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Dan Pearson joined Eurogamer in 2006 before moving over to GamesIndustry in 2010. He covers all areas of the business and spends much of the rest of his time feeling old and killing dwarves in poorly constructed fortresses. His dog is brilliant.

Twitter: @danbojones

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Game Jam returns to EGX Rezzed

A month ago Creative Assembly on board to assist competitors

10 UK Price cut confirmed for Xbox One

A month ago Retail at 399 from February 28 - with Titanfall bundle confirmed

B.U.G.S. program to launch tonight at BAFTA

A month ago Network aims to highlight industry graduate talent in the UK


30 Pick a card, any card

A month ago Nvidia's Tom Petersen on Steam boxes, Titan and how mobile will catch up to console

13 King files for $500m IPO on NYSE

2 months ago Publisher dangles the Candy Crush carrot for investors


6 It's Easy Being Green

2 months ago Green Man's Paul Sulyok talks rewards, reach and staying hardcore

7 Exient: From ports to harbours

2 months ago The UK dev is opening a new seafront studio in Malta - and Jon Gibson gets to run it


Owen Mahoney becomes new Nexon CEO as revenues rise 43%

2 months ago Appointment of western executive could mark shift in market focus

Netease posts FY2013 profit of $734.1m

2 months ago Online games and advertising drive 22% upswing YoY as Hearthstone beta shines


2 To Infinity and Beyond

2 months ago Why Studio Gobo is all about games, toys and the console market

Konami game revenues drop by 11%, operating income by 62%

2 months ago Development costs chew into publisher bottom line

4 TIGA's Open Letter to the Chancellor, George Osborne

Opinion 2 months ago Delay in tax relief will cost jobs unless rectified soon, says Richard Wilson

1 Infinity leads Disney upswing as Iger confirms sequel

2 months ago Interactive sales up 38% to $403m, operating income up from $9m to $55m

2 Square-Enix sales remain flat, but company back into black

2 months ago Publisher turns 5.7bn loss into 5.1bn profit in 9 month fiscals

15 Carmack: I left id because I couldn't work on VR

2 months ago Founder wanted to bring Wolfenstein, Doom 4 to Oculus Rift


12 Microsoft names Satya Nadella as new CEO

2 months ago Third CEO has "the unanimous support of our Board"

3 Ubisoft Montreal veterans form PIXYUL studios

2 months ago Ambitious first project plans to map the world with drones

First GameHorizon 2014 speakers announced

2 months ago Livingstone, Reil, Myllyrinne, Clark, Smith, Dromgoole and Moore presenting in Newcastle

UKIE launches training programmes for game makers

2 months ago Government subsidised scheme opens with digital marketing day

13 King: "We should never have published Pac-Avoid"

2 months ago Publisher posts open letter on ongoing IP conflicts

Playraven secures $2.3m seed investment

3 months ago London Venture Partners on board with Helsinki studio

30 'Booth babes' damage foot traffic, leads at events, study finds

3 months ago "There still exists the 'stripper and steaks' mentality in sales" says Spencer Chen


1 "Rust has made about 40% of what GMod made in 9 years"

3 months ago Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios discusses Rust, community and DayZ

1 Valve paid $10.2m to TF2, DotA item creators in 2013

3 months ago Contributors earned average of $15k each, or $4,348 per item

25 Weak Christmas hardware sales slash Nintendo forecasts by 80bn

3 months ago Publisher expects full-year loss of 25bn as Wii U estimates are cut by half