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Chris Roberts launching BAFTA LA Games Masterclass series

A month ago Cloud Imperium founder and CEO to give first in 2015 series of talks examining game development

PS4 "inventory challenged" in Europe

A month ago SCE CEO Andrew House says console demand is keeping up with supply for second straight holiday season


6 Are comics a cautionary tale for game makers?

Opinion A month ago Maus creator Art Spiegelman describes the "Faustian deal" comics made and the danger of cultural exaltation

2 Chinese game industry sales reach $18.5 billion

A month ago Total user base reaches 517 million as mobile gaming revenues more than double to $4.4 billion


7 The physical-digital turning point is right now - CI Games

A month ago Lords of the Fallen studio head Marek Tyminski says digital distribution is changing the way his company makes games

Puerto Rico doles out first game dev incentives

A month ago Breach TD studio receiving 40% tax credit on staff salaries, equipment purchased from local vendors

Bandai Namco changes names

A month ago To represent diversified offerings, Tekken publisher's gaming subsidiaries now fly Bandai Namco Entertainment banner

3 Arcadia is Microsoft's new game streaming tech - Report

A month ago Xbox maker said to be working on a cloud service to run games, apps across its core platforms

6 Jagex shutting down Transformers Universe

A month ago Runescape developer to focus on owned IP going forward, will restructure around that goal

5 That Dragon, Cancer gets funded

A month ago Kickstarter campaign for indie game tops $85,000 funding target with room to spare


14 GamerGate's silver lining

Opinion A month ago Kicking off our 2014 year-end coverage by addressing the elephant in the room

Xbox One gets price cut in China

A month ago Microsoft pre-emptively narrows price gap in advance of next month's PS4 launch in the country

Call of Duty US retail sales down 27% year-over-year

A month ago Activision shooter sales sag for third straight year, but still sufficient to be best-selling game of 2014 so far

3 Sony in talks to make Mario movie - Report

A month ago Leaked emails have producer Avi Arad reaching out to Sony for an animated take on iconic plumber


Penny Arcade, IGDA sign with new PR firm

A month ago Bohle veteran Robert Brown launches Stride PR, brings previous clients with him


Joseph Olin joins Video Game Bar Association

A month ago Former AIAS president becomes executive director for trade group of game industry lawyers


31 Acceptable censorship?

Opinion A month ago Why are people so outraged about retailers pulling Grand Theft Auto V when the industry condones far more damaging censorship as a matter of routine?

Digital spending in US gets Black Friday bump

A month ago Superdata finds November's digital revenues jumped 23 percent to top $1 billion

22 Peter Moore calls out Twitter for permitting harassment

A month ago EA exec calls bans "nonsense" after receiving repeated abuse from same user


1 DICE Stockholm relocating, prepping for growth

A month ago Battlefield developer to consolidate game development, Frostbite, and EA Nordic operations in new building

53 Take-Two: Don't like GTA? Don't buy it

A month ago Karl Slatoff says push to stop sale of Grand Theft Auto V "flies in the face of everything that free society is based on"


4 Is the games industry vision-impaired?

A month ago Brothers director Josef Fares on the lessons developers should take from film, and the ones they shouldn't

1 The Witcher III delayed again

A month ago CD Projekt's flagship franchise pushed back to May 2015

Brothers developers form Hazelight

A month ago Electronic Arts signs on to publish first title from Josef Fares and Starbreeze Studios veterans

Mobile gaming overtakes PC in Southeast Asia - Report

A month ago Niko Partners projects Vietnam and Indonesia to show fastest growth in coming years