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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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App Annie acquires Mobidia to broaden data set

20 days ago 30-strong Vancouver team will add detailed app usage data to the company's products


Game Digital finds a new CFO

20 days ago Mark Gifford will start in October, Suzie Carr also joins the company as group HR director

Wonder Workshop raises $6.9m for educational toys

20 days ago Dash & Dot toys work with mobile apps to teach kids coding, earned $3.5m in revenue in first month on sale

Former Interzone CEO facing a maximum 120 years in jail

20 days ago Marty L. Brickey charged with wire fraud and money laundering related to five different companies


20 IGDA: Gender, GamerGate and the need for action

27 days ago "We need to do something, to change the situation and stop talking about it over and over again"

Rahul Sood's Unikrn is an eSports betting platform

27 days ago Microsoft Ventures veteran is pioneering gambling in the burgeoning new market

Avernum developer walks away from iOS

28 days ago "I suspect that Apple would be ecstatic if 90 percent of game developers disappeared overnight" - Jeff Vogel


Bigpoint hires ESL veteran as software development head

29 days ago Philipp Kölmel brings a strong track record in eSports to the German online publisher

7 Silent Hill will continue, but is Silent Hills dead?

29 days ago Konami's official response does not dispel rumours about the demise of the Kojima-del Toro collaboration

16 Gabe Newell to the internet: "You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis"

29 days ago Valve's boss assessed the complaints around paid mods on Steam, and found them wanting


Warner Interactive: "Mobile is no longer winner take all"

29 days ago Greg Ballard on the power of brands to level the playing field, and WBIE's potential to compete with mobile's biggest games


Zynga appoints ex-Genentech CFO to the board

A month ago Louis J. Lavigne has "deep experience in business transformation" says the business in pressing need of transformation

3 Resident Evil HD has sold 1 million units

A month ago Remastered version broke the day one sales record on PlayStation Network in Europe and North America

1 Telltale signs on to develop games with Marvel

A month ago The first games will appear in 2017, a year when Marvel plans to release as many as eight movies

Spil Games offers $50k publishing deal for an Unsung Hero

A month ago Next stage of Spils competition will provide winner with monetisation, localisation and marketing

Hipster Whale, Nonstop Games to speak at Casual Connect Asia

A month ago Singapore conference also welcomes Sega, Rovio, Nordeus, Halfbrick and Bigpoint

3 "Who the hell has time to do that?"

A month ago The Quo Vadis conference opened with a frank discussion of the difficulties facing indie devs relying on social media for exposure

Kabam targets "$1 billion annual mobile game franchises"

A month ago Mobile developer is restructuring to create fewer, bigger games, with China as its main focus


Gears of War cinematics director leaves Epic for Black Tusk

A month ago Greg M. Mitchell joins Microsoft to continue working on the Xbox exclusive franchise

Channel 4 to open a mobile games publisher

A month ago DMA Design veteran Colin MacDonald will lead All 4 Games from Cthe broadcaster's Glasgow office

AMD lost $180 million and GPU market share in Q1

A month ago "PC gaming and gaming in general is a growth opportunity in the market and a growth opportunity for AMD" - Lisa Su, CEO


Linda "Brasse" Carlson joins Trion Worlds

A month ago Sony Online Entertainment veteran is the new Director of Community Relations


Quo Vadis 2015: From regional to global

A month ago The German developer conference is marking its 13th consecutive year with more space, more speakers and a broader remit than ever before

5 EA is closing two-thirds of its core free-to-play games

A month ago Only The Old Republic and C&C: Tiberium Alliances will remain after FIFA, Battlefield and Need For Speed titles close


"If you're not a player in Asia you are by definition a regional player"

A month ago Warner Bros. Interactive's Greg Ballard on the "huge opportunity" awaiting companies willing to head east