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Sony and the pre-launch price cut

A month ago 10 Years Ago This Month: PS3 woes begin to mount, Apple takes first step into gaming, and Curt Schilling's new studio promises to debut in "epic and remarkable fashion"

2 Take-Two getting into VR

A month ago Despite previous skepticism of new tech, publisher plans to launch Carnival Games VR this year

Neo, Scorpio "absolutely" good for the industry - Moore

A month ago EA's competitive gaming head says publisher is supporting both new systems, developers "love what they're seeing"

Renegade Kid calls it quits

A month ago Mutant Mudds studio dissolved as co-founders split to start their own new companies: Atooi and Infitizmo

6 PlayStation games hit Humble Bundle

A month ago Latest Capcom package offers PS3 and PS4 games at pay-what-you-want price

Endemol Shine launches Good Catch

A month ago Wholly owned developer and publishing label debuts next month with console versions of Black & White Bushido


Crystal Dynamics taps Ian Milham for Tomb Raider

A month ago Battlefield 4 and Hardline creative director will be working on the Lara Croft franchise


Kojima joins Prologue Immersive advisory board

A month ago New post at VR startup sees designer reunite with collaborator from Metal Gear Solid cinematics

3 What Nintendo needs to do better with NX

A month ago Reggie Fils-Aime identifies "traditional lessons" the company took from the Wii U's struggles


2 "Where are all the women at?"

A month ago Farmville: Tropic Escape lead Nicole Opas offers advice on recruiting women devs and appealing to an audience without insulting them

Digital sales up 10% year-over-year in July - Superdata

A month ago Pokemon Go, Overwatch powering a strong summer for game industry; Clash Royale cannibalizing Clash of Clans

Friction between Riot and League of Legends team owners

A month ago Teams upset with big pre-tourney patches and limitations on revenue streams; Riot irked by teams investing in other eSports

PS Now expands to PC

A month ago Sony streaming service adds a platform as company announces USB adaptor to connect DualShock 4 with PCs


2 Remedy pushes for shorter dev cycles

A month ago Incoming CEO Tero Virtala talks about Quantum Break studio's move to multi-project development

5 Sony raising PS Plus price

A month ago Annual memberships for online play and free games program going up $10 in US, $20 in Canada next month

5 Mario closes out Rio Olympics

2 months ago Japanese prime minister dresses as Nintendo mascot for hand-off to promote 2020 Tokyo Olympics

11 EA warms up to HD remasters

2 months ago Patrick Soderlund attributes change of heart to "more clear evidence that this is something that people really want"


Pressure Drop: From Grim Dawn to a Brighter Tomorrow

2 months ago How crowdfunding helped Crate Entertainment invert the usual third-party developer difficulty curve

BAFTA launching VR advisory group

2 months ago AMD VP Roy Taylor to chair LA-based panel exploring medium's potential impact and opportunities

8 This is the last console generation - Greenberg

2 months ago Head of Xbox marketing stresses company's commitment to compatibility, backtracks on pledge of no exclusives for Scorpio

Oculus Rift hitting retailers in Europe, Canada

2 months ago Retail partners open preorders; VR headsets arrive in brick-and-mortar locations September 20

Twitch acquiring Curse

2 months ago Streaming site picks up multimedia and in-game chat and media company

8 Property owners sue over Pokemon Go

2 months ago Detroit-area couple says they don't feel safe as players loiter, trespass, harass home owners near in-game hotspots


1 Bossa returns to multiplayer roots

2 months ago Henrique Olifiers explains why Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread don't represent the studio's future, and why the studio took VC money for Worlds Adrift

8 Final Fantasy XV delayed to November

2 months ago Square Enix RPG pushed back another two months to avoid a substantial day-one patch; publisher says impact on forecasts "limited"