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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

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Oculus Connect returns in September

4 hours ago Rift maker confirms second VR developer conference set for September 23-25 in Hollywood

10 17-year-old pleads guilty to swatting

10 hours ago British Columbian admits to 23 offences, harassment mostly aimed at young women who played League of Legends


Debunking the self-made myth

1 days ago The Magic Circle is nearly complete, and it couldn't have been done by the developers alone

Wargaming partners with mobile casual developer

1 days ago Deal with Melesta Games to let World of Tanks company "experiment with new business models"

15 Rockstar sues BBC

1 days ago Publisher claims upcoming film about Grand Theft Auto infringes on its trademarks


DHX Media undergoes layoffs

2 days ago Reorganization from Nerd Corps acquisition leads to job cuts at Canadian family content company

2 Global games market at $74.2 billion annually - Superdata

2 days ago Research firm sees Asia overtaking North America as largest market, industry shifting toward user control and content creation


6 Bowser joins Nintendo

2 days ago Ex-EA exec signs on with American arm of Mario maker as VP of sales


7 Frank Gibeau leaves EA

3 days ago EA Mobile executive vice president departs after more than two decades with publisher


ESA hires Ex-Viacom exec as general counsel

3 days ago Stanley Pierre-Louis signs on with gaming industry trade organization


12 Discoverability not the platform holders' problem to fix

3 days ago FunPlus head of biz dev and former App Store games manager Greg Essig on mobile challenges and how PublishingPlus helps devs tackle them


Casey Hudson joins Microsoft

4 days ago Mass Effect project director will primarily focus on projects for HoloLens, also assist on Xbox titles

1 Duke Nukem rights suit settled

4 days ago Gearbox, 3D Realms, and Interceptor Entertainment reach agreement in dispute over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction

Square Enix moves E3 event

7 days ago Tomb Raider publisher reschedules media briefing, avoiding conflict with Nintendo's Digital Event


11 Xbox One still suffers from Microsoft's need for control

Opinion 7 days ago Treatment of Gears of War leakers underscores a philosophical difference in this generation's console race

7 Microsoft disables online capabilities for Gears leakers

8 days ago Testers who shared footage and screens have LIVE access revoked

27 Nintendo's mobile strategy: No whales

8 days ago Iwata shuns free-to-play conventional wisdom, sheds light on philosophy behind upcoming NX game system

GTA V PC port pushes US digital growth in April

8 days ago Take-Two release pushes American online revenues up 15% year-over-year to $1.1 billion

NetEase quarterlies show big gains

8 days ago Revenues up 55%, profits up 13% year-over-year for company behind Fantasy Westward Journey and Blizzard's Chinese releases

2 Nintendo E3 event takes place during Square Enix show

9 days ago Mario maker sticks to traditional Tuesday morning time slot despite rival media briefing


EA lays off staff at Visceral Games

10 days ago Publisher makes "small staffing change" at Battlefield Hardline developer as it works on DLC and unannounced Star Wars game

6 Critical Consensus: The Witcher 3 casts a spell

10 days ago Wild Hunt's captivating world and attention to detail draw rave reviews across the board


Happy fans equal happy returns

10 days ago Big Viking's Albert Lai shares lessons from taking Zynga's doomed YoVille and growing it back up as YoWorld

1 Castlevania dev returns with Kickstarter

11 days ago Koji Igarashi seeks $500,000 to make a new side-scrolling exploration action game in the vein of Symphony of the Night [UPDATE: game already funded]

FunPlus launches publishing business

11 days ago Former App Store games manager Greg Essig working on free-to-play-focused PublishingPlus