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12 Ancient Games launches fund for indies

A month ago 25,000 on offer, devs keep 100% of the intellectual property rights

Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes is Japan's #1

A month ago PriPara Mezase! Idol Grand Prix No. 1! enters chart at 2

Koukoi Games gets $1m in funding

A month ago "With these resources we are able to launch the game globally and compete against other studios"

13 Mind Candy branded non-compliant by ASA for "direct exhortations to children"

A month ago Update: Mind Candy responds, issues with ASA have been resolved

VR Developers Conference advisory boards announced

A month ago New event will be part of GDC 2016 in San Francisco

18 SXSW cancels gaming panels after threats

A month ago Update: Buzzfeed threatens to pull out unless panels reinstated

Reforged Studios scores $2.5m from NetEase

A month ago "Allows us to be part of the future of gaming globally.”

1 Razer OSVR Hacker dev kit pre-orders open

A month ago Open Source Virtual Reality headset $300 to devs and curious consumers

1 Her Story wins Indiecade 2015 Grand Jury award

A month ago Brenda Laurel takes home Trailblazer Award

Newzoo partners with eSports team

A month ago "Streamers and eSports athletes are the new celebrities"

Xbox Live revenues up as Microsoft's overall revenues fall

A month ago "We are making strong progress across each of our three ambitions by delivering innovation people love"


Solfar's principles of virtual reality design

A month ago Development wisdom from the CCP veterans turned god makers

1 InXile Entertainment opens New Orleans studio

A month ago "Allows us to tap into the East Coast talent pool," says Brian Fargo

Sega's 7th Dragon III Code: VFD is Japan's #1

A month ago 72,000 copies sold in debut week

5TH Cell reveals Fig project

A month ago Anchors in the Drift will be a free-to-play RPG


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment appoints new president

A month ago Former executive vice president and general manager David Haddad takes role

1 Ubisoft Club replaces Uplay Win

A month ago Uplay accounts, Uplay shop, and Uplay PC will all continue on

2 Ubisoft joins Open Gaming Alliance

A month ago "PC gamers are important to Ubisoft"

NPD predicts "positive 2015 holiday season"

A month ago NBA 2K16 is September's top seller

8 Valve: Ads on Steam "would be a bad business decision"

A month ago Erik Johnson says no to Doritos on the PC gaming store

2 New indie studio Heartquake launches in Switzerland

A month ago Team includes former EA, Crytek and Crytivo Games employees


Stompy Bot Corporation expands board of directors

A month ago Jon Gill joins executive team at publisher


Scopely hires chief people officer Jessica Neal

A month ago "I want to make an impact building out an innovative culture"

Azubu sets sights on Brazil with UOL BoaCompra partnership

A month ago eSports focused streaming service signs three year deal

Everquest designer launches Stonethunder Games

A month ago Ryan Barker plans to work on smaller projects at new studio