Richard Leadbetter, Blacksmith of the Future

Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. Commonly known around Eurogamer as the Blacksmith of the Future.

Recent articles by Richard Leadbetter

In Theory: Will Apple Launch a Home Games Console?

Digital Foundry presents the evidence for a WWDC/E3 reveal

By Richard Leadbetter

In Theory: What's Inside Project Cafe?

Digital Foundry analyses the rumours and puts forward informed suggestions

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: Crysis 2 and the future of CryEngine 3

Crytek discuss the past, present and future of CryEngine 3 with Digital Foundry.

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: IMG on PowerVR mobile graphics

IMG talk graphics tech featured in iPad 2 and Sony NGP

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: Firemint on iPad 2 development

Digital Foundry talks with the makers of Real Racing on the challenges and opportunities of high-end iOS development

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: Motorstorm Apocalypse

From first impressions of the PS3 to stereoscopic 3D and 1080p

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: Low cost stereo 3D

Ninja Theory co-founder Mike Ball on Enslaved's 3D implementation

By Richard Leadbetter

Digital Foundry joins

Richard Leadbetter's respected tech analysis to offer regular features on leading trade site

By Richard Leadbetter

Tech Focus: Killzone 3

Digital Foundry goes head-to-head with Guerrilla Games on the technical make-up of its latest shooter

By Richard Leadbetter

TriOviz 3D joins Unreal Engine 3: what it means

Stereoscopic support for UDK games with minimal performance hit?

By Richard Leadbetter

In Theory: Is this how OnLive works?

Digital Foundry ponders the technology behind the big splash cloud gaming company

By Richard Leadbetter

Turbine: Consoles offer superior MMO platform

Untapped console market worth over $2 billion say Lord of the Rings Online creators

By Richard Leadbetter

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