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Tom worked at Eurogamer from early 2000 to late 2014, including seven years as Editor-in-Chief.

Twitter: @tombramwell

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Rock Band developer confirms Beatles game

7 years ago Title will be a "new, full-blown custom game title production built from the ground up"

Media Molecule "at work on a sequel" to LBP

7 years ago BBC report reveals a follow up is already in the works

New Xbox Experience preview slots filled up

7 years ago Offer to preview new service quickly taken up by deluge of applicants

EA hints at Dead Space 2 and others

8 years ago Bad Company and Army of Two set to return to consoles

Cheaper tech is Miyamoto's mission

8 years ago Nintendo plans to continue taking advantage of technology to "create reasonable and affordable entertainment"

No Sony TGS press conference, despite reports

8 years ago Company showing a number of specific titles, but no surprise event

Wii's Cube remakes coming to Europe

8 years ago Pikmins, Metroids, Mario Tennis in 2009

Apple hypes games for new iPod touch

8 years ago iPod touch is "the best portable device for playing games," says Jobs

Kojima wishes people would stop asking about MGS4 on 360

8 years ago Future projects could be multiplatform

1 Hollenshead & Carmack - Part One

8 years ago The iconic id guys on new technology and the challenge of piracy to the PC platform

2 Sales show Doom 3 was "not bad" - Willits

8 years ago But the id designer understands why it divided opinions

Avary writing Wolfenstein movie "right now"

8 years ago Hollenshead: Writer's strike held it up

1 Microsoft: Games for Windows Live is not competing with Steam

8 years ago Live hopes to distinguish itself through Achievements, cross-platform play and feedback system

INiS quiet on Lips DLC pricing

8 years ago Promises competitive pricing for Microsoft's karaoke game, with videos and more available as downloadable content

Moore: PC sports market has declined

8 years ago Consoles and piracy have helped put the squeeze on the changing PC market, says EA Sports boss

Blizzard fans won't notice company merger - Morhaime

8 years ago And the studio doesn't expect to lose Warcraft revenue to the recently announced Diablo III

"Great improvements" coming to PSN, says Insomniac Games boss

8 years ago Ted Price commenting on the PlayStation Network during an interview, saying upgrades were in the works

Greenberg hints at Xbox Live revamp

8 years ago Content needs reorganisation to cope with thousands of new items added since launch, says product management director.

SEGA signs deal with Platinum Games

8 years ago A multi-game publishing agreement has been reached with ex-Capcom developers

MS games not suitable for handheld, says Kim

8 years ago Microsoft Game Studios' corporate VP Shane Kim says he is "very happy" it hasn't made a handheld games console

GTA IV development very organic, says dev

8 years ago Art director Aaron Garbut explains how Rockstar's super-title was put together, and how in-game brands are developed

XNA boss defends Xbox Live Arcade

8 years ago Despite increasing PSN and WiiWare competition, Xbox Live Arcade still leads the way for indie games, says Satchell

Chris Satchell on XNA

8 years ago Chris Satchell discusses the motivations behind XNA, the business model behind the platform, and how to get stuck in

PS3 is "inviting trouble" with mod support, says XNA boss

8 years ago Chris Satchell believes that proper security measures are vital to prevent malicious user-generated content

Microsoft keen on Games for Windows Live Marketplace

8 years ago Digital distribution, DLC for games on the agenda, says Unangst