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M.H. Williams has been writing in some form or another for ten years and has been a hardcore gamer since the NES first graced American shores. You can catch him on Twitter as @AutomaticZen.

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John Romero joins Corona Labs advisory board

A year ago The mobile SDK will benefit from Romero's help and advice


45 Game Devs: When Does Crunch Cross The Line?

A year ago Rubin, Spector, and more on crunch and why it won't ever die

2 Autodesk Scaleform offered free to Project Anarchy users

A year ago Users of Havok's 3D mobile engine benefit from Autodesk's UI solution

The Sims 4 delayed until Fall 2014

A year ago The delay of the newest Sims game won't affect EA's fiscal year 2014 guidance

1 MLG and Relativity Media form content and marketing partnership

A year ago Both companies will work together to expand MLG's reach into other media

7 Oddworld's Lanning: Industry needs more 'Pink Floyd' and less 'Britney Spears'

A year ago Lanning believes marketing and sales is holding back deeper, more meaningful content

17 Need for Speed: Rivals skipping Vita and Wii U due to poor sales

A year ago Low sales on Need for Speed: Most Wanted means no Vita or Wii U ports for Rivals

EA working on "high-end" Battlefield mobile game

A year ago EA and DICE want you to be able to take your iron sights wherever you go

2 Oculus working on 4K Rift headset

A year ago Even though the Rift isn't out yet, 4K is coming

Xbox One headset adapter not coming until 2014

A year ago Turtle Beach extends its hardware agreement with Microsoft, but its headsets are pushed back until 2014

7 Xbox 360 reaches 80 million consoles sold worldwide

A year ago Microsoft's console holds onto its lead as the number one console in the United States in 2013

US monthly digital revenue approaches $1 billion

A year ago Mobile sees big gains in September as GTA V, Madden, and FIFA lead boxed digital sales

15 Nintendo wants to "change movies" with an interactive Zelda film

A year ago Nintendo wants to "change what a movie is" before it attempts a Legend of Zelda film adaptation

2 Polygon owner Vox Media raises $40 million

A year ago The owner of Polygon and The Verge raises $40 million in a second round of funding

Middle East games market "growing like crazy"

A year ago The Middle East and North African region has been a strong growth area for Peak Games

1 Apple confirms possible iPad reveal event for October 22

A year ago A new iPad and iPad mini should be unveiled at the event

1 GTA V expected to double September NPD sales year-over-year

A year ago Record-breaking debut of Rockstar's latest pushes NPD up for the first time since January, according to Wedbush

Activision sale cleared by Delaware Supreme Court

A year ago The injunction blocking Vivendi's sale of Activision has been overturned

11 Nintendo's Iwata doesn't fear failure

A year ago Nintendo's president wants the company to keep taking risks and innovating

17 Razer sells every product at a loss

A year ago CEO Min-Liang Tan jokes that eventually Razer will "grow up and be a proper company"


13 Critical Consensus: Beyond puts gameplay in the backseat

A year ago Quantic Dream's latest refines the studio's focus on storytelling above all else, and critics seem torn on what that means

Shanda Group among first in China's Free Trade Zone

A year ago The new Free Trade Zone grants its first set of permits for operations in China


1 Ubisoft Quebec operations will employ 3,500 by 2020

A year ago Montreal becomes Ubisoft's hub for online infrastructure and game development in the Americas

8 Letter urges APA to review media violence research

A year ago Over 200 Psychologists and academics want an objective review of media violence research

1 Twitch closes $20 million Series C investment

A year ago Take-Two joins investors in Twitch's growing media platform