strong catalog sales help publisher exceed guidance despite shooter's under-performance; new Rockstar projects "will be revealed soon"


Zynga names Matt Bromberg COO

2 months ago Former EA senior VP of mobile strategy and operations joins Words With Friends publisher

New York bills target Pokemon Go, sex offenders

2 months ago Legislation would ban registered sex offenders from playing AR games, require AR devs to create item-free zones around their homes

"Risk-takers are always sexy" - Yoot Saito

2 months ago Designer of Seaman and SimTower candidly returns to commercial gaming for the money, suggests a spiritual sequel is on the way

4 Gamescom, GDC Europe adopt new security measures

2 months ago In wake of attacks, organizers forbid cosplay weapons, ask attendees to leave bags at home

GameStop acquires 507 AT&T mobile stores

2 months ago Game retailer steps up diversification efforts, increases cell phone storefronts by 45%


Is your dev scene close-knit, or closed-minded?

2 months ago Hibernum's new hire Jesse Divnich lays out how supportive communities can avoid becoming insular, argues for geographic diversity in hiring

No criminal charges in 38 Studios collapse

2 months ago Rhode Island says "no provable criminal violations" in Kingdoms of Amalur company's downfall, but civil litigation still outstanding


That time the industry almost killed E3

2 months ago 10 Years Ago This Summer: Publishers pursue an ill-advised adjustment to the Electronic Entertainment Expo and industry heavyweights make bold predictions of varying accuracy

Steve Meretzky gone from GSN Games

2 months ago Veteran developer has mixed feelings on his time with social casino studio, unsure of next steps

27 Microsoft plans to sabotage Steam - Sweeney

2 months ago Epic co-founder says Windows 10 updates will progressively break Valve's storefront, Microsoft acknowledges that UWP is a work in progress


From announcement to launch in mere months

2 months ago Blue Isle Studios' Valley was announced in April with a summer release date; Alex Tintor explains why, and what the marketing plan is now


1 Tom Kalinske gets back in the game

2 months ago After 20 years away from the industry, Sega's Genesis-era CEO takes chairman role at Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion


Adam Boyes joins Iron Galaxy as CEO

2 months ago Ex-Sony dev relations head signs on as Killer Instinct Season 2 and 3 developer shakes up leadership team

2 Man arrested for threats against Blizzard

3 months ago California man faces up to five years in jail after repeatedly suggesting he might "pay a visit" with an AK-47


2 Can Puerto Rico be the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean?

4 months ago Development scene could endure economic crisis well with a growing pool of local talent and tax credits up to 90%