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1 Nintendo launching Yo-Kai Watch worldwide

A month ago Multimillion-selling 3DS hit in Japan will launch in North America, Europe, Latin America, more

3 EA signs multi-game Minions deal

A month ago Publisher working with Illumination and Universal on mobile games starring Despicable Me spin-offs

6 AR/VR to hit $150 billion by 2020 - Report

A month ago Digi-Capital projects augmented reality market to be four times bigger than virtual reality

Nobody's figured out how to market mobile - Bing Gordon

A month ago Former EA exec says selling a game's social aspects is still a mystery, dismisses cloud gaming as "a fake demo" that doesn't work outside the showroom

3 Microsoft halts Kinect for Windows production

A month ago Hardware being phased out in favor of $50 adapter that lets Xbox One version of camera connect to PCs and tablets

1 FTC approves Sony PS Vita settlement

A month ago Early adopters to receive $25 cash or up to $100 in games as amends for deceptive advertising

Wii U Virtual Console gets N64, DS games

A month ago Yoshi's Island DS and Super Mario 64 lead first wave of re-releases on Nintendo's latest console


3 "Be ruthless with your own ideas" - Bossa

A month ago CEO Henrique Olifiers reveals what lessons developers should--and shouldn't--take from the I Am Bread studio's success

2 Quantum Break pushed to 2016

A month ago Remedy's original Xbox One title slips to next year as console-exclusive delay trend hits Microsoft


Midcore mobile competition as fierce as casual?

A month ago Juicebox Games CEO and former Zynga dev Michael Martinez discusses the differences he's noticed moving between markets

2 "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory gave me brain damage"

A month ago Clint Hocking says prolonged crunch can produce great games, but he had better results with a healthier approach

1 Halo 5: Guardians set for October 27

A month ago Xbox One's holiday exclusive bucks the delay trend as Microsoft confirms worldwide launch date


Playing games with the media

A month ago Double Zero One Zero's Pontus Lunden spins the issues facing indies and getting ink for his censorship simulator

GameStop annual sales up slightly to $9.3 billion

2 months ago Specialty chain projects modest growth potential for 2015 campaign, will more than double its non-gaming storefronts


Smite developer to expand HQ with new eSports studio

2 months ago Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios looking to grow headcount by 50 positions this year

February's digital console sales drop 3.7%

2 months ago Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tops Superdata's digital revenue chart; Evolve debuts at fifth overall

1 Microsoft preps free-to-play Halo Online

2 months ago Saber Interactive PC game entering closed beta test in Russia


Greg Zeschuk: From burnout to beer and playgrounds

2 months ago "We're creating this generation of digital natives where they're so stuck to screens, and I'd like to help figure out ways to prevent that." lets developers dictate revenue share

2 months ago Indie game marketplace introduces "open revenue sharing," pledges to put money raised back into the storefront


2 Free-to-play format still evolving - Schubert

2 months ago Ex-Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer says customers will drive devs to adopt a more effective billing model

Twitch suffers security breach

2 months ago Streaming service warns users that phone numbers, home addresses, other info may have been compromised

9 Iwata takes issue with "insincerity" of free-to-play

2 months ago Nintendo president worries about undermining value of content, but says "free-to-start" can co-exist with packaged retail games

29 This console cycle could be the last- Twitch CEO

2 months ago Emmett Shear expects Microsoft, Sony to move closer to frequent upgrade loops of tablets and phones


11 "I don't believe the killer app for VR is going to be shooting"

2 months ago Papo & Yo developer Vander Caballero says he's betting it all on virtual reality, starting with Time Machine

2 Konami wants new blood to lead next Metal Gear

2 months ago Hideo Kojima says he will see The Phantom Pain through to the end as publisher commits to continuing franchise