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Rolling Stone publisher launching gaming site

2 months ago Wenner Media preps Glixel for October launch; newsletter starts this week


1 Can local multiplayer translate to online VR?

2 months ago Boneloaf's party brawler Gang Beasts works with everyone on the same couch, but can Coatsink recreate the magic across distance and through headsets?

Uncharted 4 sells 2.7 million in first week

2 months ago Sony reveals worldwide retail and digital sell-through for Naughty Dog's latest, biggest first-party PS4 launch to date in North America

E3 launches open-to-the-public satellite event

2 months ago [UPDATE] E3 Live will take place June 14-16 at LA Live complex; free show sells out in less than a day

1 IMAX, Starbreeze partner for VR

2 months ago Theater company's location-based VR experiences will use StarVR headset for their "IMAX-like" field-of-view; Michael Bay exploring VR concepts


3 eSports "more a promotional tool than anything else" - Zelnick

2 months ago Take-Two CEO doesn't see trend as a profitable stand-alone business yet, believes physical goods will continue to be "lion's share" of revenue in future

Take-Two beats forecasts for third straight year

2 months ago Grand Theft Auto V and still-growing GTA Online continue to fuel publisher's performance as digital makes up 54% of net revenues

Nintendo preps expansion into medical device business

2 months ago Company updates articles of incorporation in advance of diversification efforts, notes moves into "computer software"

Rich Hilleman leaves EA

2 months ago Influential Madden designer and chief creative director parts ways with publisher

Microsoft showing new hardware at E3 - Report

2 months ago Xbox One to get a new standard controller alongside a "much larger" announcement

"We are providing self-actualization for a great many of our players"

2 months ago Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson slots gaming just behind air, food, shelter, and water in the hierarchy of needs, says hardware refresh cadence has gone from six years to six months

4 Tetris movie has an $80 million budget

2 months ago Mortal Kombat producer's Threshold and Chinese investment firm Seven Star Works partner for sci-fi movie based on classic

Superhot leads BIG Festival nominees

2 months ago The indie shooter up for five awards including Best Game; Ape Out, Mini Metro, Horizon Chase get three noms each

Gear VR sold 300k in Europe year-to-date - Samsung

2 months ago Company continues to push mobile VR hardware with S7 phone promotions

Razer opening first US retail store

2 months ago Peripheral maker expands brick-and-mortar business this week with San Francisco location

Starbreeze, Acer forming joint venture for StarVR headset

2 months ago Payday studio skipping consumer market, aiming hardware at location-based entertainment and professionals

2 Nintendo lays out movie aspirations

2 months ago Company in talks with various partners, intending to stay away from live-action films launches Early Access-like refinery

2 months ago Indie storefront rolls out tools supporting open alphas, closed betas, tester-exclusive rewards and even T-shirt sales


Disney's departure is not about the market's health

Opinion 2 months ago Weekly recap: Infinity may be over, but AAA publishers have been posting plenty of positive numbers


1 Make alternate future America great again

2 months ago Deep Silver's Will Powers explains how Homefront: The Revolution is getting a boost from the US presidential race

John McAfee joins social casino firm MGT

2 months ago Antivirus entrepreneur signs on as CEO, rebrands company to John McAfee Global Technologies, Inc.

15 Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II

2 months ago Ex-Lionhead art director recalls marketing department "just didn't get it," insisted on a white male for Xbox 360 RPG

2 Microsoft refused to sell Fable IP - Report

2 months ago Suitors expressed interest in acquiring Lionhead, but refusal to include franchise in the deal cut talks short

Nintendo drops 2DS price to $80

2 months ago System will be available with downloadable Mario Kart 7 at lower price starting May 20

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Need for Speed set for 2017

2 months ago BioWare RPG delayed while EA's flagship formerly annual racing franchise is stalled for the second time in three years