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Smite developer to expand HQ with new eSports studio

A month ago Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios looking to grow headcount by 50 positions this year

February's digital console sales drop 3.7%

A month ago Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tops Superdata's digital revenue chart; Evolve debuts at fifth overall

1 Microsoft preps free-to-play Halo Online

A month ago Saber Interactive PC game entering closed beta test in Russia


Greg Zeschuk: From burnout to beer and playgrounds

A month ago "We're creating this generation of digital natives where they're so stuck to screens, and I'd like to help figure out ways to prevent that." lets developers dictate revenue share

A month ago Indie game marketplace introduces "open revenue sharing," pledges to put money raised back into the storefront


2 Free-to-play format still evolving - Schubert

A month ago Ex-Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer says customers will drive devs to adopt a more effective billing model

Twitch suffers security breach

A month ago Streaming service warns users that phone numbers, home addresses, other info may have been compromised

9 Iwata takes issue with "insincerity" of free-to-play

A month ago Nintendo president worries about undermining value of content, but says "free-to-start" can co-exist with packaged retail games

29 This console cycle could be the last- Twitch CEO

A month ago Emmett Shear expects Microsoft, Sony to move closer to frequent upgrade loops of tablets and phones


11 "I don't believe the killer app for VR is going to be shooting"

A month ago Papo & Yo developer Vander Caballero says he's betting it all on virtual reality, starting with Time Machine

2 Konami wants new blood to lead next Metal Gear

A month ago Hideo Kojima says he will see The Phantom Pain through to the end as publisher commits to continuing franchise


5 Mobile budgets will go console crazy

A month ago Hammer & Chisel founder Jason Citron sees maturing mobile market leading to the same problems home systems have dealt with for years

11 Hideo Kojima removed from Metal Gear marketing

A month ago [UPDATE] Fallout between Konami and Kojima Productions reportedly has developer departing after completion of Metal Gear Solid V


Perfect World cuts staff - Report

A month ago Cryptic subsidiary loses 18 people as ex-employee describes "slaughter" at parent company


14 Why is the Grand Theft Auto CEO also chairman of the ESRB?

Opinion A month ago Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick's role undermines the perceived independence crucial to the US ratings board's legitimacy


Arkadium names Jessica Rovello CEO

A month ago Co-founder and chairman of the board takes on new duties as former CEO Kenny Rosenblatt stays on as president

Twitter tweaks harassment reporting

A month ago Victims of abuse can now be sent email summaries to aid law enforcement efforts


3 Call of Duty 4 lead designer returns to Infinity Ward

A month ago Todd Alderman signs back on with studio as executive producer Mark Rubin departs

Game Connection America 2015 attendance up 60%

A month ago GDC-adjacent event finishes week with sell-out show boasting 2,700 attendees and 247 exhibitors


"Like a spark thrown into a barrel of explosives"

A month ago 11 bit's Pawel Miechowski describes the studio's move from successful tower defense series Anomaly to make This War of Mine

5 Xbox head on absence from VR race

A month ago Phil Spencer says Microsoft hasn't ruled it out yet, doesn't see Valve as a competitor right now


4 Taking the fear out of contracts

A month ago Adriaan de Jongh had to understand legalese before he could create a tool to help devs eliminate it; he just didn't expect to enjoy it so much

Titanfall sequel will be multiplatform

A month ago Respawn COO says he would have preferred skipping Microsoft exclusivity the first time around

Valve, Epic score most GDC media coverage

A month ago ICO Partners finds HTC Vive and Unreal Engine drew the most attention in articles published last week

3 Take-Two "very pleased" with Evolve sales

A month ago President Karl Slatoff says digital revenues, attach rate for Season Pass have been very strong