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8 Microsoft pushing to democratize Xbox One access

A month ago Phil Harrison says console walled gardens are closer to hedges, wants to lower barriers to entry even further

9 Epic converts Unreal Engine to subscription service

A month ago $19 monthly fee and 5% of gross revenues gets any developer complete source code, full access to latest version of engine

4 Gaming's social liabilities and broken role models

A month ago Ashly Burch and Rosalind Wiseman on how games can play into school-age popularity and reinforce negative behavior among boys

1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 vs. China

A month ago PopCap's Leo Liu shares lessons learned from Far East launch of free-to-play foliage defense game

Facebook gaming pessimism "overblown" - FunPlus exec

A month ago Dan Fiden talks about his mobile-social firm's $74 million round of funding and its "hyperlocal" approach to making global successes

1 Devs share free-to-play retention tips

A month ago Raph Koster, Steve Meretzky and more give advice on upping retention for everything from social casino to hidden object games

How to make a game about slavery

A month ago Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry devs explain why strong player reactions can be better than positive ones

King targets $7.6 billion valuation

A month ago Candy Crush maker's $21 to $24 per share IPO target would put total value above Zynga

6 Kotick nets $7.85 million bonus

A month ago Activision chief executive sees 2013 cash compensation raised for "transformational" year

Kabam hires Chris Petrovic

A month ago Ex-GameStop digital head will focus on acquisitions, Hollywood deals

Next Games lands $6 million in seed funding

A month ago Finnish developer of new Walking Dead mobile game attracts support of IDG Ventures, AMC Networks, more

2 Ex-Disney devs launch Shark Punch

A month ago Three-man team from Finnish browser dev Rocket Pack debuting with PC heist game The Masterplan


Dan Murray joins Walking Dead creator's Skybound

A month ago Former Foundation 9 exec named president of division turning comic book properties into games


8 Social currency has real value

A month ago Ninja Metrics CEO says industry has been forward-thinking in adapting to new business models, but still undervalues community

Xbox One gets Forza 5 bundle in US

A month ago No price cut for the States, but $499 system now comes with a copy of Turn 10 racing title or Titanfall

40 Tomb Raider finally beats profit expectations

A month ago A year after release, Square Enix reboot on verge of 6 million sold, on pace to be best-selling in franchise history


Machinima lays off 42

A month ago Video network confirms cuts amid restructuring of sales organization

4 M.O.J.O. gets a price cut, Ouya compatibility

A month ago Mad Catz microconsole drops to $200, first device added to "Ouya Everywhere" initiative


13 Disney Interactive lays off 700

A month ago 26% of worldwide staff cut as company aims for "sustained profitability and scalability"

8 Wii U Watch Dogs launching late

A month ago Ubisoft sets May 27 release date on all platforms except Nintendo's newest console

2 DRAM makers reach $310 million settlement in price fixing suit

A month ago A dozen companies agree to pay out to those who bought consoles, computers from 1998 through 2002

1 Twitch enables broadcasting of mobile games

A month ago Streaming platform releases mobile SDK, letting devs incorporate video sharing into their smartphone and tablet titles

Team 17 gets into mobile publishing

A month ago Worms developer signs Rocket Rainbow's Hey Ewe for smartphones and tablets


15 Layoffs at Eidos Montreal

A month ago Square Enix cuts dozens of developers from studio behind Thief reboot

56 Valve is pushing price of PC games to free - Lovell

A month ago Author says letting devs control Steam sales will drive prices to iOS/Android levels, give Steambox edge over traditional consoles