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Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

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Next Wiimotes may integrate MotionPlus

8 years ago Nintendo is yet to make a decision on whether MotionPlus tech should become standard, says Katsuya Eguchi

3 Dyack calls on Too Human critics to "stand up and be counted"

8 years ago Silicon Knights boss wants to take on critics when game is released in August

1m Japanese PS3 owners sign up to PSN

8 years ago Sony to give away 1000 PSN vouchers for use in the Store, each worth JPY 1000, in celebration

Verbinski to direct BioShock movie

8 years ago Take-Two spills details of deal with Universal to bring Rapture to the big screen

Consoles to become "virtualised"

8 years ago Former head of Xbox Europe predicts the death of physical hardware in "five to ten years"

GDC: Levine admits BioShock faults

8 years ago Ken Levine, creative director on BioShock, has said he believes the gameplay in the third act is some of the strongest in the entire game - but that the storyline peaked too soon.

Epic to focus on console gaming

8 years ago Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has said that the studio is focusing on producing console titles for the time being, claiming PC gaming is currently in "disarray".

Rockstar "not interested" in Grand Theft Auto movie

8 years ago

Plextek confirms Gizmondo set to return to market

8 years ago Failed handheld the Gizmondo is set to make a comeback this year, according to's sister site

Counter-Strike, EverQuest banned in Brazil

8 years ago Counter-Strike and EverQuest have been banned in Brazil after a judge ruled them "harmful to consumers' health".

Stringer: PS3 "infinitely more fun" than the Wii

8 years ago Sony Corporation CEO Howard Stringer has said in an interview that he believes PlayStation 3 games are "infinitely more fun" than those on Nintendo's Wii.

No evidence connecting games and violence, says BBFC

8 years ago The BBFC has accepted there is no proven link between anti-social behaviour and violent videogames - but said more research is required to conclusively rule any connection out

Tiga boss, psychologist defend Rockstar's position

8 years ago Tiga president Fred Hasson and psychologist Guy Cumberbatch were today called to speak in defence of Rockstar at the appeal against the BBFC's decision to refuse certification for Manhunt 2.

Rockstar fights back against BBFC

8 years ago Rockstar today launched its appeal against the BBFC's decision to refuse Manhunt 2 certification, accusing the board of putting its reputation above the interests of gamers.

Sony denies report of 40 per cent PS3 failure rate

8 years ago Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has moved quickly to dismiss a report claiming that the 40GB PlayStation 3 suffers from a 40 per cent failure rate as "totally inaccurate".

On Form

9 years ago Peter Molyneux joins the 'Are games art?' debate and reveals more of Fable 2.

Roaring Trade

9 years ago Peter Molyneux on revolutionising combat in games and what he thinks of Little Big Planet.

Pillar Talk

9 years ago Sierra's Martin Tremblay and Al Simone on how they plan to take the company forward.

BBC in talks to provide Xbox 360 content

9 years ago Microsoft is in talks with the BBC to bring the broadcaster's library of content, including high definition TV programmes, to Xbox Live.

Sony denies issuing release date for Home

9 years ago Sony has dismissed claims that it issued a release schedule showing launch dates for key PSP, PS2 and PlayStation 3 titles, including online community service Home.

Govt. to consult industry over issue of violence in games

9 years ago Gordon Brown has pledged to work with the TV, advertising and games industries to reach a consensus on the issue of violence in the media and potentially introduce voluntary controls.

Sony releases new firmware update for PS3

9 years ago Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new update for PlayStation 3 which is said to fix "compatibility and playability" issues.

Three Wii units sold for every PlayStation 3 in Japan

9 years ago The latest Enterbrain figures have revealed that the Wii continues to outsell the PS3 in Japan by a healthy margin - but it seems the gap between the two consoles is beginning to narrow.

Wii sales top 1 million in UK

9 years ago The Nintendo Wii has become the UK's fastest-selling home console in history, with 1 million units sold in 38 weeks.

No Japanese launch for Virtua Fighter 360?

9 years ago has learned that the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 may not be released in Japan due to the console's low installed base.