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5 Game industry coming around on story - Hoyer

2 months ago ArenaNet narrative head says growing budgets have publishers understanding the need to get players invested

4 Activision squashing Call of Duty glitch videos

2 months ago Machinima cautions content creators as publisher says it's targeting cheats and competitive exploits

11 GameStop concerned about digital price erosion

2 months ago President Tony Bartel says value of downloadable games must be kept high to encourage profitability, innovation

6 Free-to-play has reached its limits - Analyst

2 months ago SuperData CEO says he sees a sort of backlash against freemium models, kids and parents preferring premium

6 Child of Light turns a profit

2 months ago Ubisoft experiment in smaller-scale development makes back its money, says creative lead Patrick Plourde

19 Ubisoft wants to expand Assassin's Creed audience to kids

2 months ago Publisher's Splinter Cell brand manager says Mega Blox deal was intended to introduce children to franchise

MIGS sets attendance record

2 months ago Montreal International Game Summit 2014 sees 2,200 attendees from 17 countries, sets dates for 2015

Phéromone launches sports game studio

2 months ago Montreal tech firm's Studio Qi debuts with Virtual Leagues of Hockey and an eye on global expansion


Marketers and developers a "necessary union"

2 months ago Ubisoft Montreal brand director Luc Duchaine says game makers need to consider marketing's needs, talks about overhype


1 When a AAA studio makes the jump to mobile

2 months ago Square Enix Montreal's Ollie Sykes on how the console shop created to breathe new life into Hitman fulfilled its goal on mobile

11 Elite: Dangerous drops offline mode

2 months ago Frontier says refunds for Kickstarted sci-fi game will be determined on a case-by-case basis


10 Mobile shifting away from consumables - X-Men dev

2 months ago Glitchsoft CEO Andrew Fisher says brands are becoming more interested in free games with for-pay expansions


Majesco's future in doubt

2 months ago Publisher undergoes a round of layoffs, has no significant games to release in the next year

Up to 25% of PS4, Xbox One game sales are digital - Analyst

2 months ago Doug Creutz says shift away from physical purchases is hurting NPD totals, retailers' market share

Reliance looking to buy Western game studios

2 months ago Real Steel publisher assessing North American and European mobile developers for acquisition


Mike Maulbeck returns to Code Avarice

2 months ago Dev who stepped down after making death threat to Gabe Newell rejoins Paranautical Activity studio


It's tougher to develop for kids than core gamers

2 months ago Assassin's Creed Unity game director Marc Albinet says casual games force devs to better understand their players

Patrice Desilets launches Panache Digital Games

2 months ago Original Assassin's Creed creative director announces his new Montreal-based studio

Smash Bros. could double Wii U sales - Nintendo

2 months ago Fils-Aime says Smash Bros. preorders suggest a hardware spike "similarly dramatic" to the one from Mario Kart 8

1 Bloodborne delayed a month

2 months ago PS4-exclusive action-RPG slips from early February to late March in North America and Europe

22 Metacritic "all but obsolete" - Double Fine

2 months ago COO Justin Bailey says studio hasn't seen review aggregator or traditional gaming press impact sales

12 Riot's secret sauce: People

2 months ago Brandon Beck says the industry's most valuable resource is great talent, and it needs to treat them better

Direct2Drive returning this weekend

2 months ago New owner AtGames restoring downloadable storefront's original brand

Blizzard announces Overwatch

2 months ago BlizzCon opens with first look at company's new IP, an "approachable" team-based multiplayer shooter


7 BioWare introduces new Mass Effect leads

2 months ago Developer lays out Montreal staff in charge of next game; Halo 4 scribe brought on as lead writer