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Rich has been a games journalist since the days of 16-bit and specialises in technical analysis. Commonly known around Eurogamer as the Blacksmith of the Future.

Twitter: @digital_foundry

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Tech Focus: The Rise of Cross-Gen Development

3 years ago Digital Foundry on how next year's AAA games will bridge the upcoming generational divide


12 Tech Focus: Sony vs. the Cloud

3 years ago Digital Foundry on why the time is right for Sony to join the streaming gameplay revolution


12 Tech Focus: The Quest for Console Quality Mobile Graphics

3 years ago Digital Foundry on how the gap between smartphone and current gen console is rapidly closing


9 Tech Focus: Next-Gen Consoles vs. The Age of Austerity

3 years ago Digital Foundry on how the console platform holders are factoring in the new economic era into their designs


2 Tech Focus: Where Next for Intel?

3 years ago Digital Foundry on the new Ivy Bridge launch and future plans for mobile and graphics


11 In Theory: Valve's Wearable Computing Concept

3 years ago Digital Foundry assess the potential of "Terminator Vision"


11 Tech Focus: The New iPad and the Evolution of iOS Gaming

3 years ago Digital Foundry on how Apple has defined the mobile market and the generational hardware leap ahead.


17 Orbis: The Next-Gen PlayStation Takes Shape

3 years ago Digital Foundry assesses the extraordinary rumours surrounding the next-gen Sony console.


2 Tech Focus: NVIDIA's Kepler Architecture

3 years ago Digital Foundry on the triumphs and challenges of the new 28nm era


Unreal Engine Evolution

3 years ago Digital Foundry looks at the ongoing development of the ubiquitous Unreal Engine 3


20 Steam Box: Could Valve Make a Games Console?

3 years ago Digital Foundry assesses the remarkable rumours surrounding an open games platform

6 Alienware's X51: PC Gaming Invades the Living Room

3 years ago Digital Foundry on why PC tech is destined for your lounge

8 Tech Focus: The Power of PlayStation Vita

3 years ago Digital Foundry on how Sony's new launch eclipses competing mobile platforms

21 Tech Focus: What Next for Motion Control?

3 years ago Digital Foundry on next-gen options for Move, Kinect and Wii U

19 Tech Focus: Next-Gen Cloud vs. Console

3 years ago Can "Gaming over IP" ever match the local gaming experience?

32 In Theory: Can Wii U Offer Next-Gen Power?

3 years ago Digital Foundry assesses what we know about the Wii U and what it tells us about the console's level of performance

14 Inside Raspberry Pi

3 years ago An in-depth Digital Foundry interview on the remarkable capabilities of the upcoming $25 credit-card sized computer


5 Raspberry Pi beats iPhone 4S graphics performance

3 years ago Project hopes to give users "the tools they need to write the next Angry Birds rather than the next Modern Warfare"

16 In Theory: The Challenge of the Ten-Year Lifecycle

3 years ago Will we still be playing PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2016?

16 Tech Focus: Game Graphics vs. Movies

3 years ago Does resolution really matter? Developers discuss bringing a filmic look to next-gen titles

4 2012: The Year Ahead in Tech

3 years ago Digital Foundry on a year where triple-A gaming is in transition and how mobile technology continues to explode

4 GTA3: A New Direction for Mobile Gaming?

3 years ago Can the triple-A titles of yesteryear find a new lease of life on iOS and Android?

25 Tech Focus: Where Now For PC Graphics Hardware?

3 years ago Digital Foundry on the challenges facing NVIDIA and AMD in a console-led development environment

22 Content Tourism and the Value of Gaming

3 years ago Is Need for Speed: The Run a two-hour game? Digital Foundry on why games are being defined by how long it takes to beat them

28 Can Microsoft Launch the Next Xbox in 2012?

4 years ago Digital Foundry analyses the latest "Nextbox" rumours.