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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously a long-time news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US, and joins up with the US editorial team led by James Brightman.

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5 Microsoft stepping up Xbox Live iOS, Android integration - Report

A month ago Windows Phone maker planning a push to make its online gaming service easier to tie into rival platforms' games and apps

1 Canabalt creator launches Finji studio

A month ago Adam and Rebekah Saltsman announce Austin-based multiplatform studio, intend to fund collaborations with other creators

2 SXSW Gaming organizer passes away

A month ago Matthew Crump suffers fatal heart attack less than a week before start of annual conference

Banner Saga publisher Versus Evil sets up shop

A month ago Bethesda veteran's Austin-based outfit joins growing ranks of pubs aimed at indie developers


10 Make games for your players, not sales

A month ago Funomena's Robin Hunicke wants the rest of the industry to follow indies' lead when it comes to treatment of players

4 Minecraft movie in works at Warner Bros.

A month ago Mojang cofounder confirms project, concerns about indie hit "jumping the shark"

British spy agency looked into tapping Kinect feeds

A month ago Latest Edward Snowden leak says GCHQ intercepted Yahoo webcam chat images, considered similar spying with Xbox 360 tech

56 "Free-to-play" misleading advertising in Europe

A month ago European Commission meets with devs to improve consumer protections, wants them to stop calling games free if they have in-app purchases

11 US legislators single out violent game makers

A month ago Tax Reform Act of 2014 drafters say they're withholding tax credits from violent game devs, but wording covers all software development

Microsoft names 65 more ID@Xbox devs

A month ago Xbox One self-publishing roster expands; total number of indies now tops 200

16 Hundreds of Wii, DS games losing online play

A month ago Nintendo confirms WiFi Connection shutting down May 20; online stores, 3DS, and Wii U to be unaffected

15 .15% of mobile gamers make up 50% of in-app revenue - Survey

A month ago Analytics firm Swrve finds double-sided impact of mobile market's reliance on "whales"


1 Layoffs at Sony Santa Monica

A month ago SCEA confirms cuts at God of War studio; one project potentially cancelled

10 King drops Candy trademark in US

A month ago Candy Crush Saga company withdraws application for rights to individual word in hit game's title


3 Why aren't more Japanese developers crowdfunding?

A month ago Keiji Inafune talks about Mighty No. 9 and why the Kickstarter challenge for Japanese creators goes beyond simple logistics


5 Cracking the code on eSports

A month ago MLG president Mike Sepso lays out the challenges to growing and selling gaming as a spectator sport


7 Schafer: How to stay afloat in "a pool of Internet Twitter hate"

A month ago Double Fine founder shares lessons from Broken Age Act 1, confirms funding secured for Broken Age Act 2

9 36% of US plays downloaded games - NPD

A month ago Digital distribution becoming more common, 16% of population has ditched physical media for games entirely

2 Nintendo wins 3DS patent dispute

A month ago International Trade Commission sides with Mario maker, denies claims from three patent-licensing companies


12 Indie is the new punk - Vlambeer

A month ago Rami Ismail talks about how to solve discoverability problems, downplays YouTube payola worries

5 "I'll never make another disc-based game" - Bleszinski

A month ago Ex-Epic dev says the days of Game Informer covers and E3 reveals are dead, expects to return to making PC shooters

6 IGDA criticizes King's "predatory" trademark tactics

A month ago Dev group targets Candy Crush Saga maker, has business/legal special interest group looking into the issue

2 1-in-5 devs working on PS4 - GDC survey

A month ago Resurgence of consoles, growth of crowdfunding among most notable findings; organizer talks advocacy track

12 Nintendo expands free-to-play efforts

2 months ago Steel Diver sequel gets free multiplayer as Rusty's Real Deal Baseball lets players "haggle" over cost of DLC


Gone Home dev deals with "reality of online market"

2 months ago Steve Gaynor talks about why people liked (and hated) his game more than he expected, how Steam sales dictate pricing, and more