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5 Google's Got Game

Opinion 3 years ago The inevitable showdown between Facebook and Google looms - and games may well be the battlefield

5 Game Changers

Opinion 3 years ago Move, Natal, 3D, Blu-ray, Live - which technologies will define the console battlefield in the coming years?

2 Facebook's Triumph

Opinion 3 years ago Farmville creator Zynga has reaffirmed its commitment to Facebook - clearing the path to the next stage in the platform's evolution

10 Toll Booth

Opinion 3 years ago EA's Project Ten Dollar was a good idea - but it has launched us down a dangerous slippery slope

5 Passed Around

Opinion 3 years ago Publishers hate the second hand market - but it may be the only thing that's propping up high street games retailers.

12 Gold Rush 2.0

Opinion 3 years ago Promises of a new wave of profit for iPad developers ignore the destructive downward pressure on iPhone game prices

8 Triumph of the Small

Opinion 4 years ago Ramming through the Digital Economy Bill makes no difference - the future of media still won't favour existing players.

13 Parallax Dreams

Opinion 4 years ago It's not just the promise of 3D that's odd about Nintendo's 3DS - the timing of the announcement is also curious

9 Moving On

Opinion 4 years ago Just who is expected to buy this year's new motion controllers?

3 Beyond Infinity

Opinion 4 years ago The Infinity Ward spat is a symptom of a wider power struggle between top studios and publishers

7 150,000's a Crowd

Opinion 4 years ago Developers may wring their hands over visibility - but you can never have too much content

11 Downloading the Future

Opinion 4 years ago Intriguing industry execs and riling up gamers, DLC is the burning issue of 2010

1 Getting it Wrong

Opinion 4 years ago The Nintendo DS is the UK's most successful console. How did we all get it so wrong?


Opinion 4 years ago How underhanded dealing could spell disaster for the growth of social gaming

1 Disorderly Queue

Opinion 4 years ago Queues and overcrowded servers are no way to welcome new customers to your game

7 PSPgone

Opinion 4 years ago After the fireworks of the PS3 Slim launch, the PSPgo is a disappointment

3 Bodies In Motion

Opinion 4 years ago New controllers are the talk of the show at TGS - with the divide between Sony and Microsoft becoming increasingly clear

Untethered Melodies

Opinion 4 years ago Robert Kotick rattles Sony and Microsoft's cages again - but is this just chest-beating from the world's top publisher?

Ad Nauseum

Opinion 4 years ago Advertising on console dashboards is a great idea - if it's handled with care