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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Riot Games' Brandon Beck and former Nexon CEO Min Kim will keynote DICE Europe

A month ago IO Interactive's Hannes Seifert, Bossa Studios' Henrique Olifiers and Flare Games' Klaas Kersting will also speak at Barcelona conference

1 ICG raises concerns over "de-monetisation" of YouTube content

A month ago YouTube guidelines, "could have the unintended consequence of discouraging creators from making edgy, interesting content"

Guillemot family to buy another 3.5% of Ubisoft

A month ago Purchase of a further 4 million shares will add protection against a possible Vivendi takeover


Versus Evil: "We're establishing a new brand every time"

A month ago More competition and vanishing launch windows make indie publishing an unforgiving environment, says GM Steve Escalante

2 Pokémon Go "a real game changer" for Sony's mobile ambitions

A month ago CEO Kaz Hirai believes AR could "lift all boats" in the market for mobile games

1 Team17 secures Ł16.5m investment, buys Mouldy Toof

A month ago Lloyds Development Capital will help fund British company's portfolio growth and international expansion


Wooga cuts 40 staff in renewed focus on casual games

A month ago Berlin based mobile publisher forced to act following several underperforming releases

Bulkypix is in liquidation

A month ago Development partners have a limited time to recover owed money and other assets from bankrupt French publisher

Resistance is futile: EVE Online goes free-to-play

A month ago CCP Games is adding a free tier in November, but EVE's subscription tier will be unaffected


1 EA: "Our industry has become better at understanding what's going to work"

A month ago The risks of the past may not be taken today, says Patrick Söderlund, but that's down to a clearer perception of what the audience wants

1 Deus Ex tops the UK retail chart

A month ago But Mankind Divided has fallen short of Human Revolution's "much stronger" debut week


“We know how to talk about these games. All we need are talented developers”

A month ago 11 bit Studios' Paweł Feldman on becoming the "first choice" publisher for meaningful games

3 Steam Spy will now refuse all requests for removal of data

A month ago Techland prompted a change in policy - and a reversal of prior decisions - at Steam Spy


Wargaming cuts 64 jobs with WG Cells closure

A month ago Mobile arm shuttered less than a year after its inception due to "a very difficult market"


1 Kabam's Next Wave: PS4 level graphics and $24 million launches

A month ago CEO Kevin Chou details the company's ambitious new product strategy, and explains the "healthy" lack of mobile game IPOs

ZeniMax raises the stakes in Oculus VR lawsuit

A month ago Amended complaint makes direct accusations against John Carmack, questions Luckey's role in Rift's creation


2 Goodgame Studios redundancies could hit 200 people

A month ago German company will focus its resources on mobile and PC strategy titles, and cease production of casual and client games

Kabam: Look beyond whales, focus on your "regulars"

2 months ago In seeking long-term success, Aaron Loeb believes mobile developers can learn from the long-term strategies found in television shows


11 "Premium is dead. That's a fact, so let's deal with it"

2 months ago With Lost in Harmony, Digixart's Yoan Fanise confronted the death of premium on mobile, but that shouldn't mean the death of variety

GREE Inc. is back in the black after transitional year

2 months ago Japanese firm readies for "new release blitz" in the next fiscal year after 12 months of declining revenue

1 Pokémon Go sponsorships will ease "that pressure" to dial up IAP

2 months ago "It's tough to be disciplined and understand where you want to draw the line between monetisation and fun gameplay" - Niantic CEO John Hanke

3 Hackers finally breach Denuvo's impenetrable defences

2 months ago "Denuvo allowed 650,000 pirates to breach their servers for 3 days. And they call themselves the most secure company?"

7 PlayStation Neo to be unveiled on September 7 - report

2 months ago Sony has confirmed a "PlayStation Meeting" will take place in NY City on that date, and rumours suggest it will be Neo's official unveiling

1 No Man's Sky could alter the relationship between indies and publishers

2 months ago Hello Games' Sean Murray believes success could have a "real impact" on how big publishers see indie games

Dota 2 eSports prize pool eclipses $20 million

2 months ago The International sets another record, but the real money remains in eSports' future