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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously a long-time news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US, and joins up with the US editorial team led by James Brightman.

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Industry volatility has devs unsure of next steps - IGDA head

16 days ago With the game business changing at a rapid pace, Kate Edwards explains why progress toward her group's goals has still been slow


Publishing indies in the era of self-publishing

17 days ago Versus Evil head explains where small developers want help, even if they don't necessarily need it

2 505 picks up Adam Orth's game

20 days ago Publisher confirms 2015 release for debut game from Three One Zero

1 GameSpy shutting down all hosted services

20 days ago Potentially hundreds of online titles will stop working May 31 as tech outfit pulls the plug


2 Amy Hennig lands at Visceral

20 days ago Uncharted developer serving as creative director on Dead Space studio's upcoming Star Wars project

The Behemoth helping other indies with funding, UX, QA

21 days ago Castle Crashers studio launches Gold Egg Project and Research Centaur user experience and testing service

6 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls sells 2.7 million

21 days ago Blizzard reports first week online and retail sales figure for expansion to 2012 PC blockbuster


Airtight Games lays off 14

21 days ago Murdered: Soul Suspect studio confirms cuts, says they're "part of the normal ebb and flow of game production"


Amazon hires Swift, Hocking

21 days ago Retailer enlists key developers from Portal and Far Cry 2 to bolster in-house studio

27 Amazon launches Fire TV for $99

22 days ago Android-based media streaming box available now, features original games, quad-core processor, dedicated GPU


7 Killing your game the right way

22 days ago Head of Microsoft's legacy IP studio says shutting down games-as-a-service without a plan can hurt the brand, the company, and the entire industry

18 VR will be bigger than smartphones - Sweeney

23 days ago Epic Games CEO sees huge potential in new tech, worries Microsoft's pursuit of closed platforms could alienate developers


26 Free-to-play whales more rational than assumed

23 days ago Ubisoft researchers find heavy spenders more driven by long-term planning than impulse, suggest the term hurts devs as well as players


6 Epic's goal: Don't be Comcast

24 days ago Tim Sweeney and Ray Davis on the keys to making Unreal Engine a successful subscription service


7 Michael Abrash joins Oculus

26 days ago Valve VR specialist jumps to Rift maker to work on "the platform to end all platforms," lauds Facebook acquisition

5 3D Realms responds to Gearbox suit

27 days ago Developer claims it still owns Duke Nukem trademark and right to produce new Duke Nukem game


1 Play matters more than video games - Octodad dev

27 days ago Young Horses' John Murphy explains how the studio designed for YouTube virality and the lost art of play

1 GameStop shutters Spawn Labs cloud streaming outfit

28 days ago Retailer unconvinced consumers are ready, ditches 2011 acquisition as it posts full-year profit of $354 million

Console microtransactions: $352 million annually and growing

28 days ago Superdata report finds business model gaining traction in living room, monthly users and conversion on the rise

13 State Senator Leland Yee arrested

28 days ago California politician who penned game law that went before Supreme Court up on corruption charges

6 King IPO stumbles out of the gate

29 days ago Candy Crush Saga maker's stock down 15.6% after first day of trading

101 Facebook acquiring Oculus for $2 billion

29 days ago Social network reach agreement with VR headset maker for $400 million in cash, 23.1 million shares of stock [UPDATE: comment from Palmer Luckey]

2 Cut the Rope dev takes aim at King trademark

29 days ago ZeptoLab challenges Candy Crush Saga maker's claim to "candy" in European Union

Consoles still lend credibility - Bithell

29 days ago Thomas Was Alone creator explains the value of effective curation as Steam opens the content floodgates

Feds get first US convictions for app piracy

29 days ago Florida men plead guilty to distributing 1 million Android apps worth more than $700,000