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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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Apple is China's top brand device - Newzoo

A month ago But local Android stores are expected to generate over $1bn more in revenues than iOS in China this year

Games deals fell 89% in first half of 2015 - Digi-Capital

A month ago Companies that held off on exits are now sitting tight, explains Tim Merel


1 Jade Raymond heads up new EA studio, will work on Star Wars

A month ago Montreal-based Motive will work "in close quarters with the BioWare team," Raymond said

1 Miyamoto reacts to Iwata's untimely death

A month ago Creator of Mario and Zelda has issued a brief statement via the Wall Street Journal

10 Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has died at age 55

A month ago Nintendo has sadly confirmed that Iwata-san passed away on July 11, 2015


5 iOS game revenues show top 20 dominate - Newzoo

A month ago If you're not in the top 100, you'll barely be able to make a living in the iOS ecosystem

Ubisoft's Q1 sales suffer with tough comp against Watch Dogs

A month ago Sales for the French publisher's first quarter fell 73% compared to the previous Q1 that saw the release of Watch Dogs

Twitch outranks YouTube in $3.8bn gaming video market - Superdata

A month ago YouTube draws more viewers but Twitch is earning more money, according to new report

4 PlayStation Now will give new long tail to industry, says Sony

A month ago "It's like this breath of fresh air into a franchise," Sony's Jack Buser commented


Star Citizen executive producer leaves

A month ago Cloud Imperium Games is handing over production duties to Erin Roberts


3 Magic Leap adds Vevo co-founder as CCO

A month ago Rio Caraeff joins augmented reality firm in newly created role of chief content officer

8 Xbox One, PS4 sales "disappointing" in China - Report

A month ago Niko Partners estimates that only 550,000 units of both platforms combined will be sold this year

14 Nintendo's Miyamoto "not actively participating" in NX development

2 months ago Legendary designer says he's more focused on software these days, talks about why Wii U failed

Disney combines interactive and consumer products divisions

2 months ago The newly combined segment will be run jointly by Leslie Ferraro and Jimmy Pitaro


Christian Svensson joins Six Foot as COO

2 months ago Former Capcom exec now leading games biz for brand management firm and development partner Grey Box


BioShock vet to join Dots as Head of Studio

2 months ago Joe McDonagh to become Dots' first C-level hire

2 People Can Fly regains its independence

2 months ago Ownership of the Polish studio has been returned from Epic Games to local leadership


4 VR "not for the whole world" - Epic CEO

2 months ago Tim Sweeney says studio excited by VR, but AR is “the next big development in the history of civilization”

10 The average game on Steam sells only 32,000 copies

2 months ago New data from Steam Spy sheds light on what approach developers should take when selling on Steam

E3 2015 sees attendance jump to over 52,000

2 months ago The ESA, which runs the E3 Expo, also said that social media for E3 posts set a record


It's time for game financing to catch up with distribution - Marks

2 months ago Howard Marks' StartEngine is looking to give devs and startups a new way to raise capital through equity crowdfunding

12 Nintendo not a believer in current VR tech

2 months ago Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime says the VR efforts so far are simply not fun

2 Hitman dev: Season pass "wrong approach" for gamers

2 months ago IO Interactive's Hannes Seifert says his studio doesn't want any players to feel ripped off

21 Sony's Yoshida admits he was nervious about a female lead in Horizon

2 months ago "We had a discussion. Is it risky to do a female character?"

2 EA: "We have to start building new IP that might feel like a big risk today"

2 months ago Andrew Wilson on trying to build a culture where developers can take creative risks