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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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1 HTC Vive spearheads $10bn VR VC group

28 days ago 27 firms have joined with HTC Vive in the VR Venture Capital Alliance

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood creators form Lightbulb

30 days ago The Press Play founders are working on a new PC game, Pioneers


21 Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo an "incredibly positive evolution"

A month ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two discuss why Microsoft and Sony launching new consoles more quickly is a big win


5 Brexit: UK game developers share their concerns

A month ago "The negative revolves around skilled talent not wanting or being able to stay, or come to UK."

"Overwatch dominates rankings leaving Battleborn in the dust" - SuperData

A month ago Overwatch generated $269 million in May as the digital games market climbed to $6 billion overall


3 Oculus: Our exclusive deals are good for the VR industry

A month ago Head of Content Jason Rubin also stresses that with the launch of Oculus Touch, "We're going to do it the right way this time"


5 E3 Live completely disappoints fans

Opinion A month ago "I expected more, at least to play some more...I was like c'mon man, I didn't come here to buy stuff"


1 E3 may need to change but it's still very relevant, say publishers

A month ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two executives explain why E3 matters


26 Why Scorpio and Xbox One S sales don't actually matter

A month ago Phil Spencer explains why you shouldn't think "that everything we're doing is about selling you an Xbox console"

Xbox One price cut yet again to $279

A month ago Only a couple weeks after dropping from $349 to $299, Microsoft is looking to clear inventory to make way for Xbox One S

9 Game publishers treading carefully at E3 in wake of Orlando tragedy

A month ago "Steps are being taken by individual publishers to be sensitive to the national mood at the moment," says ESA boss Mike Gallagher

League of Legends generates $150m a month - SuperData

A month ago PC online multiplayer space to approach $20bn this year thanks in part to MOBAs like LoL

Digital games to account for a third of console revenues in 2020 - PwC

A month ago "In some ways it's surprising that physical game disks will continue to be a major force by 2020"


Xbox Live Arcade creator wants you to join his Sparcade

A month ago Greg Canessa explains to why he believes his asynchronous multiplayer competitive platform will be “transformative for mobile”

eSports' "path to profitability farther off than VR" for publishers - Pachter

A month ago Despite the slow ramp up of headsets, VR should monetize better for publishers in the next few years, the analyst says

EGX secures major Amazon partnership

A month ago Amazon will support EGX with a marketing campaign and Amazon's website will also host an EGX hub of content


New hire roundup: Google expands its VR team

A month ago Elsewhere, former Lionhead art director Kelvin Tuite has joined Sumo Digital, and Zynga has doubled down on social casino

1 EA veteran David DeMartini passes away

A month ago Former Oculus exec, head of EA Partners and EA Origin is sadly no longer with us

8 ESA: The 50-plus gamer crowd has passed 40m in the US

A month ago 75% of the over 50 demographic plays games on a weekly basis; developers need to pay attention to this older audience


1 "I'm doing this because I'm a gamer"

A month ago Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya says he puts fun and creativity above profit; he talks to us about VR and his new co-op melee game De-formers

Microsoft seeking to control VR/AR ecosystem

A month ago Microsoft is inviting other manufacturers to build devices with Windows Holographic

3 Xbox One gets $50 price cut leading into E3

A month ago With rumors swirling about new Xbox hardware at E3, Microsoft has dropped the price on Xbox One through June 13

2 Supercell "printing money" with Clash games - SuperData

2 months ago Both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are generating $100m a month as digital sales in April climbed 5% to $6.2 billion

PlayStation 4 sales exceed 40m worldwide

2 months ago Sony notes that the PS4 continues to be the company's fastest-selling console in its history

Former Valve employee alleges she was fired for being transgender

2 months ago Plaintiff says Valve referred to her as "it" - she's seeking $3.1 million in damages