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1 Stock Ticker: DeNA vs Gree

3 years ago Tracking the performance and prospects for Japan's mobile gaming giants

12 Dashboard Light

Opinion 3 years ago Microsoft's latest Xbox Dash update reaffirms the console's OS as the best in the business - but it's not good enough


17 Safe Haven

Opinion 3 years ago Piracy is infuriating and upsetting - but never forget that your job isn't to wage war on pirates, it's to seduce your customers


20 Game Plan

3 years ago Specialist retail risks becoming irrelevant - but it doesn't have to be that way


9 Stock Ticker: Sony

3 years ago Japan's markets have lost patience with Sony's restructuring. Is a tighter focus on PlayStation the only way forward?

33 Ascended Souls

3 years ago From Software's unforgiving epic shifts 1.5 million units - and points to a bright future for niche genre titles


12 Stock Ticker: Activision Blizzard

3 years ago Bobby Kotick's pronouncements may infuriate gamers - but do they really delight investors, as is so often claimed?

40 Hiring Freeze

Opinion 3 years ago British developers are struggling to fill skilled positions - but the blame can't be laid entirely on external factors

16 The Silent Canary

Opinion 3 years ago Zynga is the canary in the coalmine for the social games market - and its song no longer seems quite so sweet

10 Vita Goes Mobile

Opinion 3 years ago Sony's Vita strategy wisely embraces mobile - but still has much to prove

10 Rearguard Action

Opinion 3 years ago Price drops and redesigns are business as usual - but can this week's Gamescom announcements jumpstart the retail market?

25 Gaming Unboxed

Opinion 3 years ago The transition away from boxed goods has taken a great leap forward - but are consumers totally on board?

19 Turning the Tanker

Opinion 3 years ago It's not just the 3DS that Satoru Iwata needs to turn around - it's Nintendo's whole business strategy

7 Tough Road Ahead

Opinion 4 years ago Naysayers are speaking too soon on the 3DS - but that's not to say it's all looking rosy for the system

7 Curate or Filter?

Opinion 4 years ago The debate over whether to curate or filter digital content presents a false dichotomy - both sides have merit

2 Thriving Core

Opinion 4 years ago Take-Two's sales figures point to a fact that's not stated often enough - there's never been a better time to be a core gamer

1 Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan

4 years ago A walking tour of Tokyo as Nintendo's latest handheld marvel hits the streets

7 Ready for Launch

Opinion 4 years ago The 3DS lands in consumers' hands this weekend - but how does Nintendo plan to keep its handhelds relevant in the face of strong competition?

4 United We Stand?

Opinion 4 years ago Calls to merge UKIE and TIGA ignore the fact that the industry is becoming more diverse

27 Deep Insecurity

Opinion 4 years ago The failure of the PS3's security signals an unhappy new year for Sony - and raises questions for every console maker

13 Rewriting the Rules

Opinion 4 years ago Blizzard's Cataclysm isn't just an expansion pack - it's a fundamental change to how MMOs are operated

5 Blowing the Candles

Opinion 4 years ago The Xbox 360 has turned five - and this is one console that certainly grew up quickly

2 Lonely at the Top

Opinion 4 years ago Howard Stringer is said to be seeking a new President for Sony. Has Kaz Hirai's moment come?

7 Phone Home

Opinion 4 years ago Marrying a PlayStation with a Phone has never made more sense - but remains a tough proposition

5 Google's Got Game

Opinion 4 years ago The inevitable showdown between Facebook and Google looms - and games may well be the battlefield