What can game developers learn from road safety?

Epic Games UX researcher Ben Lewis-Evans details how creators can curb bad behavior through education, enforcement, and engineering

By Brendan Sinclair

Digital Extremes expands to Toronto

Warframe developer opens new studio two hours from London, Ontario headquarters

By Brendan Sinclair

"It's disturbing that Wolfenstein can be considered a controversial political statement"

Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines discusses publisher's marketing for upcoming anti-Nazi shooter

By James Batchelor

Jobs Roundup: Andrew House leaves PlayStation

Elsewhere, Guardian games editor steps down and long standing Bandai Namco composer moves on

By Haydn Taylor

Activision Blizzard is ready to deliver on Overwatch League hype

Mike Sepso on easing tensions between publishers and players, and the firm's long-term plans for esports

By Matthew Handrahan

Sweeney: Fortnite engine improvements will benefit more than battle royale bandwagon

Epic Games CEO addresses Bluehole's concerns of tech sharing, says Unreal firm would never restrict how devs use its tech

By James Batchelor

Creation Club brings paid mods to Skyrim

Bethesda finds acceptable face of paid mods and microtransactions after a long and difficult history

By Haydn Taylor

SpecialEffect's One Special Day raises 300,000 for charity

The money will go towards SpecialEffect's work in creating ways for people with disabilities to experience video games

By James Brightman

Turn 10 studio head apologises to fans over Forza 7 VIP passes

Developer folds to community pressure following controversial changes and communication issues

By Haydn Taylor

Final Fantasy: Back from the brink of disaster

On the rocks just five years ago, Final Fantasy is back to being one of the industry's top franchises - courtesy of some bold risk-taking from Square Enix

By Rob Fahey

Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Critical Consensus

Does the latest romp in Tolkien's fantasy world live up to the hype? Mostly, but less is more, critics note, as the game feels bloated

By James Brightman

"We'll fix it in UI"

Bungie's lead UI designer explains how games benefit when UI is brought into the design discussion early

By Brendan Sinclair

Scopely to open Barcelona office

LA-based mobile publisher going international after receiving $60m investment earlier this year

By Haydn Taylor

American esports audiences most receptive to corporate sponsorship, Nielsen report reveals

The Nielsen Esports Playbook finds esports fans are divided on VR and esports as an Olympic event

By Haydn Taylor

Spreading social acceptance through a mobile game

Accidental Queens discusses the impact of exploring social themes in A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone

By James Batchelor

Immortals appoint former hockey league officer as new president and COO

CrossCut managing director: "I believe we found a great fit and a world-class executive in Ari Segal."

By Haydn Taylor

Fortnite tech benefits all Unreal users, but will it fuel the rise of Battle Royale copycats?

Engine updates unlikely to alleviate Bluehole concerns that PUBG advances will enhance Fortnite, which now has 7m players

By James Batchelor

Toys R Us launches AR app to drive footfall into struggling stores

Play Chase being trialled in 23 US locations before going national later this month

By Haydn Taylor

The Nintendo Switch indie gold rush

In a week where 18 Switch games hit the eShop, we ask developers: Is it already becoming saturated?

By Christopher Dring

Ubisoft to buy back 4m shares as it fends off Vivendi takeover

Anonymous investment services provider called in to help complete program by December 29th, 2017

By James Batchelor

Inbetween Games' debut is a tribute to Berlin's diversity

With All Walls Must Fall, a team of ex-Yager devs have captured the energy and inclusivity of the German capital

By Matthew Handrahan

UK's biggest schools esports tournament returns to the London Games Festival

Tournament capitalising on success of previous year by demonstrating the power of games in building confidence, team work, and communication skills

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