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Square Enix moves E3 event

A month ago Tomb Raider publisher reschedules media briefing, avoiding conflict with Nintendo's Digital Event


11 Xbox One still suffers from Microsoft's need for control

Opinion A month ago Treatment of Gears of War leakers underscores a philosophical difference in this generation's console race

7 Microsoft disables online capabilities for Gears leakers

A month ago Testers who shared footage and screens have LIVE access revoked

28 Nintendo's mobile strategy: No whales

A month ago Iwata shuns free-to-play conventional wisdom, sheds light on philosophy behind upcoming NX game system

GTA V PC port pushes US digital growth in April

A month ago Take-Two release pushes American online revenues up 15% year-over-year to $1.1 billion

NetEase quarterlies show big gains

A month ago Revenues up 55%, profits up 13% year-over-year for company behind Fantasy Westward Journey and Blizzard's Chinese releases

2 Nintendo E3 event takes place during Square Enix show

A month ago Mario maker sticks to traditional Tuesday morning time slot despite rival media briefing


EA lays off staff at Visceral Games

A month ago Publisher makes "small staffing change" at Battlefield Hardline developer as it works on DLC and unannounced Star Wars game

6 Critical Consensus: The Witcher 3 casts a spell

A month ago Wild Hunt's captivating world and attention to detail draw rave reviews across the board


Happy fans equal happy returns

A month ago Big Viking's Albert Lai shares lessons from taking Zynga's doomed YoVille and growing it back up as YoWorld

1 Castlevania dev returns with Kickstarter

A month ago Koji Igarashi seeks $500,000 to make a new side-scrolling exploration action game in the vein of Symphony of the Night [UPDATE: game already funded]

FunPlus launches publishing business

A month ago Former App Store games manager Greg Essig working on free-to-play-focused PublishingPlus

3 Sega culls mobile catalog

A month ago Publisher says games that "no longer meet our standards" will be pulled from app stores in coming weeks

10 Console games desperately need reinvention - Riccitiello

A month ago Unity CEO laments lack of innovation, calls events of current console generation "depressing"


Mike Capps joins Unity

A month ago Ex-Epic Games president serving as internal advisor to former rival, discusses the future of engines and the present of VR


Owlchemy bets it owl on VR

A month ago Co-founder Alex Schwartz says the Job Simulator studio may have made its last game for 2D monitors

Activision Blizzard raises forecast after Q1 results

A month ago Kotick cites "deepening level of engagement" with fans as driving company's financials; Hearthstone and Destiny top $1 billion in sales

No Sony conference at Gamescom

A month ago PlayStation maker opts to have international media briefing during October's Paris Games Week instead


Taking Deus Ex beyond the core

A month ago Global brand director explains the strategy behind mysterious Twitch campaign to announce Mankind Divided

5 No E3 booth for Sega

A month ago Recent restructuring and relocation has Sonic publisher skipping this year's show floor

1 GOG opens up Galaxy beta

A month ago Digital storefront expands with Steam-like service featuring auto-updating games, achievements, friends lists

Digital game revenues nearly $59 billion by 2019 - Juniper

A month ago Research firm projects diminishing console and handheld sales while Steam drives digital transition

GamerGate meetup halted by bomb threat

A month ago Police interrupt weekend Washington, D.C. gathering of movement supporters


6 id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995

A month ago John Romero says studio wanted to implement a way to compensate creators in original Quake

Unreal Engine 4 launches SteamVR support

2 months ago Latest version of Epic tech integrates features of Valve's upcoming headset in time for first Vive VR game jam