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Breeding Season's Patreon campaign turns sour

A month ago When sex and farming sims go wrong

3 Warner Bros. settles FTC influencer charges

A month ago UPDATE: Pewdiepie responds

New studio for Monument Valley's lead designer

A month ago Ken Wong founds Mountains in Melbourne, Australia

Gamestop raises over $760,000 for St. Jude

A month ago "Every penny we raised will go toward helping kids fight cancer"

1 Twitch opens new Austin office

A month ago Headed up by Ken Demarest


Turbine confirms layoffs

A month ago Move to free-to-play mobile development leads to cuts

Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO forms new studio

A month ago Jean-Julien Baronnet's new venture will adapt games to movies

2 Evolve switches to free-to-play model

A month ago "The DLC shitstorm hit full force and washed away people's enthusiasm"

Prison Architect sells 2m copies

A month ago And generates a sweet $25m in revenue for Introversion

2 Ubisoft board nominates two new independent directors

A month ago "They will bring Ubisoft valuable and complementary experience"

SGN acquires TinyCo

A month ago "Buying TinyCo helps us diversify the types of games we offer"

2 Japanese LittleBigPlanet servers shutting down

A month ago Sony confirms closures for LittleBigPlanet Portable and Karting servers worldwide

9 GameStop sells out of PS VR pre-orders... again

A month ago Second allotment sells out in 4 minutes

Techstravaganza: New consoles and VR money

A month ago Weekly roundup: PlayStation Neo, Xbox Scorpio and publisher VR skepticism

British eSports Association formed

A month ago "An important initiative in furthering the credibility of the eSports industry in the UK"


Vivendi COO Stephane Roussel named Gameloft CEO

A month ago And Gameloft board gets a makeover

PlayStation Plus now has 20.8m paying subscribers

A month ago Sony reveals figure in investor presentation


3 Square Enix's celebrity status: An interview with the CEO

A month ago "The appeal of our characters and our stories are what really sets us apart"


Virginia Territory: Variable State's indie debut

2 months ago "Game development is a very exclusive club"

2 Jeff Minter: iOS games ended up costing us money

2 months ago Space Giraffe creator shares App Store angst


Peter Moore and EA's eSports masterplan

2 months ago "I think engagement is the one word answer"

E3: Bethesda makes old games new again, announces Prey

2 months ago Reveals Quake Champions and rumored Skyrim remaster

5 E3: EA focuses on sports, charities and indie devs

2 months ago Launches new initiatives at EA Play event

Limitless scores close to $1m in seed funding

2 months ago VR technology behind Gary The Gull that delivers "Pixar-quality VR characters"

NPD: May sales up 4% year-on-year

2 months ago Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is top software seller