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Perception constrained by reality

28 days ago Ex-Irrational dev Bill Gardner on the financial and creative challenges of his echolocation game

1 Activision Blizzard improves conflict minerals sourcing

28 days ago Publisher says there's no longer reason to believe its products could be funding armed conflict

1 Lego Worlds debuts in Early Access

29 days ago Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launches still-in-development version of Minecraft-like open-world building game


2 Brokering a truce between creators and consumers

30 days ago Humble Bundle co-founder on expanding to consoles and the pay-what-you-want promotion's place in the bigger picture

3 Sega, Daybreak no longer ESA members

A month ago Publishers departed North American trade group after latest rounds of layoffs

3 E3 2015 will be open to (some of) the public

A month ago ESA allowing exhibitors to invite 5,000 of their most enthusiastic fans to trade show


11 What to do when you're Blind-sided

A month ago Tiny Bull Studios thought it was working on a totally unique idea, until they saw another developer Kickstart essentially the same game

6 Take-Two "blessed" by less competition - Zelnick

A month ago Head of Grand Theft Auto publisher says there are really only four companies left in AAA business, doesn't mind being a fast follower in VR

3 Sony admits first-party lineup "a little sparse"

A month ago Andrew House says PS4 maker is placing a greater emphasis on securing third-party support, calls Vita and PS TV "legacy platforms"

7 Nintendo stars in latest Humble Bundle

A month ago Humble Nindie Bundle marks pay-what-you-want promotion's first foray on consoles

1 Ex-DICE devs unveil Cosmic Picnic

A month ago Upstart Swedish studio's first game will be Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space for PS4

Irrational vet forms The Deep End

A month ago Bill Gardner launches new studio with Kickstarter for adventure horror game Perception

Oculus Connect returns in September

A month ago Rift maker confirms second VR developer conference set for September 23-25 in Hollywood

31 17-year-old pleads guilty to swatting

A month ago British Columbian admits to 23 offences, harassment mostly aimed at young women who played League of Legends


Debunking the self-made myth

A month ago The Magic Circle is nearly complete, and it couldn't have been done by the developers alone

Wargaming partners with mobile casual developer

A month ago Deal with Melesta Games to let World of Tanks company "experiment with new business models"

16 Rockstar sues BBC

A month ago Publisher claims upcoming film about Grand Theft Auto infringes on its trademarks


DHX Media undergoes layoffs

A month ago Reorganization from Nerd Corps acquisition leads to job cuts at Canadian family content company

2 Global games market at $74.2 billion annually - Superdata

A month ago Research firm sees Asia overtaking North America as largest market, industry shifting toward user control and content creation


6 Bowser joins Nintendo

A month ago Ex-EA exec signs on with American arm of Mario maker as VP of sales


8 Frank Gibeau leaves EA

A month ago EA Mobile executive vice president departs after more than two decades with publisher


ESA hires Ex-Viacom exec as general counsel

A month ago Stanley Pierre-Louis signs on with gaming industry trade organization


12 Discoverability is not the platform holders' problem

A month ago FunPlus head of biz dev and former App Store games manager Greg Essig on mobile challenges and how PublishingPlus helps devs tackle them


Casey Hudson joins Microsoft

A month ago Mass Effect project director will primarily focus on projects for HoloLens, also assist on Xbox titles

2 Duke Nukem rights suit settled

A month ago Gearbox, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment reach agreement in dispute over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction