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David Radd has worked as a gaming journalist since 2004 at sites such as GamerFeed, Gigex and GameDaily Biz. He was previously senior editor at IndustryGamers.

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12 Game sales down another 20 percent during July for US

4 years ago NPD reports that not even the combined powers of Spider-Man and Batman can save the industry


Crowd-funding developer compares project to Breaking Bad

4 years ago Pendulo also discusses why they're on Gamesplanet Lab and not Kickstarter

iQU expands to the US

4 years ago New Los Angeles studio will be headed up by Jeannette Weinstein

Mass Effect, IGN veterans hired by Reverb

4 years ago Doug Perry, Matt Atwood and Dakota Grabowski will shore up Reverb's PR squad

Guild Wars 2 could impact Activision Blizzard's stock

4 years ago A break down of the possible repercussions of World of Warcraft subscriber loss

World of Warcraft film gets new script

4 years ago Kotick says Blizzard is "very excited" about the movie


4 StarCraft II skillsets similar to online poker, says Playhem

4 years ago Also, Playhem co-founder Keith Swan talks e-sports as the next major sports league

1 SOCOM "not done" according to Shuhei Yoshida

4 years ago "We never retire any franchise," says the Sony WWS head

11 Dragon's Dogma likely to become franchise

4 years ago After one million worldwide sales, Capcom is leaning towards making a sequel

Ouya lands Vevo music video support

4 years ago Top musical acts are coming to Ouya when it launches

3 Google enters cable/Internet provider war

4 years ago Google Fiber puts cable companies on notice... and could change cloud gaming forever


Aeria Talks Expanding from PC to Mobile, Tablets

4 years ago Free-to-play company also enhances offerings with three ijji titles


2 Seamus Blackley: "The industry itself is undefeatable"

4 years ago "We work in the greatest industry out there," asserts Blackley


Indie Kickstarter media attention 'like trying to make a sales pitch to a brick wall'

4 years ago Sebastian Haley talks about visibility issues for smaller Kickstarter projects


2 Kickstarter physical backer rewards can add complications

4 years ago An organizer for the Z. project talks about the issues of managing a budget using crowdfunding


2 George R.R. Martin: Disruptor Beam on working with the author

4 years ago The acclaimed author "gets it" when it comes to video games, even if he isn't a gamer


Game of Thrones a good setting for social games, says Disruptor Beam

4 years ago Jon Radoff is less enthusiastic about more traditional games set in Westeros


What venture capitalists think about Kickstarter

4 years ago Crowd-funding is a "breath of fresh air" for gaming, says Takahashi


16 Nintendo's Wii U has "major issue" with capability

4 years ago Dean Takahashi discusses issues with the Wii U's tablet controller


Epic Mickey Marketing to the Second Power

4 years ago Disney talks enhancing the marketing for Epic Mickey 2

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Due in July

4 years ago Plenty of new features for the latest version of Google's mobile OS

5 Schilling says 38 Studios "employees got blindsided"

4 years ago For the first time since the bankruptcy, Curt Schilling speaks out publicly

1 Sony's Ueda on The Last Guardian: "it's been business as usual"

4 years ago Work continues on The Last Guardian, but there's frustratingly little progress to report

4 Journey‬ Collector's Edition confirmed

4 years ago First retail release for Thatgamecompany

8 Xbox 360 "has more than two years left" says Phil Spencer

4 years ago The head of Microsoft Game Studios says the console is "doing incredibly well"