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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz prior to that.

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8 Oculus, Palmer Luckey sued by Zenimax

2 months ago Zenimax and id Software allege that Oculus stole trade secrets relating to virtual reality tech


1 Dungeon Defenders studio lays off 20%

2 months ago Trendy's Darrell Rodriguez admits "cash flow is a concern" but company is working to ensure the release of Dungeon Defenders II later this year

11 Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3

2 months ago "This is the tablet that can replace your laptop," Panos Panay says of the new Surface, which has a 12-inch screen

6 Titanfall, PS4 drive US game sales up 17% in April - NPD

2 months ago EA's blockbuster continues to do well, but PS4 still outsold Xbox One for the fourth month in a row [UPDATE: Xbox One sells just 115k]

5 Watch Dogs becomes Ubisoft's most pre-ordered new IP

2 months ago GameStop also confirms that it's the most pre-ordered next-gen title so far [UPDATE: "We can exceed 6.3m units"]

2 GTA V ships 33 million, boosts Take-Two's income to a record $361m

2 months ago Fiscal 2014 was great, but Q4 saw net loss and declining sales; Zelnick says Rockstar hits next-gen consoles in fiscal 2015


15 Xbox One to overtake PS4 in US by 2015, says analyst

2 months ago Just how big is the impact of unbundling the Kinect camera from Xbox One? Analysts weigh in on the strategy


Tracy Fullerton to direct USC games program

2 months ago Fullerton, who's been on the faculty at USC since 1999, will now act as the first ever director of the USC Games program

38 Xbox One to be sold without Kinect for $399

2 months ago It's official: Microsoft has unbundled its Kinect camera to offer a cheaper hardware option for consumers

Cloud services to be adopted by 3.6 billion by 2018 - Juniper

2 months ago While streaming music services are claiming the bulk of revenues, Juniper sees a "renaissance" for cloud gaming


1 Eidos Montreal founder: I was tired of building Ferraris

2 months ago Stephane D'Astous talks about leaving the console world in favor of mobile and tablet, says the Eidos situation was "blown out of proportion"

1 Capcom profit grows as Monster Hunter sells over 4 million

2 months ago The Japanese publisher grew its profit by nearly 16 percent for the fiscal year

6 Unreal Engine 4 roadmap made public

2 months ago Epic will let people vote on how it should improve its ubiquitous game engine technology


5 GamesIndustry Innovation Awards winners revealed

2 months ago Twitch, Gabe Newell and more honored by GI's awards at the Game Horizon conference

2 EA, Activision see shares climb following earnings report

2 months ago Investors are reacting positively to the results from both publishers

2 King's profit jumps 142% in first quarter

2 months ago Income was down, however, compared to the previous quarter thanks partly to marketing for the launch of Farm Heroes Saga

Activision sees record digital sales but income remains flat in Q1

2 months ago 34 percent of total revenues from digital sales [UPDATE: Warlords of Draenor has 1m pre-orders]


4 PS4 to lead all consoles with 51 million sold by 2016 - IDC

2 months ago Research firm also expects Kinect to be unbundled from Xbox One and physical game sales to decline 45% compared to last gen

2 Halo live-action TV series coming to Showtime - report

2 months ago Variety says Microsoft is nearing a deal to bring Halo to the cable movie station before it airs on Xbox Live

6 EA nearing deal to stream games via Comcast - report

2 months ago A Reuters report indicates that Comcast and EA have been testing the service for the past two years

11 Kevin Spacey to star in Sledgehammer's Call of Duty

2 months ago After trailer leaks early, Activision confirms holiday release for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare [UPDATE: added quotes]

1 Defiance switching to free-to-play

2 months ago Trion Worlds' SyFy TV series tie-in is switching business models starting in June; company says it "doesn't see a future" in subscription


5 Your game portfolio is your greatest asset

2 months ago A game design education is nothing without a portfolio to show employers - Neil Druckmann, Jesse Schell and Albert Shih weigh in

Activision: TV marketing still needed to make a blockbuster game

2 months ago Activision's Jonathan Anastas talks about the growing importance of social media in game marketing but underscores TV for AAA console


Teacher's Lounge: Insider Views on Games Education

3 months ago Five leading professors discuss the growth of games education and what needs to happen to better the industry