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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

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5 Uncharted 4 delayed to 2016

16 days ago Naughty Dog's first original PS4 game pushed to next spring; co-directors say project grew more ambitious than planned

1 PS4 and Vita hit China March 20

16 days ago Sony's handheld and console receive new release date after months-long delay


2 Gunfire: Shooting from the Lip

16 days ago Why a team of Vigil veterans is making games for themselves and worrying about how to monetize them later

2 The Best of GDC 2015

17 days ago As the industry eases back into normalcy, brush up on the insights and events of a very busy week in San Francisco

Punk is polished - Bithell

21 days ago Thomas Was Alone creator says devs need to be intentional with their choices regardless of aesthetic aspirations

Thatgamecompany considering move to a multi-project studio

21 days ago Studio manager Sunni Pavlovic says Journey outfit could run two teams after wrapping work on current game

4 A word on dealing with publishers: Don't

21 days ago Skulls of the Shogun dev Borut Pfeifer cautions indies against signing deals for marketing help, says many exist to leech value

1 MindMaze lands $8.5 million funding round

21 days ago MindLeap brainwave control interface set for launch late this year

4 Dealing with harassment

22 days ago Zoe Quinn, Elizabeth Sampat, Donna Prior, and Neha Nair give advice based on their own experiences


8 EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville

22 days ago SimCity studio closed as franchise IP development redistributed to other studios worldwide

ID@Xbox expands to Windows 10

22 days ago UPDATE: Watch Phil Spencer's session in full

Mobile tales of epic fail

23 days ago Four developers share what they learned from mobile games that went nowhere

10 Survey asks devs what hurts industry perception

23 days ago "Working conditions" the top answer among men, "sexism in games" most frequently cited by everyone else

7 Star Wars: The Old Republic dev calls for an end to "whales"

23 days ago Former lead designer Damion Schubert says it's time to treat heavy-spending "patrons" with respect


13 "There's no royalties, no f***ing around" - Riccitiello

23 days ago Unity CEO touts the new full-featured and free version of Unity 5, likens Unreal Engine approach to free-to-play whale hunting

Bears vs. Art vs. Analytics

24 days ago Former Halfbrick CCO explains how dev team overcame metric-induced "analysis paralysis" for soft-launched puzzle game

3 Community management in the culture wars

24 days ago Raph Koster, Richard Vogel, and Gordon Walton say harassment and conflict are only getting worse, but there are ways to address it


Never Alone to have company in "world games" genre

25 days ago E-Line Media and Cook Tribal Inlet Council showed a game based on I˝upiaq culture can make money, but what will they do for an encore?


Casey Lynch joins Square Enix

27 days ago Ex-IGN editor-in-chief, Midnight City exec now editorial director working on Western franchises

PlayFab raises another $7.4 million

27 days ago Benchmark leads series A funding round as Mitch Lasky joins company's board of directors

3 FCC sets net neutrality rules

28 days ago US regulators reclassify broadband as a telecom service, prohibiting blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization practices

5 Indie devs get do-it-yourself contract creator

28 days ago Adriaan de Jongh's contract( ) joins Rami Ismail's presskit( ) and distribute( ) in free indie developer toolkit


1 Twitch COO on eSports' growing pains

29 days ago Match-fixing, glut of events, talent promotion are issues in need of addressing, says Kevin Lin

2 GTA V for PC delayed again

A month ago Rockstar pushes port of open-world crime game back a third time; release set for April 14


3 Augmented reality facing a chicken-egg problem - Ellsworth

A month ago Technical Illusions co-founder sees niche enthusiast devs as the key to mainstream success, lays out CastAR's advantages over HoloLens