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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Rock Band 4 scrapes into the UK top 10

A month ago FIFA 16 keeps Uncharted collection from number one with a third consecutive week at the top

Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis

A month ago CEO Chris Roberts takes a break from "the noise" to show the community where its money has gone

2 Unity to drop Web Player support in March 2016

A month ago But: "Keeping this back catalogue of games playable is something we care about"

Riot Games bans G2A esports sponsorship

A month ago UPDATE: G2A responds to Riot's ban, calls for the same from the esports community

Ark: Survival Evolved hits 2 million sales

A month ago "Early Access is a privilege, not an excuse," says Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak

1 SAG-AFTRA now has the authority to strike

A month ago More than 95 per cent of union's voting members voted yes in the referendum, negotiations to re-open

9 Epic Minds' $70k Kickstarter cash is gone, needs $120k to finish

A month ago "Money is all that we need. Nothing can happen without money. Money is our final boss"

3 NextGen Aspiring Women initiative to mentor 20 female professionals

A month ago "Mid career" candidates seeking to realise a specific career objective wanted for six-month programme


8 Critical Consensus: Soaring prices mar the excellent Lego Dimensions

A month ago Traveller's Tales aces the toys-to-life genre, but series expectations sit uneasily next to the cost of the experience

22 The Escapist faces possible legal action over Star Citizen exposť

A month ago Cloud Imperium has denied accusations of mishandling funds and workplace discrimination, claims unethical journalistic practice


tinyBuild: Indiepocalypse? What Indiepocalypse?

A month ago CEO Alex Nichiporchik took overcrowding on Steam as incentive to improve, expanding into mobile, console, publishing and esports

1 Lego Dimensions outsells Skylanders and Disney Infinity in the UK

A month ago But a strong week one performance didn't shift FIFA 16, which remained on top

4 Fan turns to the crowd for Pokemon PAX party settlement

A month ago The Pokemon Company wants $4,000 to drop the lawsuit over a cancelled fan party at PAX Prime

7 Amazon to ban sale of Apple, Google streaming boxes

A month ago "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion"

12 Oculus Rift will cost more than $350

A month ago "We're roughly in that ballpark... but it's going to cost more than that," says Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey

4 Valve wipes user reviews over free Steam keys

A month ago RosePortal Games paid a high price for swapping game access for community reviews

5 Introversion has earned $19m from Prison Architect

A month ago "We think that Prison Architect could be the biggest hit of the next 15 years at Introversion"


Sega Europe: "We're definitely on the right track"

2 months ago Niche PC franchises and European dev talent is now the bedrock of Sega's games business, with Creative Assembly leading the charge

Sega lowers six month revenue forecast by 22 per cent

2 months ago Taiyo subsidiary will offer "voluntary retirement" to 200 employees as part of restructuring effort

Microsoft to report Xbox results under "More Personal Computing" segment

2 months ago Three new operating segments also include Productivity and Business Processes and Intelligent Cloud

8 Google Play APK limit doubled to 100MB

2 months ago Android developers given more control over the quality and complexity of their games

1 Project Spark ditches micro-transactions

2 months ago Microsoft exits "the content creation business" as it transitions to an "incubation environment"

14 Valve: "The idea that VR must get you sick is bullshit"

2 months ago Chet Faliszek told the EGX crowd that the developer, not the hardware, is responsible for creating feelings of nausea

3 FIFA 16's week one UK sales down versus FIFA 15

2 months ago Unit sales slip 7 per cent, but EA's franchise still claims the UK number one

Wizards of the Coast settles Hex lawsuit

2 months ago Reaches agreement with Cryptozoic and Hex over similarities with Magic: The Gathering