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M.H. Williams has been writing in some form or another for ten years and has been a hardcore gamer since the NES first graced American shores. You can catch him on Twitter as @AutomaticZen.

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6 Nintendo Network and Miiverse coming to 3DS

8 months ago The December 3DS update brings the portable closer to the Wii U

Sony launching PlayStation 4 with New York event

8 months ago Sony launch event offers fans another chance to play and buy PlayStation 4

1 Moshi Monsters publisher: US is "definitely a focus"

8 months ago The UK success story is turning its attention towards the US

1 World of Warcraft's next expansion is Warlords of Draenor

8 months ago The next WoW expansion takes players on a time-traveling ride

GDC Next and App Developers Conference brings in 4,000 attendees

8 months ago Almost 4,000 developers attended this year's GDC Next and App Developers Conference

Puzzle & Dragons passes 2 million downloads in North America

8 months ago GungHo's mobile gaming juggernaut continues to grow

1 Square Enix tries cloud gaming with Project Flare

8 months ago A changing Square Enix kicks off its cloud gaming initiative

Wargaming funds mobile studio in Seattle

8 months ago David Bluhm takes control of Wargaming's new studio

1 Foxconn developing mobile games

8 months ago The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer is getting into the gaming business

Need for Speed shifts to EA Sports leadership

8 months ago A new CEO for EA means some changes to the company's racing franchise

Gameloft posts record third-quarter sales of $83.4 million

8 months ago Free-to-play business drives Gameloft's growth for the quarter

Twitch and Machinima partner up for content

8 months ago Machinima will bring a number of its programs to its new Twitch channel


3 Escaping The Shooter Mold: How Oxide Plans to Revive The RTS

8 months ago We talk with new dev Oxide about its Nitrous engine and the rise of multi-core

7 Google Play has half the revenue of App Store with more downloads

8 months ago More people are downloading content on Google Play, but they're not paying for it

Minecraft adding Twitch broadcasting soon

8 months ago Mojang's popular game will soon have integrated Twitch streaming

6 Android 4.4 aims at budget phones

8 months ago Google officially announces the next Android and the Nexus 5

1 South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed until 2014

8 months ago Ubisoft's acquisition from THQ has been pushed back until next year

1 Wargaming on "tank porn" and being "drug dealers of experiences"

9 months ago Will Wright interviews Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi on making World of Tanks a global hit

Asian markets "two years ahead" of West in mobile monetization

9 months ago Venture partners talk about strength of Asian markets in the growing mobile space.

11 Journey producer: Start with feelings, not mechanics

9 months ago Robin Hunicke believes the game industry can create better games if it gets in touch with its feelings.


34 Rumble CEO: Tablets will be the clear winner of the console war

9 months ago Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment as it closes a $17.5 million second round of funding.

3 The Witcher series sales top 6 million in 6 years

9 months ago With The Witcher 3 on the horizon, CD Projekt celebrates a milestone

4 Nintendo may outsource more HD remakes, says Miyamoto

9 months ago Nintendo wants to keep its focus on new games, not more HD remakes

Ouya will "absolutely" embrace the cloud

9 months ago Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says cloud gaming could be in Ouya's future

John Romero joins Corona Labs advisory board

9 months ago The mobile SDK will benefit from Romero's help and advice