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10 EA DICE: "You could market research any product to death"

15 days ago GM Karl Magnus Troedsson on filtering fan feedback, why Mirror's Edge 2 had to be made

3 PS4 doing "okay" in Japan - Sony

18 days ago Lack of locally produced games, healthy PS3 and handheld markets cited for lukewarm reception

2 Blizzard working to improve inclusivity - Morhaime

19 days ago Co-founder of World of Warcraft company pledges "to draw from more diverse voices" and "create more diverse heroes and content"

5 Watch Dogs pushes Ubi sales up 374%

19 days ago New IP has already shipped 8 million; publisher's quarterly revenues on PS4 were twice that of any other platform


7 Gameloft pushing quality over quantity

19 days ago Baudouin Corman believes "fewer, bigger, better" approach can work in free-to-play mobile space now

8 Microsoft CEO commits to Xbox

19 days ago Satya Nadella squashes speculation that he would sell game division, says gaming tech bolsters productivity businesses


Duggan joins Zynga board of directors

19 days ago Google's VP of engineering Dr. Regina E. Duggan signs on with FarmVille publisher

3 Plan to use retail Xbox Ones as dev kits scrapped - Report

20 days ago [UPDATE] Xbox's Martin Fuller says there are no plans to bring that feature out in the future; Microsoft calls remarks "inaccurate"

7 Oculus working on Samsung's VR headset - Report

20 days ago Rift maker said to provide software support for mobile device company's own Gear VR hardware

Mobile could push games to $100 billion by 2017 - Digi-Capital

20 days ago Investment bank expects mobile and online games to account for 60 percent of worldwide revenues within three years

2 Nexon takes stake in Bleszinski's Boss Key

21 days ago Free-to-play publisher also gets worldwide rights to first-person shooter code-named BlueStreak

12 DRM not the way to fight piracy - Paradox

21 days ago CEO Fredrik Wester would rather incentivize those who purchase than punish those who steal


EA taking notes from Supercell, King, Gungho

21 days ago EA Mobile head Frank Gibeau says his company needs to get better at long-running live services, sees plenty of room for improvement on hardware

10 Bleszinski opens Boss Key

22 days ago Ex-Epic designer and Guerrilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee unveil new studio

Majesco avoids Nasdaq delisting

25 days ago 1-for-7 reverse stock split does the trick, publisher regains compliance with $1 minimum share price

3 Appeal of smart toys spans globe - Report

26 days ago Interpret research says 72 million kids worldwide interested in toys-to-life games


2 Rob Pardo leaves Blizzard

26 days ago Chief creative officer leaves World of Warcraft studio after 17 years

11 Miyamoto laments gaming's "creative immaturity"

26 days ago Designer says majority of E3 was "bloody shooter software," points to comics, movies as media where creators challenge themselves more


13 Gamer resistance to digital decreasing - Ubisoft

26 days ago Whether it's full-game downloads or microtransactions, Chris Early says consumers are increasingly interested in intangible goods

2 Ubisoft wins Uplay DRM patent suit

28 days ago Publisher proclaims victory against patent troll in case where Valve, EA, and Zynga all settled

1 PS4 TV ad spending tops Xbox One by 70%

28 days ago TV tracking firm estimates have Sony pushing harder for its console through first five months of the year


28 Core gamers uncomfortable with industry growth - Moore

28 days ago EA COO says gaming must embrace disruption or risk the same fate as the pre-Napster music industry


12 EA hopes to benefit from "great fight" among consoles - Moore

29 days ago EA COO talks about burying original Xbox, VR's "dork factor," Origin vs. Steam, and lack of support for handhelds

7 Destiny could sell 10-15 million - Analyst

A month ago Preorder tracking points to Bungie's new IP as best-selling game of 2014 while Battlefield: Hardline falls far short of predecessors


3 Sony: Turnover helped foster indie love

A month ago Worldwide Studios' Scott Rohde on how PlayStation attracts small devs, and how the competition can replicate that success