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Marketing has come apart - EA CMO

21 days ago Chris Bruzzo discusses the new interactivity of selling interactive entertainment, when you want cultural relevance, and when you don't


"It's down to having to be in the top 10 to actually turn a profit"

25 days ago Just Cause 3 studio head says AAA arms race is making it harder for his company, but it's no easier in mobile, free-to-play, or other markets

Logitech unveils new Logi brand identity

26 days ago Streamlined moniker to reflect peripheral maker's new focus on simple design, bold colors

23 Homophobia, sexism, racism reduced to 2% of League of Legends matches

27 days ago Riot Games social systems designer says abusive behaviors have been deeply curtailed through collaboration with players and academics


1 "Starting your own business is a lot of fighting yourself"

27 days ago Mr. Tired co-founders talk about starting up a studio, the unaffordable luxury of pride, and scratching that hard-to-reach niche


Samantha Ryan new head of EA Mobile

28 days ago Former Monolith president and WBIE exec tapped to succeed Frank Gibeau at Electronic Arts

12 We've lost the trust of older fans - Sega CEO

28 days ago Hajime Satomi wants to win customers back, establish the company's brand once more

1 Mad Catz expresses "substantial doubt" about future

29 days ago CFO downplays situation as company filings say it's relying on Rock Band 4 to help it continue as a going concern

6 Reactions to Nintendo's E3 "not that unfavorable" - Iwata

A month ago Iwata says visitors to Nintendo's booth were smiling and playing, "unlike the other booths in general"


2 People care about the game, not the publisher - WBIE head

A month ago David Haddad explains why there wasn't a WBIE media briefing at E3, why Batman and Lord of the Rings games were rated M


KamaGames to add 100 jobs

A month ago Irish mobile developer receives government support to expand workforce over next three years

Australia sees surge in banned games

A month ago Classification of digital games using IARC leads to 220 titles banned in less than four months

1 Sony claims up to 90% market share in Europe

A month ago SCEE Jim Ryan cites "considerable" momentum as reason to hold off on any price cuts


5 Industry's days of stability are over - Square Enix CEO

A month ago Yosuke Matsuda explains how it integrated Eidos studios, how it's prepping for VR, AR, and the cloud


1 "There would be pitchforks at the gate" - Hines

A month ago Bethesda VP of marketing explains publisher's mobile strategy, why Fallout Shelter had to be announced alongside a proper new Fallout game

3 VR could be biggest for non-gaming uses - Sony exec

A month ago SCEA CEO Shawn Layden talks about Morpheus' potential, surprising demand for Vita

36 Apple pulls games with Confederate flag imagery

A month ago Civil War games removed from App Store [UPDATE: Apple reinstating some games with the flag]


4 Nintendo is not in a transitional year - Moffitt

A month ago Marketing executive responds to criticism of E3 lineup, amiibo shortage frustrations, and concerns around price erosion


4 Original vision for Xbox One hasn't changed - Xbox CMO

A month ago Mike Nichols says non-gaming usage is high and growing, but games sell the system so that's where the marketing emphasis goes

4 Bethesda wins E3 coverage race - ICO

A month ago Consultancy's CEO analyzes which games and companies got the most press last week

12 PlayStation TV didn't capture consumers' imagination - Yoshida

A month ago Sony president of worldwide studios says Vita-based microconsole did lots, but wasn't great at any one thing


Yoichi Wada steps down as Square Enix chairman

A month ago Former CEO now focusing 100% on cloud-gaming subsidiary Shinra Technologies

Big names talk mobile tactics, Nintendo's dilemma

A month ago Pitchford, Bleszinski, Iribe and more discuss the industry at David Perry's Lunch With Luminaries

2 We've been thinking about storytelling wrong - Payton

A month ago Camouflaj founder says developers should be letting players tell their own stories

15 The Last Guardian, Shenmue III, FF VII Remake - Sony's E3

A month ago PS4 maker packs conference with long-awaited projects many thought would never happen