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Steve Peterson has been in the game business for 30 years now as a designer (co-designer of the Champions RPG among others), a marketer (for various software companies) and a lecturer. Follow him on Twitter @20thLevel.

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8 Bridging the console/tablet gap

A year ago Ubisoft's VP of digital Chris Early analyzes how consoles and tablets are working together


1 Zynga feeling the Euphoria

A year ago Clive Downie on why NaturalMotion isn't another OMGPop, and how the Euphoria tech will act as a "catalyst" for creativity and emotion in its games


CEO Rod Humble leaves Linden Labs

A year ago A brief Facebook message shares the news with the world

22 2014: Year of the Indie?

Opinion A year ago Being a successful indie developer is getting both easier and tougher

36 Letting Off Steam

Opinion A year ago The pressure is on Valve to show why Steam Machines and SteamOS will be a viable game market

43 Pachter: "I don't know why Iwata is still employed"

A year ago The analyst scolds Nintendo for not taking advantage of mobile, states that PS4 will top XB1, and makes some bold predictions

21 Fun Is Not A Metric

Opinion A year ago Developers and publishers can't tweak their way to entertainment, but need to focus on fun

14 The Massive Nintendo Paradigm Shift

Opinion A year ago Nintendo hasn't changed much, but the industry has changed massively - so we need to change our views on Nintendo


22 Next-gen consoles don't offer "anything that new" - Kixeye CEO

A year ago Will Harbin talks about Kixeye going mobile, and what new platforms mean to him

27 How Sony Can Win the Next-Gen War

Opinion A year ago The [a]list daily looks at winning strategies for Sony in its multi-front battle to be number one in gaming


Zynga hires Clive Downie as COO

A year ago The veteran of EA and mobile giant DeNA brings deep experience in mobile and international to Zynga

9 Making Xbox One Number One

Opinion A year ago Microsoft can win the next-gen console war, and here are some strategies it might use

3 EA taps "war chest" for mobile strategy

A year ago EA hoping to leverage Dungeon Keeper and Dragon Age IP in the mobile space

26 Daring Options for Nintendo

Opinion A year ago Should Nintendo consider selling a Wii U package for cheap without the Gamepad tablet controller?

2 Upstart tablet aims high

A year ago The unu is an Android tablet, a smart TV and a gaming console at a competitive price, but is that enough to succeed?

9 Can Steam Machines succeed?

Opinion A year ago It's important to realize that Valve won't be measuring success the same way that Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo will

EA's Wilson on games as services: "Don't force anything"

A year ago Before he was appointed CEO, Andrew Wilson already played an instrumental part in evolving EA's games as services strategy

3 GTA V creator: "It's not just about shooting anymore"

A year ago Rockstar's Dan Houser talks about the blockbuster GTA series and how his studio has catered to a wider audience

Gaming Insiders announce GI 30

A year ago The coming year's most influential people in the gaming industry are named

7 Ouya: Marketing, PR execs sound off on controversial ad

A year ago Insiders discuss whether the situation is all that bad, and what Ouya should do next

2 The audience is the key challenge for the game industry, not technology

A year ago Game customers are “drinking from the firehose”; how do you stand out from the noise?

6 Rift sales up, player counts "way up" with switch to free-to-play

A year ago Trion Worlds' SVP of marketing talks Rift, Defiance, and changes in marketing


Three more senior execs leave Zynga

A year ago Don Mattrick tightens up management ranks at Zynga

5 Fargo's goal: Make an "unbelievable" game without a publisher

A year ago InXile's CEO talks about crowdfunded development and Microsoft's complete change in approach to indies

9 End times for walled gardens

A year ago Consoles are starting to allow cross-platform gaming, and it will change the market forever