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British Writer's Guild names game award nominees

2 months ago Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Her Story, and Sunless Sea vie for top honors

5 VR to hit $70 billion by 2020 - Report

2 months ago Research firm TrendForce puts next year's market at $6.7 billion, skyrocketing over next five years


2 10 Years Ago This Month: December 2005

Opinion 2 months ago Xbox 360 gets a chilly reception in Japan, Sony decides when the HD era really starts, and the concept of free-to-play needs an explanation

Ukie partners with Superdata, Reflection

2 months ago Trade group members will get research at a discount; tracking companies will get more data direct from the source


ESA names new gov't affairs directors

2 months ago Trade group taps Nika Nour, Melissa Foxman, Kevin O'Hanlon to advocate for games industry with US federal officials

2 Small devs need to promote more - SNJV

2 months ago French trade group says promotion budget for smaller titles should equal production budget

15 Nintendo NX to ship 10-12 million in 2016 - Report

2 months ago Digi-Times numbers suggest system could surpass Wii U installed base in first year on shelves

Mino Monsters 2 makes $1.7M in first month

2 months ago Mino Games touts early returns from mobile monster-training role-playing game

5 Konami rolling out free-to-play Pro Evo Soccer

2 months ago "Entry level" version includes exhibition and microtransaction-driven myClub modes

The9 locks down Cross Fire 2

2 months ago Publisher signs $500 million-deal for five-year Chinese exclusivity window on sequel to Smilegate's $1 billion free-to-play shooter


4 Codemasters shuts down Malta studio

2 months ago Developer of iOS card game Battle Decks done for as company re-focuses on racing games

Digital sales up 7% in October - Superdata

2 months ago FIFA puts up big numbers as research firm finds worldwide digital market at $5.5 billion for the month

GameStop sees sluggish hardware, software sales

2 months ago Growing collectibles and non-gaming tech numbers almost offset declines in specialty retailer's core business


2 Why they stayed in AAA

2 months ago After leaving their old studios, Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond could have done anything, so how have they found themselves working together at EA?

9 Sony working on PS2 emulation for PS4

2 months ago Trio of Star Wars re-releases appear to be the first titles using the tech to be made available

BrightLocker intros "crowdpublishing" platform

2 months ago Company will make games out of user-submitted ideas, claims all funded projects will make it to release


8 "Minimum viable products are dinosaurs"

2 months ago Chillingo head of developer relations stresses need to respect audience from early launch to elder game

4 Deus Ex delayed six months

2 months ago Eidos Montreal pushes Mankind Divided back to August, needs more time to meet developer's standards

Wizard World plans series of game events

2 months ago Comic con organizer expands with gaming shows in nine US cities over 2016, beginning with Atlanta in January

9 "If you all feel like frauds, it's because you're really awesome"

2 months ago Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond talk imposter syndrome, collaborative development, and working with Star Wars

1 Players are value creators - Paradox CEO

2 months ago Fredrik Wester explains why Crusader Kings II has had a broken tutorial for a year and nobody seems to care

"You need to own your IP" - Livingstone

2 months ago Games Workshop co-founder and Eidos life president stands by decision not to merge with D&D creator TSR in the '70s

Fallout 4 ships 12 million

2 months ago Bethesda says $750 million worth of open-world RPG dispatched to stores for launch day, follow-up shipments have already started


"You have to be shipping"

2 months ago Ubisoft Toronto's Clint Hocking has learned a lot the last seven years, but it's all theoretical until he releases his first game since Far Cry 2


8 Survival horror: Thriving in a genre gold rush

3 months ago Polish developer Bloober Team is betting its future on scary games, but CEO Piotr Babieno isn't afraid of getting lost in the crowd