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PS4 to get 3D Blu-Ray support

A month ago Firmware 1.75 update will hit next week

1 GameSalad acquires Together Games

A month ago Tools company will now offer a suite of cloud services to its users

1 Youkai Watch 2 still number one in Japan

A month ago Another 332,000 sold for Level-5's RPG as handheld titles dominate


1 Double Fine's new adventure: Publishing

A month ago "We don't get any of their Kickstarter money. We don't take a chunk of their funding" - Tim Schafer

2 Nvidia Shield tablet will launch on July 29

A month ago Gaming focused Android tablet will retail for $299 and up, $59 controller sold separately

Yahoo buys Flurry

A month ago Popular mobile analytics service will continue to operate as normal

4 Bungie pays Halo composer $95k over dismissal

A month ago Marty O'Donnell compensated for unpaid work, vacation and damages

2 Dota 2 team pockets $5 million at The International

A month ago New champion took home more than the winner of Wimbledon as esports continues its meteoric rise

Bigpoint returns to mobile with Little Worlds acquisition

A month ago Lyon-based studio will be a dedicated mobile developer for the German free-to-play company

5 Watch Richard Lemarchand explore the future of games

A month ago In a brilliant talk from Gamelab, the former Naughty Dog designer paints a vivid picture of where we're heading

GameHorizon adds Nintendo, Chris Lee and Alice Taylor to Investment Summit

A month ago Marketing Summit adds session from the Yogscast's Rich Keith

4 Winterkewl releases Yogventures budget breakdown

A month ago $35k spent on an artist who left project after two weeks, completed no work for the game

EU praises Google, laments Apple over in-app purchases

A month ago iOS still hasn't offered "concrete or immediate solutions" to consumer complaints

7 The Old Republic earned $165 million last year - report

A month ago Bioware's MMO remains strong, World of Warcraft still leading MMOs with subs by a wide margin

5 Winterkewl cancels crowdfunded Yogscast game

A month ago Yogventures now in the hands of the popular YouTube channel, backers offered free copy of TUG instead


8 Harmonix: People felt insulted when we turned to Kickstarter

A month ago Uncoupled Kinects and Kickstarter struggles, CEO Alex Rigopulos on a strange year for Harmonix

Machine Zone valued at $3 billion - report

A month ago Game of War developer about to close new round of funding, on course for $600m annual revenue

6 Former dictator Manuel Noriega is suing Activision

A month ago Military ruler of Panama and convicted criminal wants damages for negative portrayal in Black Ops II

5th Planet Games raises $3 million

A month ago DCA Capital Partners and Moneta Ventures provide capital for free-to-play studio's growth

4 Call of Duty talent forms Reload Studios

A month ago James Chung and Taehoon Oh leading a 12-person team into the brave new world of VR

Nexon, Wargaming backing new London Venture Partners fund

A month ago LVP looking for 20 to 25 seed investments, mainly in Europe

21 Microsoft preparing for big round of layoffs - report

A month ago Sources claim redundancies will be in the thousands, Xbox business may be involved

1 Blizzard will launch Diablo III in China

A month ago NetEase will help bring final major IP to the rapidly growing games market

Watch Dogs back on top in the UK

A month ago Ubisoft's hit IP reclaims number one in a quiet week for new releases


1 Volition plans to add 100 people to its team

A month ago Saints Row studio will reach 300, intends to remodel its Illinois office