Neill Blomkamp: 'It's inevitable that the uncanny valley just goes away'

District 9 director talks about his experience creating the ADAM short films with Unity

By Christopher Dring

Sega's game division holds strong despite 54.5% cut to company-wide profit forecast

Operating income for games up by $35 million despite net sales decline

By Haydn Taylor

Original co-writer returns for final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead

Gary Whitta makes his return as studio prepares to end groundbreaking series on a high

By Haydn Taylor

Gambling-addicted teen begs EA to reconsider microtransaction strategy

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive boss insists loot boxes aren't gambling

By Haydn Taylor

HTC Vive invests in 26 more companies

The Vive X accelerator program has invested in more than 80 VR/AR companies since July 2016

Games industry is going 100% digital - Take-Two

President Karl Slatoff says physical game sales are probably going away on a 5-20 year timeline, weighs in on loot boxes

By Brendan Sinclair

Traega sets up shop in Nashville

Upstart studio with veteran talent working on tactical card-collecting RPG for launch next year

By Brendan Sinclair

Star Citizen now offering to sell in-game land

The most successful crowdfunded game ever is asking players to spend more

By James Brightman

Popularity of linear games declining - EA

CFO Blake Jorgensen says cancelled Star Wars project was a type of game "people don't like as much today as they did five years ago or 10 years ago"

By Brendan Sinclair

The Podcast: Licensing your IP, with Gary D Nissenbaum

Latest episode available now, discusses how to arrange merchandise deals and more

By James Batchelor

Over 300,000 games consoles sold in the UK last week - GfK

Black Friday was the 13th biggest day ever for UK games retail

By Christopher Dring

Autodesk to cut 1,150 jobs amid restructuring

Software and 3D tools firm is shifting towards a subscription model

By Christopher Dring

VR to star in China's $1.5bn future tech theme park

Virtual rollercoasters, shooting games and alien tours will feature

By Christopher Dring

Report: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp surpasses 15m downloads

Bigger than Fire Emblem Heroes but below Super Mario Run

By Christopher Dring

Bluehole enters a post-PUBG world

CEO Hyo-Seob Kim reflects on reaching a high point in Bluehole's ten year history, and returning to the studio's roots with its new game

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo's "insane turnaround" driving holiday sales - Analyst

We chat with analysts in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By James Brightman

Divinity: Original Sin II sells 1 million

Larian Studios' Kickstarted RPG sequel hits milestone a little less than three months after launch

"You probably don't want Darth Vader in pink"

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen says faithfulness to Star Wars canon prevented a cosmetic microtransaction model for Star Wars Battlefront II

By Brendan Sinclair

Global gaming revenue on par with sports at $149bn for 2017

Software revenue alone expected to reach $143.5 billion by 2020

By Haydn Taylor

Mobile still a moving target

GameChangerSF is finding more value bringing back lapsed players than searching for new ones

By Brendan Sinclair

The second launch of Yooka-Laylee

After multiple delays, Playtonic's 3D platformer finally comes to the console everyone wanted it on. But is it too late?

By Christopher Dring

Gazillion Entertainment has officially shut down

Marvel Heroes goes offline a month ahead of schedule as studio closes

By Haydn Taylor

Jagex expands executive team with three new appointments

Executive appointments refocus developer on extending publishing and production operations

By Haydn Taylor

More than one million VR headsets sold last quarter

PlayStation VR accounts 80% of Japanese market

By Haydn Taylor

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