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Matthew Handrahan joined GamesIndustry in 2011, bringing long-form feature-writing experience to the team as well as a deep understanding of the video game development business. He previously spent more than five years at award-winning magazine gamesTM.

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Exploring the "positive tension" between creativity and marketing

8 hours ago For Paradox Interactive and 11 Bit Studios, the best solution to "communication clutter" is to make games worth talking about

1 Vlambeer, Sumo and Samsung join NASSCOM GDC advisory board

13 hours ago Indian developer conference reaches out to international partners as it moves to new location in Hyderabad

2 Xbox One "Scorpio" coming in 2017 - reports

15 hours ago Microsoft is working on several new Xbox devices, and its headline act will be even more powerful than Sony's rumoured Neo


2 Tiger Style: A tale of two Spiders

1 days ago Six years is a long time in mobile gaming. For Randy Smith, it meant the difference between success and failure

4 Uncharted 4 was inspired by the industry's struggle against crunch

2 days ago Naughty Dog embraced "downbeat moments" and reconsidered the importance of fun, to the chagrin of certain fans

Uncharted 4 resists Homefront onslaught to remain UK #1

3 days ago Deep Silver's long in the making sequel settles for third place in its debut week

2 Minecraft videos based on Super Mario DLC hit with copyright claims

4 days ago 4J Studios' official Wii U add-on was supposed to be exempt from Nintendo's insistence on taking a cut of YouTubers' revenue

3 Monument Valley has earned over $14 million in two years

4 days ago But ustwo gave 80 per cent of the game's 26 million downloads away for free

Rovio's Angry Birds film has earned $150 million worldwide

4 days ago But after a $400 million Sony marketing push, how much further does it have to fly to return a profit?

13 Apple deems Palestinian dev's game "not appropriate" for the App Store

4 days ago UPDATE: Apple relents - Liyla & the Shadows of War published under the App Store's Games category

7 Uncharted 4 is a paragon of AAA accessibility

7 days ago Naughty Dog describes the new features in its latest blockbuster that make it more open to gamers with disabilities

Minecraft to launch on PC and mobile in China

7 days ago Microsoft is partnering with NetEase to develop and release a new version of Mojang's game in the world's most populous country

Google Play is adding an Early Access section

7 days ago Curated storefront will be the most visible part of a push to make open betas more visible to the public


The Elder Scrolls Online added "millions" of new players in 2015

7 days ago Tamriel Unlimited and ESO's console launch were big hits, says Firor, "and mostly because we didn't go free-to-play"

5 Raw Fury wants to close the gates on the "developer valley of death"

8 days ago Poor launch sales can mean the end for smaller studios - is it time to reconsider how publishers build and judge success?

Studio Wildcard will pay for ARK: Survival Evolved mod content

8 days ago The creators of two new maps were paid "several months salary" and hired by the company

8 Blizzard and Twitch pledge to fight racism with pilot program

9 days ago An incident at a recent live-streamed Hearthstone tournament has highlighted the need for change in eSports


New hire roundup: Creative Assembly names Gareth Edmondson COO

13 days ago New role for ex-Ubisoft Reflections managing director and Jeffrey Lin leaving Riot Games lead our first movers and shakers round-up

Sega returns to profit on cuts and streamlining

14 days ago But revenue across Sega's games business was flat or in decline as new products failed to excite

eSports supremacy beckons as Overwatch beta pulls 9.7m players

14 days ago Blizzard's hero shooter attracted more players than Battlefront and The Division


1 Asobo Studio: Lessons from the frontline of HoloLens development

14 days ago "Sometimes experience is a trap. As an experienced developer you might think, 'In this case, let's do that.' But you're wrong"

Game Jolt's Marketplace lets indies decide their own revenue share

15 days ago No more than 10% will be accepted, devs encouraged to invest sales revenue in other games on the platform


MZ's RTplatform now has a leader

15 days ago Salesforce exec Nasi Jazayeri has joined the company formerly known as Machine Zone to lead its cloud tech strategy

1 Bandai Namco profits slip, Dark Souls III soars

16 days ago From Software's has shipped 3 million, but it launched a few days from the close of the fiscal year

3 PS4 and Xbox One have a new competitor in the Chinese console market

16 days ago Fuze's new Tomahawk F1 console is smaller and digital only, but the similarities are plain to see