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3 Puppy Dog Tales

5 years ago Caspian Prince on Steam and Humble Bundle sales, working on the Panasonic Jungle and his hand in Minecraft

1 Making Fun's John Welch

5 years ago VP of News Corp acquisition Making Fun on the media giant's entry into social games

NVIDIA's Bea Longworth

5 years ago On Android growth, desktop gaming versus mobile and console weakness

Ex-Cryptic boss joins Gazillion as CEO

5 years ago Needham joins rival MMO outfit days after leaving Atari firm

Facebook to step up European game dev support

5 years ago "We don't have to keep talking about the States any more"

Jordan Mechner headlines Nordic Game 2011

5 years ago Prince of Persia creator speaking, plus PopCap, Insomniac, CCP

6 "Weak" game sales contribute to Argos profit warning

5 years ago UK retail group claims earnings will be down 10m

1 Microsoft plays down XBLA scam

5 years ago MS Points loss "nowhere near" reported $1.2m

5 Zynga opens India studio

5 years ago 200 staff planned for largest office outside the US

Leading social game devs pulling out of MySpace

5 years ago Zynga reportedly declines $100m deal to purchase News Corp network


8 Trion: Digital sales "even stronger than people expect"

5 years ago Yet "trend towards digital doesn't mean that retail is dead," claims Rift developer

4 Hackers discover algorithm to generate Microsoft Points

5 years ago Microsoft reportedly scammed out of $1.2m in XBLA sales

28 Ubisoft cancels We Dare UK release

5 years ago "Public reaction" blame for last-minute change of heart

1 Hirai to take charge of entire Sony consumer business

5 years ago Stringer endorses PS3 boss as most likely CEO successor

1 'Tens of thousands' of PS3s seized in new LG court order

5 years ago Sony to appeal second European ban in the Hague today

1 The9, OpenFeint open Android development fund

5 years ago iOS devs porting to Google handsets can apply for part of $100m pot

1 Emmert takes over Cryptic as CEO moves on

5 years ago Needham exploring other industry roles

Free careers/advice fair for young Scottish devs

5 years ago Fifth annual Game In Scotland hits Dundee this month

$15m investment for ARG studio Fourth Wall

5 years ago Former members of ILoveBees dev given access to potential $200m fund

11 Angry Birds revenues at $70m from $140k costs

5 years ago Catapult IP brings in $975k a month from merchandise alone

9 Microsoft: Games For Windows Live had "a rocky start"

5 years ago Epic, Lionhead, AoE team apparently happy with updated version

13 EA: "It's conceivable PC will become our biggest platform"

5 years ago "Retail may be a problem but PC downloads are awesome" - Gibeau

40 jobs to go as Konami restructures Hudson

5 years ago And US office to close as Bomberman firm moves purely to social games

1 Marketing boss Peter Dille leaves Sony

5 years ago No reason given for US exec's departure after five years

Latest Pokemon breaks 1m US sales in 24 hours

5 years ago Black and White shatters franchise launch records