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M.H. Williams has been writing in some form or another for ten years and has been a hardcore gamer since the NES first graced American shores. You can catch him on Twitter as @AutomaticZen.

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11 PlayStation 4 interest ahead in survey, Wii U trailing behind

11 months ago Sony's console is riding high in surveys, but will that translate to sales?

5 Nintendo Network and Miiverse coming to 3DS

11 months ago The December 3DS update brings the portable closer to the Wii U

Sony launching PlayStation 4 with New York event

11 months ago Sony launch event offers fans another chance to play and buy PlayStation 4

1 Moshi Monsters publisher: US is "definitely a focus"

11 months ago The UK success story is turning its attention towards the US

1 World of Warcraft's next expansion is Warlords of Draenor

11 months ago The next WoW expansion takes players on a time-traveling ride

GDC Next and App Developers Conference brings in 4,000 attendees

11 months ago Almost 4,000 developers attended this year's GDC Next and App Developers Conference

Puzzle & Dragons passes 2 million downloads in North America

11 months ago GungHo's mobile gaming juggernaut continues to grow

1 Square Enix tries cloud gaming with Project Flare

11 months ago A changing Square Enix kicks off its cloud gaming initiative

Wargaming funds mobile studio in Seattle

11 months ago David Bluhm takes control of Wargaming's new studio

1 Foxconn developing mobile games

11 months ago The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer is getting into the gaming business

Need for Speed shifts to EA Sports leadership

11 months ago A new CEO for EA means some changes to the company's racing franchise

Gameloft posts record third-quarter sales of $83.4 million

11 months ago Free-to-play business drives Gameloft's growth for the quarter

Twitch and Machinima partner up for content

11 months ago Machinima will bring a number of its programs to its new Twitch channel


3 Escaping The Shooter Mold: How Oxide Plans to Revive The RTS

11 months ago We talk with new dev Oxide about its Nitrous engine and the rise of multi-core

7 Google Play has half the revenue of App Store with more downloads

11 months ago More people are downloading content on Google Play, but they're not paying for it

Minecraft adding Twitch broadcasting soon

11 months ago Mojang's popular game will soon have integrated Twitch streaming

6 Android 4.4 aims at budget phones

11 months ago Google officially announces the next Android and the Nexus 5

1 South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed until 2014

11 months ago Ubisoft's acquisition from THQ has been pushed back until next year

1 Wargaming on "tank porn" and being "drug dealers of experiences"

11 months ago Will Wright interviews Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi on making World of Tanks a global hit

Asian markets "two years ahead" of West in mobile monetization

11 months ago Venture partners talk about strength of Asian markets in the growing mobile space.

11 Journey producer: Start with feelings, not mechanics

11 months ago Robin Hunicke believes the game industry can create better games if it gets in touch with its feelings.


34 Rumble CEO: Tablets will be the clear winner of the console war

A year ago Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment as it closes a $17.5 million second round of funding.

3 The Witcher series sales top 6 million in 6 years

A year ago With The Witcher 3 on the horizon, CD Projekt celebrates a milestone

4 Nintendo may outsource more HD remakes, says Miyamoto

A year ago Nintendo wants to keep its focus on new games, not more HD remakes

Ouya will "absolutely" embrace the cloud

A year ago Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says cloud gaming could be in Ouya's future