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Ark expansion sparks familiar Early Access concerns

18 days ago Community factions kick back against paid Scorched Earth DLC ahead of Survival Evolved's full release

Watch the NY PlayStation conference here

18 days ago Are you ready for some new PlayStation hardware?


Forging a new publishing model

19 days ago Zhenghua Yang's aspirations for Serenity Forge are bigger than just turning a profit

Riot Games' Brandon Beck and former Nexon CEO Min Kim will keynote DICE Europe

19 days ago IO Interactive's Hannes Seifert, Bossa Studios' Henrique Olifiers and Flare Games' Klaas Kersting will also speak at Barcelona conference


VR: Not all legal plain sailing ahead

19 days ago Harbottle & Lewis explores the potential product liability and data protection issues that might emerge with the rise of virtual reality

1 ICG raises concerns over "de-monetisation" of YouTube content

19 days ago YouTube guidelines, "could have the unintended consequence of discouraging creators from making edgy, interesting content"

Guillemot family to buy another 3.5% of Ubisoft

19 days ago Purchase of a further 4 million shares will add protection against a possible Vivendi takeover


"My biggest nightmare is waking up and realising we've not failed in a year"

20 days ago Ilkka Paananen talks company culture ahead of this year's annual BAFTA lecture.


Versus Evil: "We're establishing a new brand every time"

20 days ago More competition and vanishing launch windows make indie publishing an unforgiving environment, says GM Steve Escalante


ID@Xbox courts Japan's Indies

20 days ago Despite Xbox's commercial failure in Japan, Chris Charla is enthusiastic about the prospects for local indie developers on the platform

2 Pokémon Go "a real game changer" for Sony's mobile ambitions

20 days ago CEO Kaz Hirai believes AR could "lift all boats" in the market for mobile games

9 Nintendo cracks down on fan-made games

23 days ago DMCA takedown notice prompts closure of more than 500 projects on GameJolt


Jobs roundup: New MD for the IGDA Foundation

23 days ago Updates from Google, GAME Digital and the World eSports Association

2 Ninja Theory launches Senua Studio division

23 days ago New business arm dedicated to provision of "Virtual Characters for Stage, Film, Broadcast, Games and VR"

1 Team17 secures Ł16.5m investment, buys Mouldy Toof

23 days ago Lloyds Development Capital will help fund British company's portfolio growth and international expansion

Giving in, giving out, giving up

23 days ago Weekly recap: A handful of days marked by companies adapting to the market, collapsing when they couldn't, or just plain calling it a day


15 NX' first task is to avoid Wii U's pitfalls

23 days ago Reggie Fils-Aime's diagnosis of Wii U's failures is accurate, but these mistakes reflect deep problems with Nintendo's approach

17 Lindsay Lohan sets lawyers on Grand Theft Auto 5

24 days ago Update: Judge dismisses Lohan's case

Google Play opens up Early Access

24 days ago Developers can now nominate their games to be included in early funding program


Sony and the pre-launch price cut

24 days ago 10 Years Ago This Month: PS3 woes begin to mount, Apple takes first step into gaming, and Curt Schilling's new studio promises to debut in "epic and remarkable fashion"


Wooga cuts 40 staff in renewed focus on casual games

24 days ago Berlin based mobile publisher forced to act following several underperforming releases

Bulkypix is in liquidation

24 days ago Development partners have a limited time to recover owed money and other assets from bankrupt French publisher


More speakers for the Investment Summit

24 days ago Sheridans, Miniclip and Edge Case Games join the line up

Resistance is futile: EVE Online goes free-to-play

24 days ago CCP Games is adding a free tier in November, but EVE's subscription tier will be unaffected

17 BT sues Valve for "willful" patent infringement

25 days ago Telecommunications company cites four patents in suit

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