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David Radd has worked as a gaming journalist since 2004 at sites such as GamerFeed, Gigex and GameDaily Biz. He was previously senior editor at IndustryGamers.

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2 Sony's Shuhei Yoshida reinforces importance of indies to PS Vita

A year ago "We do it for the love of it, almost," says Yoshida.

5 Kojima sees social and core games converging together

A year ago As New Super Mario Bros. U demonstrated, all games are getting more social

Facebook App Center goes mobile

A year ago Social network looks to offer even more ways to push out social apps

5 Game revenues to grow to $70 billion by 2017 - DFC

A year ago Core gamers still reluctant to embrace social games says research firm

1 38 Studios files for bankruptcy

A year ago Federal and state officials begin an investigation into the company

6 EA prepping "3 to 5" new IP for next generation

A year ago Frank Gibeau explains why EA is holding off on new IP on current gen consoles

2 E3 "half a show" without Sony/Microsoft next-gen consoles, says EA

A year ago This transitional year gives an opportunity for third-parties to stand out

10 John Carmack: Next generation of consoles should last a long time

A year ago The id Software founder talks PCs and consoles

Next-gen consoles for Sony/Microsoft likely out late 2013

A year ago They weren't at E3 2012, but will almost certainly be at E3 2013, according to analysts talking with publishers and developers

18 Wii U lacks "killer app" say analysts

A year ago More information about the console is wanted

1 Machinima content comes to Gaikai

A year ago Video content provider looks to expand its reach

ESA: 49 Percent of U.S. households have a game console

A year ago More people are gaming in more ways than ever

Civilization and Pirates! coming to Gree

A year ago 2K looks for a social bend to their classic franchises

PopCap Launches Bejeweled Legend in Japan

A year ago New game was developed specifically for the Japanese market

1 Majesco launches new corporate branding

A year ago The company's new focus on casual games is reflected in the logo

1 Harry Potter author involved in Sony's Wonderbooks

A year ago New AR technology will bring stories to life

3 Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed titles coming to PS Vita

A year ago PS Vita getting some critical support from heavy hitting franchises.

7 Watch Dogs howls at Ubisoft's press conference

A year ago Original IP is all about controlling the connected networks in our world

SimCity goes social

A year ago Also, the "hardcore" release in the franchise is coming February 2013

13 Microsoft SmartGlass aims at Wii U, Apple TV

A year ago New feature is designed for true cross-platform functionality with tablet, smartphone support

SOE announces Quinne Larsen as 2012 G.I.R.L. Scholarship winner

A year ago She'll receive $10,000 for her schooling and a paid internship at SOE

5 Curt Schilling says Rhode Island Governor comments on 38 Studios were 'devastating'

A year ago A publisher backed out of a deal to publish a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel

Facebook details "feed gaming"

A year ago Users can now readily share games on their friends' news feeds


1 Games And Fan Feedback - Part Two

A year ago We speak with Jane Jensen and Dave Gilbert about how to best leverage player feedback

3 Avengers game coming from Ubisoft for Wii U, Kinect

A year ago Ubisoft hoping to leverage the huge hype around the hit movie, but game will be based on comics