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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

Recent articles by Brendan Sinclair

Ubisoft in talks for Netflix series

Rayman publisher reportedly expanding its film and TV aspirations to streaming service

Deus Ex helps push Square Enix sales up 23%

First half of fiscal year shows narrowed profits, but publisher expects strong performance from second half lineup led by Final Fantasy XV

Machine Zone making a mobile Final Fantasy MMO

Mobile Strike and Game of War creator will build next game using its own tech and Square Enix's IP

By Brendan Sinclair

Capcom expects Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million

Publisher sets more modest goal for latest zombie game, explains why it doesn't have more big releases and comments on Switch support

By Brendan Sinclair

Patrick Bach leaving DICE - Report

GM of Swedish studio leaving after 15 years with EA's Battlefield studio

By Brendan Sinclair

Uncharted 4 is not as scripted as you might think

Designer Matthew Gallant explains how the studio incorporated systemic combat AI into Uncharted 4, and what went wrong along the way

By Brendan Sinclair

Blizzard powers Activision Blizzard results

Revenues from Warcraft maker nearly double year-over-year as Call of Duty and Skylanders label sees business slip 36%

By Brendan Sinclair

Preorders not as important as they once were - Ubisoft

Publisher says there are many ways games with underwhelming reservations can wind up winners as Rainbow Six helps power half-year sales spike

By Brendan Sinclair

Hunicke comes to grips with VR

The way controllers are held informs the actions that feel right for players, says Funomena CEO

By Brendan Sinclair

First eSports arbitration court opens

World eSports Association launches independent process to settle disputes between players, teams, organizers and publishers

NBA 2K17, Mafia III break 2K launch records

Update: Mafia III and NBA 2K17 both sold in 4.5 million units, Civ VI sold 1 million, and GTA V sell in now tops 70 million

By Brendan Sinclair

EA plans for longer tails, marketing cycles

Andrew Wilson says live services have led to "much stronger ROI on every dollar spent," company will be increasing cross-promotion of EA franchises

By Brendan Sinclair

Big Viking Games lands $21.75 million investment

YoWorld developer plans to raise $60 million more to further HTML5 ambitions

By Brendan Sinclair

October's big new releases disappoint - GameStop

Retailer says month with Battlefield 1, Mafia III, Gears of War 4, PSVR fell short of software sales expectations

By Brendan Sinclair

EA raises guidance off "excellent" Q2

Publisher misses sales target but posts better bottom line, says Battlefield 1 launch player base nearly doubled Battlefield 4

By Brendan Sinclair

Unity making its VR dev tool open source

Engine maker's move may be more practical than principled; Unite LA event used to confirm Nintendo Switch support at launch

By Brendan Sinclair

Google Daydream View hits November 10

VR headset gets official launch date, price points and retailers in five countries

Wii U production halts this week

Sources tell Eurogamer Friday will mark the end of the system's run with lifetime sales just over 13 million

Most VR games feel like demos - Spencer

Xbox head says VR will find its spot in gaming, but it will be a couple years before developers learn the ropes

By Brendan Sinclair

Wii and PS3 launches a study in contrasts

10 Years Ago This Month: How Nintendo's success and Sony's struggles last generation paved the way for a reversal in fortune

By Brendan Sinclair

Swery retires from Access Games

Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka Suehiro cuts ties to long-time studio, says health is improving

By Brendan Sinclair

Digital growth slows to 5% in September - Superdata

Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft: Legion help boost other sectors as console market sags 14% for the month

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo Switch to ship 2 million for March

CEO Tatsumi Kimishima says details on price and specs will come next year, system is not a replacement for 3DS

By Brendan Sinclair

aXiomatic invests in eSports rec league

New Team Liquid owner joins with Toba Capital to put $5 million toward Super League Gaming

By Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft vets form Drifter Entertainment

Ray Davis, Kenneth Scott, and Brian Murphy aim for the intersection of eSports and virtual reality

By Brendan Sinclair

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