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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Kabam, Glu, and Super Evil Megacorp. CEOs to speak at Casual Connect USA

2 months ago Kevin Chou will discuss cracking the static top-grossing chart at San Francisco event this month

3 Horizon Chase wins Best Game at BIG Festival

2 months ago Acclaimed retro racer from Brazilian studio Aquiris takes the top honour

9 "From a publishing point of view, VR is just too risky"

2 months ago A BIG Business Forum panel exposed a reluctance among smaller publishers to commit resources to supporting VR


Ubisoft: Creativity and commerce in AAA development

2 months ago Creative director Alex Hutchinson reflects on the balance between satisfying the players, answering the critics, and managing a AAA team

Starbreeze secures $9 million from Acer ahead of StarVR launch

2 months ago Premium headset will ship in limited quantities this year, with full production scheduled for 2017


Jobs roundup: Robert Khoo leaves Penny Arcade

3 months ago Elsewhere, Jason Rubin expands his focus beyond games at Oculus, Facebook makes a big hire in its eSports push, and Nintendo UK has a new boss

1 Nintendo is closing servers for Devil's Third

3 months ago After surviving THQ's collapse, the end is officially nigh for Valhalla Game Studios' beleaguered debut project

6 Tinybuild: G2A "facilitates a black market economy"

3 months ago Update: Tinybuild denies G2A's request for key data, calls for proper verification for marketplace sellers

2 Star Citizen's refunds process just got more complicated

3 months ago A provision allowing refund requests after a release date is missed by 18 months has been removed from its terms of service


4 Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Opinion 3 months ago Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

Twitch pledges to stamp out viewbot services

3 months ago First lawsuit filed against sellers of bots that artificially inflate viewers, followers and chat activity

8 Hello Games settles "secret stupid" legal dispute with Sky

3 months ago Telecomms company's problem with the title of No Man's Sky took three years to resolve

1 YouTubers band together to form Internet Creator's Guild

3 months ago "There are lots of organisations that among the interests they have is supporting creators, but no organisation with that sole interest"

Unity changes Unity Plus tier in response to complaints

3 months ago A new balance has been struck following a backlash against new mid-point between Personal and Pro licenses


"When I was a kid, I didn't dream of becoming a video game executive"

3 months ago Diablo designer David Brevik on his choice to end two decades as the boss, leave Gazillion, and go it alone

"We're not creating haves and have-nots"

3 months ago New consoles will not split the market, Sony says, but in its Project Scorpio VR push can Microsoft also keep that promise?

New Xbox community features will create "virtual safe spaces"

3 months ago "The anonymity of the internet doesn't always lead to the best behaviour"


Zynga appoints EA's Bernard Kim as president of publishing

3 months ago Kim worked with Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau at EA, where he was SVP of mobile publishing

Twist, Bestwick and Upton receive Queen's Birthday Honours

3 months ago Ukie CEO, Team17 MD and Raspberry Pi founder have all been recognised for their achievements


Jobs roundup: Daybreak Austin appoints Cryptic's Jack Emmert as new CEO

3 months ago Elsewhere, Nintendo UK loses its GM, Gearbox loses a writer, and Supermassive Games bolsters its VR team with three new hires

10 Mohawk wants user reviews, sales, refunds removed from Early Access

3 months ago Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company postmortem highlights the tension between developer and consumer interests on Steam

1 Gameloft CEO to step down, Vivendi issues letter to employees

3 months ago Update: Guillemot family to sell majority of its 21% stake, "against the best interest of Gameloft"


Positech Games: An Indiepocalypse survival guide

3 months ago Game devs are now as numerous as struggling actors in L.A., says Cliff Harris, so prosperity is a matter of finding your niche and investing in marketing

China tightens regulations around mobile games

3 months ago Month-long process will root out undesirable content, adding yet more complexity to doing business in the world's most populous country

Sony, Rovio, Square Enix among 50 international speakers at BIG Business Forum

3 months ago Brazilian event balancing big companies and platform holders with indie influencers like 11 bit Studios and Superhot Team