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Activision restructures Freestyle Games

A month ago Layoffs take effect as Guitar Hero Live studio transitioned from AAA development to ongoing support

14 Studio cancels Wii U game in protest of Nintendo firing employee

A month ago Necrosoft Games' Brandon Sheffield calls on Mario maker to be an industry leader in fight against online harassment


Indie acclaim is "like a drug"

A month ago What Framed designer Joshua Boggs learned from his self-destructive pursuit of critical praise, and how he hopes to avoid repeating those mistakes

Twitch investing millions into Vainglory eSports

A month ago Three-year partnership with Super Evil Megacorp to grow championship series and supporting structures for mobile MOBA game

US public university to offer eSports scholarships

A month ago University of California, Irvine launching a new arena and eSports team this fall with help of iBuyPower and Riot Games


Layoffs at The Escapist

A month ago Defy Media shuts down Durham office; gaming website will now be based out of Seattle


5 Shifting from AAA to Early Access

A month ago Dirt Rally lead designer explains what Codemasters gained (and lost) by debuting its latest in Steam's in-development game program

4 Sony open to PSVR on PC

A month ago Company delayed PS4 VR headset in response to increased sales projections, expects to ship up to 2 million this year

14 Sony to announce PS4.5 before PSVR launch - Report

A month ago Wall Street Journal, Digital Foundry back recent reports of a new PlayStation with better resolution, more horsepower for VR

Keiichi Yano, Chris Esaki form Jumo

A month ago Veteran developers launching indie toys-to-life outfit with mobile shooter Infinite Arms

Digital revenues up 10% in February - Superdata

A month ago DLC purchases make up for sliding new game sales; Street Fighter V fails to crack top five console games in launch month


8 "Crunch is bullshit"

A month ago Failbetter CEO Alexis Kennedy says for every story of devs who went to extremes to make a great game, there are countless others who suffered for games that never even launched

7 Muslim fighter given Christian celebration in UFC 2

A month ago EA apologizes to Khabib Nurmagomedov, pledges to fix issue in game's next update

3 Nintendo halting Wii U production this year - Report

A month ago Some accessories have already been discontinued as company turns focus to upcoming NX


1 Relentless opening Wales studio

A month ago Welsh government aid to see 70 new jobs created over next three years as developer extends partnership with Hasbro toys

1 PlayStation VR preorders hit US, Canada

A month ago Amazon sites sell out in minutes, other retailers still accepting reservations

Localizing pays off… in some places - Tiny Build CEO

A month ago Alex Nichiporchik says Punch Club versions for Western Europe were worth it, but Brazil localization only boosted piracy

Supreme Court rejects EA defense in Madden suit

A month ago Lawsuit brought by former pros used in games without permission can now proceed as publisher faces familiar setback


Valhalla moves HQ to Vancouver

A month ago Tomonobu Itagaki believes talented devs more attracted to Western countries than Japan

Recollections of Rez

A month ago Tetsuya Mizuguchi looks back on the creation of his seminal synesthesia shooter

What do Chivalry and Rocket League have in common?

A month ago Torn Banner's Alex Hayter explains the method behind the studio's madness for indie cross-promotions

Drinkbox's 10 biggest f---ups

A month ago Guacamelee developers offer simple advice inspired by their biggest mistakes


IGDA to name best companies for crunch

A month ago Dev group hopes transparency around uncompensated overtime will improve employers' behavior, will name-and-shame if it doesn't

"Our brains essentially are always screwing with us"

A month ago Radial Games' Dr. Kimberly Voll tells devs the weird ways our brains work, and how that can be used (or abused) in VR

Constructing a "Tower of Want"

A month ago N3twork monetization pro Ethan Levy explains what free-to-play developers could learn from San Francisco's housing market