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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Microsoft cuts ties to Phantom Dust dev Darkside

A month ago Remake is still in development, but rumours abound of mass redundancies at Darkside

Z2 Live vets form new mobile consultancy

A month ago Mobile Game Partners will offer bespoke services to mobile devs under a payment-on-success model


Firefly Games eyes Western markets following $8m funding

A month ago Mobile-focused publisher will provide a conduit for lucrative Asian titles


14 Rebellion: "Nobody here ever bothers with Metacritic"

A month ago CEO Jason Kingsley on how the rise of Twitch and YouTube has allowed Sniper Elite to thrive in the face of mixed reviews

20 Bethesda triggers trademark dispute over Fortress Fallout

A month ago "Essentially, we're being strong-armed into having to change our name" - BluBlox Games

Get 20 per cent off Quo Vadis tickets

A month ago The Berlin conference is preparing for its biggest ever year, 24-hour offer starts on Friday

28 Obama: Coding should be taught alongside the ABCs

A month ago "It's got to be everybody. Everybody's got to learn how to code early"


Arkham Origins' creative director joins DICE Stockholm

A month ago Eric Holmes brings extensive experience with open-world third-person combat and movement

Yo-Kai Watch franchise to start worldwide expansion

A month ago New toy deal with Hasbro signals global ambitions of Level-5's lucrative multimedia IP

22 "They've threatened me, they've threatened my family and it just cannot go on"

A month ago Peter Molyneux has pledged to stop talking to the press following Godus fallout

6 App Store devs report crackdown on images of guns and violence

A month ago Apple's list of inappropriate content just grows and grows, in-game content unaffected so far

Creative England given 8 million for regional investment

A month ago Businesses from the East and South East of England will now be considered

Bandai Namco had a bumper week in Japan

A month ago Publisher launched the three best-selling new releases, all into the top five

Rising costs damage Sega's nine-month results

A month ago Consumer business profits tumbled despite Alien: Isolation's 1.76m sales, Sega now expects to make a loss this fiscal year


1 Rare veterans form Playtonic Games

A month ago Founding team includes Chris Sutherland, Gavin Price and Steven Hurst, first game will emulate Banjo-Kazooie

5 GungHo's full-year results suggest larger problems for mobile majors

A month ago Attempts to expand Puzzle & Dragons audience will yield diminishing returns, so where do the market leaders go now?

China hits Qualcomm with record $975m antitrust fine

A month ago Chip-maker won't contest the fine, but admits "disappointment" at the result

3 €10m GameOn fund stalls

A month ago Founder will continue with private money after government bureaucracy blocked access to promised €5m investment


Sega rounds out new look marketing team

A month ago Anna Downing promoted to Head of Product Marketing, will report to new European Marketing Director

11 Jon Blow has gone into debt to finish The Witness

A month ago "20 years from now, I am not going to care about whether we took an extra six months or a year in development"

Casual Connect Indie Prize winners revealed

A month ago Replay: VHS is Not Dead and Party Hard win the Best in Show awards

Sledgehammer Games, Bioware and Ed Fries to speak at Quo Vadis

A month ago Berlin conference boasts strong line-up as it prepares to double in size for 2015

28 "If we look at casual games in 2015 what's out there is mostly crap"

A month ago Binary Family's Thorsten Rauser kicked off Casual Connect with a sobering appraisal of the public's changing view of free-to-play

2 Raspberry Pi is closing in on the UK sales record

A month ago The second full version of the microcomputer should see it become the bestselling British computer of all time

2 Where would Capcom be without Monster Hunter?

A month ago Nine-month report shows tumbling sales, with a Monster Hunter 4 reissue one of the few bright spots