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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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2 PlayStation VR $500 bundle pre-orders start March 22

2 months ago "If you miss out on this wave of pre-orders, fear not - we'll have another wave in the summer"

3 Beyond ageism: Industry must think about older gamers

2 months ago The young gamers of today will become the old gamers of tomorrow, and this could be a very real opportunity for the business, says Prof. Bob De Schutter

Her Story dominates GDC, IGF Awards

2 months ago CD Projekt's The Witcher 3 grabbed Game of the Year but Sam Barlow's title won five awards overall

1 PlayStation VR to sell 8m units in 24 months - analyst

2 months ago Ben Schachter says "expect Sony to utterly dominate the rest of the console cycle" without a response from Microsoft

eSports pros need to think about their personal brands - Dennis Fong

2 months ago Some of the top players aren't necessarily the most talented, but eSports is as much about the personalities as it is competition

2 Ubisoft continues to back VR with new IP Werewolves Within

2 months ago Ubisoft takes early adopter approach to VR, while other AAA publishers sit on the sidelines

4 Schell: Nintendo probably working on VR gaming device

2 months ago Carnegie Mellon professor and game designer Jesse Schell outlines his 40 predictions for VR and AR at GDC

"Some people want to see the slaughterhouse" - Gordon Walton

2 months ago Industry veteran discusses how to successfully build and manage a crowdfunding community

PC to dominate $100bn games market in 2019 - DFC

2 months ago Research firm believes VR and eSports will drive the purchase of many more high-end PCs


Colopl aims to publish multiple high quality VR titles annually

2 months ago Japanese mobile publisher appoints new CEO of US subsidiary, hopes to lead VR market


Kneel before Todd: Bethesda's Howard on a lifetime of achievement

2 months ago Todd Howard shares his thoughts on VR, mobile and why modding is so crucial to the studio


1 Gearbox thinking beyond games

2 months ago “How do we reach people outside the same group of video game customers that we're always talking to over and over again?” asks Randy Pitchford

3 Supercell boasts 100m daily active users

2 months ago "It's incredible that we've reached this milestone with just 180 people," says Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen


1 Sega Networks cuts staff amid "hyper-competitive" market conditions

2 months ago Sega's Western mobile division appears to have shut down Puzzle Pirates studio Three Rings


Stick to your guns, says Avalanche co-founder

2 months ago Christofer Sundberg eschews trend-chasing, stresses importance of maintaining focus at a studio

Activision, Riot among Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For"

2 months ago "Everything we do starts with our employees' talent," says ATVI CEO Bobby Kotick

7 Steam user reviews can be bought for $5 - Report

2 months ago It's surprisingly easy to get positive reviews for Steam games on the Fiverr website, PCGamesN found

5 Activision won't have an E3 booth this year

2 months ago Publisher taking meetings at E3 but similar to EA it won't have a massive booth on the show floor

7 Most gamers not interested in VR in 2016 - report

2 months ago An exclusive Gamer Network survey reveals that only 15% of players intend to purchase any of the VR platforms this year


2 VR could make games a political scapegoat again - Capps

2 months ago Ex-Epic exec Mike Capps worries that "we're going to have to redefend our art form"


Oculus hires Hulu exec to head video team

3 months ago Hulu SVP Eugene Wei to oversee group that curates VR and 360 degree content from other creators, like LeBron James


8 "I think of that Sid Meier as being a different person"

3 months ago Father of computer gaming speaks up about his name being on boxes, also says devs should take responsibility for the messages their games send

1 Why Machine Zone still buys "overpriced" TV ads

3 months ago CEO Gabe Leydon says TV will "have its own reckoning" but explains why the ads for Game of War and Mobile Strike are still needed


3 "More inclusive development is better for everybody" - Sledgehammer

3 months ago Sledgehammer Games co-founder and studio head Michael Condrey on creating more diverse teams


7 PlayStation VR: Is Sony willing to be a loss leader?

3 months ago With Vive and Oculus now both priced, attention turns to Sony - will PlayStation play the pricing wildcard?