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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz prior to that.

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TapJoy vets launch investment program for mobile studios

22 days ago Midverse Studios' Invest + Publish program will specifically look for Hollywood properties that can be licensed for mobile titles

Com2uS summons nearly $40 million in profit in Q3

23 days ago Summoners War helps drive record results for the mobile publisher's third quarter

6 Atari gets into real-money gaming

23 days ago Atari Casino, launched in partnership with Pariplay, will feature some of Atari's most recognized brands

3 Destiny, Hearthstone, WoW push Activision Blizzard to record Q3

24 days ago The company is raising its full-year non-GAAP outlook thanks to the better than expected performance

Ubisoft sees sales shrink in Q2 but rise 65% for first half

29 days ago Watch Dogs has now shipped 9 million units, and Ubi's digital sales increased more than 90%

Madden, mobile and digital drive EA to record Q2

A month ago Electronic Arts has raised its Fiscal Year 2015 net revenue and earnings per share guidance; Battlefield Hardline to ship next March


2 "Scared blank check journalism appears to be the status quo"

A month ago Shacknews' new CEO Asif Khan on the latest incarnation of the site and the challenges of games journalism today


40 Are there lines games shouldn't cross?

A month ago Can a dev go too far with violence? What about moral responsibility? Laws aren't the answer, but what is? Rami Ismail, Warren Spector and more discuss

4 Xbox console sales jump 102% in Q1

A month ago Microsoft's revenue during the first quarter increased 25% to $23.2 billion


NCsoft lays off "around 60" at Carbine Studios

A month ago Wildstar developer suffers cuts as NCsoft West undergoes key restructuring and further layoffs

ESA Foundation grants $90,000 to women and minority students

A month ago The scholarships will help them pursue video game-related college degrees


2 With Riccitiello, is Unity planning something big?

A month ago Analysts weigh in on what the appointment means - could the company be aiming for an IPO?

2 VR sweet spot no more than $200 - EEDAR

A month ago EEDAR survey of consumers finds cost is still the biggest factor despite high level of interest in VR headsets


18 Destructoid EIC quits over disagreement with management

A month ago Dale North says goodbye to popular consumer website after nearly a decade

6 Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019 - DFC

A month ago DFC Intelligence is revising its global forecast because consoles are "losing their second tier audience"

iPhone up, iPad down as Apple sees Q4 sales rise 12%

A month ago The iPhone 6 has been a big boost for Apple, but the company had another miss with iPad

15 Our House Rules

A month ago Commenting guidelines for what's allowed, not allowed and how you can make a better environment

3 Destiny, PS4 lead sales boost for US games biz in Sept - NPD

A month ago Bungie's latest topped the charts and hardware sales soared; Sony says September was biggest month in PS Store history


Quantic Dream boss re-elected as EGDF president

A month ago Guillaume de Fondaumiere will continue to lead while Hendrik Lesser has been elected vice president

7 ESA: "There's no place in the video game community for threats"

A month ago US video game trade association speaks out on the growing number of harassment cases in the industry


3 Turbine hit with layoffs as part of "strategic alignment"

A month ago Warner Bros. has confirmed an unspecified number of job cuts at the Infinite Crisis developer

1 Games driving "nearly all" Google Play's revenue growth in US

A month ago New App Annie report says huge increases in the US and South Korea helped fuel Google Play

No Man's Sky dev among first speakers at DICE 2015

A month ago Initial lineup includes Sean Murray, Ru Weerasuriya, Tracy Fullerton and Tom Kalinske

85 "There is a literal war in this industry on women" - Wu

A month ago Giant Spacekat dev appears on MSNBC, CNN as GamerGate controversy starts grabbing national media attention

36 Brianna Wu is latest dev threatened and driven out of home

A month ago The head of development at Giant Spacekat got police involved after several disturbing threats on Twitter