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Yokai Watch 2 still on top in Japan

A month ago Hardware sales tumble in the absence of new releases

Shadow of Mordor leads D.I.C.E. award nominations

A month ago Monument Valley and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter also put in a strong showing


Square Enix shutters Indonesian mobile studio

A month ago Smileworks closed after 18 months, Square Enix to nurture partnerships in the region in its place

App Annie raises $55 million after a bumper 2014

A month ago Mobile intelligence company tripled revenues and doubled its staff last year, and it now has an eye on M&A


1 Three execs walk from AMD

A month ago CMO, CSO and the head of the chip division all leave as company seeks growth

1 Blizzard's Overwatch hits trademark snag

A month ago Paintballing app and gun mount poses a problem for upcoming team shooter

Call of Duty Online launched in China

A month ago Activision and Tencent have "tens of millions" of new gamers in their sights

6 iOS devs made $10 billion in revenue in 2014

A month ago And the App Store has generated $500 million in the first week of 2015 alone


Seriously hires new execs from Rovio, 20th Century Fox

A month ago Matt McMahon and Mikko Häkkinen join mobile entertainment startup

Yokai Watch 2 reigns supreme in Japan

A month ago Shin Uchi holds the top spot after a superlative 2014 for Level-5's franchise

17 Steam Machines will be "front and center" at GDC

A month ago Valve may be poised to unveil its consumer-facing gaming PC

AbleGamers hands out Accessibility Awards for 2014

A month ago Bayonetta 2, This War of Mine and Always Sometimes Monsters honoured by charity

Sony delays PS4 in China

A month ago A new date hasn't been set, but the console will miss its January 11 launch

5 Japanese console sales continued to slide in 2014

A month ago Revenue at lowest point in more than 20 years, with hardware at the core of the problem

Builder Box founded as Zombie Studios closes its doors

A month ago Zombie founders retire after 20 years in charge, Blacklight rights and team transferred to new studio

Oculus: Big companies will miss out on early VR success

A month ago "They always do," according to Jason Rubin, who believes the first billion-dollar VR developers are already out there

Indiegogo opens sales channel for successful campaigns

A month ago InDemand will offer a range of post-funding services, starting today

9 Monument Valley dev views piracy as "essentially free marketing"

A month ago Pirates are unlikely to be paying customers, "so it's not like we're losing revenue"

1 No Steam Dev Days in 2015

A month ago Future events may be contingent on Valve's product line-up

5 Intel pledges $300 million to promote diversity

A month ago "We're calling on our industry to again make the seemingly impossible possible"

2 Cryptic Comet abandons digital for board games

A month ago Selling digital games has become "an increasingly difficult task" says Solium Infernum dev

5 18.5m PlayStation 4 units sold

A month ago Over 10.9 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, 81.8 million software sales

FIFA 15 was the UK's best selling game in 2014

A month ago And games was the most lucrative entertainment category thanks to digital boost

2 Tegra X1 has a teraflop of processing power

2 months ago Nvidia's new chip is based on Maxwell PC architecture

3 Captain Toad fails to break UK top 10

2 months ago COD, GTA V and FIFA 15 remain dominant in slow UK software chart