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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz prior to that.

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8 Xbox One deserves to be "first class citizen" for indie games - Spencer

A month ago Xbox boss explains the parity clause that Microsoft enforces to discourage Xbox One releases becoming afterthoughts

10 Ubisoft "does not constrain its games"

A month ago Publisher addresses concerns that it downgraded Assassin's Creed: Unity

Amazon to open physical retail store in NYC

A month ago The leading online retailer is about to open its first store opposite the Empire State Building


Sleepy Giant lays off 18

A month ago People let go after work completed on projects like Disney Infinity and Elder Scrolls Online


FarmVille vets join Storm8

A month ago Tim LeTourneau and Steve Parkis added to leadership team at mobile social developer

9 Sid Meier: Game designers should create a "positive climate"

A month ago Civ designer says that developers don't need to make violent games to get attention anymore

1 DriveClub delayed for PS Plus

A month ago The game has been suffering from server issues and Evolution is holding back the release of the PS Plus version as a result

2 Super Smash Bros 3DS tops 2.8 million worldwide

A month ago The popular brawler is off to a good start for Nintendo; amiibo and Smash Wii U being prepped for Nov 21

9 Xbox One sales in China already top Japan

A month ago Over 100,000 units sold during its first week on sale, according to Chinese media

96 Intel: "We are deeply sorry if we offended anyone"

A month ago Chip maker issues statement in wake of pulling ads from website Gamasutra

13 Game devs urge you to write Intel in response to #GamerGate

A month ago Richard Lemarchand warns of "chilling effect" Intel's decision to remove ads from Gamasutra has on editorial content

74 Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra in response to #GamerGate

A month ago Gamasutra says Intel was "flooded with complaints over a recent opinion piece" concerning video game equality

1 Microsoft not satisfied with Xbox One launch in Japan

A month ago "Reaching out to let more people know about the Xbox One is vital," says Xbox Japan head Takashi Sensui


3 Rovio considers axing up to 130 jobs

A month ago Angry Birds maker moving "towards a simplified organization," could cut as much as 16% of workforce

Ms Pac-Man joins the fight against breast cancer

A month ago Bandai Namco Games America kicks off campaign to raise proceeds for National Breast Cancer Foundation

16 Windows 10 officially slated for release in 2015

A month ago Microsoft appears to be skipping Windows 9 to go right to 10, which is being designed to run across devices

13 Tetris optioned for sci-fi film

A month ago World famous puzzle game celebrates 30th anniversary as Threshold Entertainment partners on feature film


Dan Hsu leaving games media

A month ago GamesBeat editor-in-chief moving on because he "received a great opportunity and offer"


17 iPhone 6 brings new but familiar challenges to devs

A month ago Fragmentation is creeping into the iOS ecosystem, but most mobile devs will still find it far easier to manage than Android


Nerd Kingdom lays off half its team

2 months ago Team behind TUG sees delay in funding, forced to downsize and push back Kickstarter backer rewards

Amazon completes Twitch buyout

2 months ago SEC filing reveals that the transaction is now officially closed

Mobile helping to broaden gaming audience - ESA

2 months ago About a third of Americans age 13 and older play video games on their smartphones, tablets, ESA study finds

25 Apple addressing iPhone 6 "bendgate"

2 months ago Only nine customers so far have contacted Apple about a problem with a bent iPhone 6 Plus, the company said

iOS pushes UK games industry to 1.72 billion

2 months ago Ukie releases new data on UK games business, revealing that it may be double the size of previous estimates


20 Titan cancellation cost Blizzard $50m or more, say analysts

2 months ago It's a painful blow but it's better than publishing a mediocre game that fails to attract an audience