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Dan Pearson joined Eurogamer in 2006 before moving over to GamesIndustry in 2010. He covers all areas of the business and spends much of the rest of his time feeling old and killing dwarves in poorly constructed fortresses. His dog is brilliant.

Twitter: @danbojones

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1 Mobile World Congress gets dedicated games space

A month ago Barcelona event partners with Gamelab to provide talks, panels and networking

6 Custom games being used to treat psychopaths

A month ago Activities designed to help patients multi-task can assuage symptoms

58 Update: Valve returns Hatred to Greenlight after removal

A month ago Controversial game returns to Steam, despite Valve's initial objections over its content

Report: Amazon platforms have the highest rate of mobile spenders

A month ago Newzoo study confirms some habits, but also holds new surprises

5 CPI for Android and iOS diverges again

A month ago iOS down, Android up in November as iPhone launch rush calms

Brussels agrees to reforms of French games tax breaks

A month ago Smaller projects now eligible for rebates in territory

No change in UK top 5 as releases wind down for holidays

A month ago FIFA still top, The Crew swaps places with Just Dance


New CEO for Capcom Europe

A month ago Hiroshi Tobisawa takes over from Kunio Neo

8 Steam Auction launch backfires, is withdrawn

A month ago Valve forced to take system offline after users find exploit


New creative director for Dovetail Games

A month ago Stephen Hood joins Train Simulator developer, along with Nick Rooke

Sony dates, prices PS4 and Vita for China

A month ago Machines launching January 11 as corp woos Chinese developers

6 Threes & Monument Valley named GOTY by Apple

A month ago Official rewards for two premium titles

6 Lizard Squad claims responsibility for PSN login outage

A month ago Group promises more of the same over Christmas period

4 Obituary: Ralph Baer

A month ago Electronics pioneer who fathered the console passes away

3 UK Chip manufacturer Imagination joins micro-computer market

A month ago Creator CI20 features chip from iPad for 50

93 Target Australia removes GTA V from sale following petition

A month ago Sex-worker led protest cites first-person violence against women UPDATE: Kmart follows Target's lead

UK Industry responds to Chancellor's Autumn statement

Opinion A month ago Help for SMEs and tax credits praised but skills funding still needed, say trade bodies

Last-gen sales push CoD to Black Friday record, UK #1

A month ago 67% of sales on PS3/360 for Activision's shooter


3 Report: CVG, 33 years old, to be shut down by Future

A month ago Oldest running games media outlet killed off by publisher

1 France's Health and Safety body says kids shouldn't use 3D

A month ago Update: Nintendo responds, points to existing usage recommendations

Leftfield Collection submissions open for EGX Rezzed 2015

A month ago SEGA-sponsored indie showcase welcoming applicants for London show


King's chairman steps down, citing personal reasons

A month ago Board member Gerhard Florin will take the place of Melvyn Morris


29 "I don't want it to be like, 'Oh, here come the Christians, it's going to suck again.'"

A month ago Mikee Bridges of GameChurch: What Would Jesus Play?

Sony banking on PlayStation to boost profits

A month ago Plans for division to increase sales by 25% as TV and mobile arms are reined in

6 Obituary: Tony Bourne

2 months ago Man who founded SCEE QA in Liverpool passes away