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John McAfee joins social casino firm MGT

2 months ago Antivirus entrepreneur signs on as CEO, rebrands company to John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc.

15 Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II

2 months ago Ex-Lionhead art director recalls marketing department "just didn't get it," insisted on a white male for Xbox 360 RPG

2 Microsoft refused to sell Fable IP - Report

2 months ago Suitors expressed interest in acquiring Lionhead, but refusal to include franchise in the deal cut talks short

Nintendo drops 2DS price to $80

2 months ago System will be available with downloadable Mario Kart 7 at lower price starting May 20

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Need for Speed set for 2017

2 months ago BioWare RPG delayed while EA's flagship formerly annual racing franchise is stalled for the second time in three years

1 Microsoft adds unlocked framerate support to UWP

2 months ago One of platform's more frequent complaints begins to be addressed as company promises "We're listening - and acting"

League of Legends bans three teams from competition

2 months ago Team Impulse, Renegades, and Team Dragon Knights banned for variety of offenses, have until May 18 to find new owners

What went into "the best Splinter Cell level ever made"

2 months ago Clint Hocking and Mathieu Berube video walks through through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's Panamanian bank heist


2 Dodge Roll's speedrun to indie success

2 months ago Enter the Gungeon developer Dave Crooks explains how his studio went from formation to signing with Devolver in a matter of weeks and launching a hit in under two years

King pushes Activision Blizzard to record Q1

2 months ago Candy Crush acquisition and Activision performance more than offset a down quarter for Blizzard

Zelda anchors Nintendo E3 plans

2 months ago Time slot typically reserved for press conference or Digital Event will now host a livestream dedicated to Wii U Zelda game

Critical Consensus: Uncharted 4 a real treasure

2 months ago A Thief's End draws widespread praise for bringing Nathan Drake's story to a satisfying close

Zynga can do a hell of a lot more with the resources it has - Gibeau

2 months ago As company beats first quarter forecast, CEO Frank Gibeau sees momentum in turnaround, emphasizes cost control without layoffs

.games and .game website domains launching soon

2 months ago Uniregistry plans to open .game availability this month as Rightside slates .games for third quarter


5 When a $599 PS3 was "probably too cheap"

Opinion 2 months ago 10 years ago this month, Sony stole the show at E3 2006 for all the wrong reasons, the upcoming Final Fantasy XV was first announced, and the console transition claimed some victims


Keywords expanding Montreal studio

2 months ago Testing and localization firm will add 100 new jobs in Quebec development hub

1 Nintendo won't sell NX at a loss

2 months ago Kimishima explains why he won't repeat Wii U's launch strategy, expects new system to quickly make up for Wii U sales decline

1 Romero and Carmack suspend Kickstarter

3 months ago Doom developers press pause after just four days, want to have a demo ready before resuming campaign


Drinkbox cuts through the noise

3 months ago Severed studio founders reflect on eight years in business, mid-gen console upgrades, the already crowded VR market, and the problem of relying on popularity to solve discoverability

Social media is most common way to follow eSports - Survey

3 months ago ESA survey finds surprising details about frequent gamers and competitive gaming, VR; number of gaming households takes a 15% drop

ESA loses three members

3 months ago Mad Catz, Little Orbit, and Slang have parted ways with trade group as Pop Up Gaming signs on

Ubisoft opening Rabbids Amusement Center

3 months ago Publisher's first foray into family entertainment centers opens doors in Montreal this August

3 Average Steam game sales plummeting - Steam Spy

3 months ago Storefront tracker says top games sell as well as ever, but the rest of the ever-expanding catalog languishes

1 Stolen Uncharted 4 copies hit shelves early

3 months ago Sony reports theft of A Thief's End shipment, asks people not to buy Naughty Dog's latest before official launch

1 Hack affects 7 million Minecraft players

3 months ago Lifeboat Network compromised in January, but company never informed player community