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14 Are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on divergent paths?

A year ago Roundtable: The two next-gen platforms are quite similar technologically, but is Sony's developer focus a key differentiator after all?


12 Roundtable: Nintendo's Handheld Revival

Opinion A year ago With the 3DS as the hottest thing in gaming hardware, were declarations of the dedicated gaming portable's demise premature?


GamesIndustry Summer Party photos are live

A year ago Thanks to everyone for coming and making it such an awesome night!


GameHorizon expands with Investment Summit, confirms return to Newcastle in 2014

A year ago Nintendo keen to meet indie developers at event held in London, September 26


3 Roundtable: E3 through a distant lens

Opinion A year ago The UK team sums up its first impressions from afar


Gamer Network expands US sales, editorial teams

A year ago As USgamer ramps up for its launch, the editorial team continues to grow with the additions of Jeremy Parish, Olivia Hubert, Pete Davison and more


11 Roundtable: What to Make of Xbox One

A year ago How effective was Microsoft's "all-in-one" console reveal, and how did it compare to the PlayStation 4?


33 Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog"

Opinion A year ago Former THQ exec details terrible working conditions for developer 4A Games and "irrational requirements" of THQ

4 Brian Fargo calls publisher pitches "absurd"

2 years ago The inXile CEO talks about the moment when he knew he had to take things into his own hands


7 Roundtable: City Planning: Were SimCity launch issues avoidable?

2 years ago On server woes, the press reaction and if we're ready for a digital future


1 Mobile evangelist: We're not owed by Apple or Google

2 years ago Video: Former PS Home architect Oscar Clark talks about why app stores are extensions, not core, to Apple and Google's business


Will Wright takes on the audience at GameHorizon 2013

2 years ago Acclaimed designer and creator of SimCity will field questions from ticket holders at Newcastle event

Eurogamer Network becomes Gamer Network following international expansion

2 years ago Company aligns brand ahead of USgamer launch


18 Roundtable: As the dust settles, what impressions of PS4 remain?

2 years ago Sony's learned some lessons and is keen to court devs - is it enough?


17 Angry Birds was initially seen as "boring"

2 years ago Ville Heijari talks about transforming a game into an entertainment brand


2 Roundtable: Who got fat in THQ feeding frenzy?

2 years ago Now that the publisher's fate is sealed, which of its studios and series will benefit from new ownership?


11 Roundtable: Here Comes a New Challenger

2 years ago One platform after another keeps popping up. Piston, Project Shield, and on and on. Do they even have a fighting chance?


4 Roundtable: A Question of Quality

2 years ago Metacritic says 2012 was a bad year for game quality, but is that accurate? Our staff weighs in...


5 Games That Captivated Us In 2012

2 years ago The staff offers some personal picks for games of the year, as well as surprises and disappointments


8 Persons of the Year 2012 - Part Two

2 years ago We now reveal our top five picks - who topped the list?


10 Persons of the Year 2012 - Part One

2 years ago Whose impact on the games industry was felt the greatest over the last 12 months? We offer our take


23 Roundtable: Has The Industry Grown Up?

2 years ago After a year of controversies, we take a hard look at the industry's growing pains

Final call for GameHorizon launch event

2 years ago Refreshed advisory board and details for 2013 to be revealed next week


7 Microsoft launches Win8 games competition

2 years ago Professional trailer, mentoring and a month's worth of marketing support for winning title


8 Roundtable: Use The Force, Disney

2 years ago The GamesIndustry staff reacts to the huge buyout of Lucasfilm/LucasArts and what it means for gaming