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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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3 Star Wars, Dragon Age and Diablo designers lead new RPG for Kabam

A month ago Spirit Lords team explains how it's making a "proper" RPG that's not watered-down


7 Microsoft floated the idea of giving away the Xbox

A month ago Original Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley said some people pushed for buying Nintendo too, among other crazy ideas


Brave Frontier publisher Gumi cuts 11% of staff following IPO

2 months ago Gumi hasn't had as much success outside of Japan as it expected, CEO not to receive pay for six months


12 Capitalism killing games and the world - Lanning

2 months ago Oddworld founder despises growth models but is encouraged by the indie scene and rise of digital distribution

OSVR signs up leading universities for Academia program

2 months ago Some of the top research institutions will be able to experiment with design for VR experiences


Former Disney execs "democratizing doing good"

2 months ago Tom Kang, John Pleasants leading new mobile publisher dedicated to empowering players to help global causes

Minecraft lead dev joins Stugan accelerator program

2 months ago Jens Bergensten and others to help mentor a new generation of developers

1 Clash of Clans, Hay Day help Supercell double profits in 2014

2 months ago Finnish mobile powerhouse has been gaining momentum as its revenues tripled over the last year


Razer adds to its board

2 months ago Angel investor Koh Boon Hwee has joined the gaming accessories company


5 “I couldn't even guarantee you a 10% chance of a hit anymore” - Capps

2 months ago Former Epic president on the massive difficulties in development today and why he happily spoke at Unity's GDC presentation


Gree appoints Vice President of RPGs

2 months ago Former Kabam exec Keith Kawahata will now lead the growth of Gree's Western portfolio


10 "Nintendo will be another titan in the mobile game industry"

2 months ago The mobile industry reacts with enthusiasm and optimism to Nintendo's huge news this week

1 Nintendo, not DeNA, to "mainly" handle mobile development - Iwata

2 months ago Satoru Iwata clarifies who's making Nintendo's mobile games and affirms that they may act as a bridge to dedicated game systems

Minecraft: 4.3 billion monthly YouTube views and counting

2 months ago Newzoo report shows big game brands continue to dominate on YouTube

Nintendo and DeNA have been talking since 2010

2 months ago DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako believes his company can reach 100 million daily active users with Nintendo's IP

1 Nintendo's stock is soaring

2 months ago Investors clearly quite pleased with the company's decision to team with DeNA on mobile development

2 ESRB expanding to mobile, digital platforms

2 months ago ESRB and rest of the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) will bring global game ratings to Google Play, consoles and more


2 Vainglory aims to be "caricature anti-monetizer"

2 months ago Super Evil Megacorp COO Kristian Segerstrale on free-to-play and the unhealthy "industry obsession" with top grossing app charts


1 Valiant Hearts director leaves Ubisoft

2 months ago Tired of the AAA business and being labeled "fake indie," Yoan Fanise is looking to pursue a new opportunity


5 Survival of the AAA indies

2 months ago Randy Pitchford and Ru Weerasuriya discuss the ups, downs and future of AAA independent development

This War of Mine DLC to benefit War Child charity

2 months ago 11 bit studios is donating 100% of the proceeds to the charity that aids children affected by war

PlayStation Network attacked "every day" - Yoshida

2 months ago SCE's president of worldwide studios says that his company is playing a "cat and mouse" game at all times with hackers


6 Rock Band returns on "one of the leanest budgets we've ever had"

2 months ago Harmonix confirms Rock Band 4 for this year, with support for legacy controllers and DLC; Daniel Sussman explains his studio's approach

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor takes Game of the Year at GDC

2 months ago Monolith's action title follows up an impressive showing at DICE by winning top honors at the Choice Awards

Outer Wilds wins grand prize at 2015 IGF Awards

2 months ago The 17th annual Independent Games Festival also gave Outer Wilds the excellence in design award