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Best of 08: Paul Sams

7 years ago Blizzard's COO on the Activision merger, success in Asia and developing for consoles

Lord of the Rings Online social networking site begins beta

7 years ago My LOTRO available for a limited time for North American users

Confusion over Star Wars MMO business model

7 years ago CEO discuses "micro-transaction" model for title, but corporate insists no decisions have yet been made

Massive to make MMOs for Ubisoft

7 years ago Guillemot suggests plans to start small in online market

CCP hints at EVE first-person shooter

7 years ago Petursson admits developer has a "game console strategy"

China to tax virtual goods income

7 years ago Report suggests 20 per cent tax on assets to help deter virtual money trading

Dutch court convicts teens of virtual theft

7 years ago The 15 and 14-year old culprits sentenced to 360 hours of community service between them

Lord of the Rings Online to get social networking site

7 years ago Turbine boss reveals plans to support MMO with community features, to go live this year

All future Sony MMOs console-bound

7 years ago Monthly-fees may be waived for PlayStation 3 users

Getting to know the Real U

7 years ago Inside the new Singapore studio that's aiming to break ground in MMOs

New Xbox 360 front end coming in November?

8 years ago Rock Band 2 ad reveals month of New Xbox Experience

Warhammer Online beta struggles in Europe

8 years ago Account registration and authentication issues spoil first day of anticipated MMO trial

Steefel: LOTRO is most likely to rival WoW

8 years ago Turbine executive producer believes Tolkien title can achieve mass-market success

2 Funcom shares halve following Conan release

8 years ago Investors concerned how game will retain players in the long-term despite initial sales success

Mythos beta closes down

8 years ago MMO is currently on "hiatus" following the closure of Flagship studios

1 Wright: Spore has more species than Earth

8 years ago 100,000 creatures created in 22 hours, one million in first week

Mythic drops EA from its name

8 years ago Warhammer Online developer will revert back to Mythic Entertainment

Blizzard's Paul Sams

8 years ago Warcraft developer's COO talks about Activision Blizzard, success in Asia, and whether or not the company will develop for consoles

A billion virtual world users in 10 years

8 years ago Researchers predict a booming population worth $8 billion by 2018

Valve announces Steam Cloud

8 years ago New feature allows for remote storage of game data such as save files and screenshots at no charge to players

Digital overtaking retail for Valve

8 years ago Valve's president says the company will soon be making more money from downloads than from retail sales

Valve not concerned about piracy in PC market

8 years ago Steam platform and service provided to its customers protects Valve from piracy, says Gabe Newell

Age of Conan nets 400,000 players

8 years ago Funcom announces large numbers of players taking up its new MMO since launch

MMO Week: Life After Fantasy

Opinion 8 years ago Oli Welsh on the importance of diversification

Electronic Arts to close EA-Land

8 years ago Virtual world previously known as The Sims Online to shut this August