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Sony, Wargaming, Daybreak talk free-to-play on consoles

2 days ago GDC panel says consoles deliver better than PC on ARPU


12 "There's no royalties, no f***ing around" - Riccitiello

2 days ago Unity CEO touts the new full-featured and free version of Unity 5, likens Unreal Engine approach to free-to-play whale hunting

Storm8 games have amassed 1 billion downloads

2 days ago Social company hits major milestone, rebrands games under Storm8 Studios banner

Wooga sets new launch record as Agent Alice hits 3m downloads in 4 days

2 days ago 800,000 customers downloading every day

7 WoW to allow players to buy play time with in-game currency

2 days ago Token system similar to Eve Online's Plex hopes to counter gold-selling


Polygon hires The Mary Sue founder Susana Polo

2 days ago Site expanding coverage to include more general entertainment

eSports: The women in this space are walking through a minefield

3 days ago Blizzard and competitive gamers tackle role models and toxicity at GDC

Independent game sales in 2015

3 days ago TinyBuild's Mike Rose throws down some figures at GDC

Bears vs. Art vs. Analytics

3 days ago Former Halfbrick CCO explains how dev team overcame metric-induced "analysis paralysis" for soft-launched puzzle game

3 Community management in the culture wars

3 days ago Raph Koster, Richard Vogel, and Gordon Walton say harassment and conflict are only getting worse, but there are ways to address it

4 Unreal Engine drops subscription fee, goes free for everyone

3 days ago Epic still asking for 5% royalty on any shipped games which use it

RockYou raises $23 million in funding

3 days ago Columbia Capital invests in social firm


Ex-Eurogamer EIC Tom Bramwell joins Riot

3 days ago New European Head of Writing for LoL studio


2 "I didn't want another heroic 'save the world' game"

3 days ago Adam Orth's Adrift is a very personal experience, but it's also one he hopes introduces a new genre, the FPX

Physical release puts Dying Light in UK top spot

3 days ago Dragon Ball Xenoverse takes third


Ex-Dreamhack CEO Robert Ohlen joins Gfinity

3 days ago Executive on board as creative director

1 Halfbrick vets form Prettygreat in Brisbane

3 days ago Team of three includes Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride creator Luke Muscat

2 UK retailer GAME acquires Multiplay

3 days ago £20 million paid for events-focused company


Never Alone to have company in "world games" genre

3 days ago E-Line Media and Cook Tribal Inlet Council showed a game based on Iñupiaq culture can make money, but what will they do for an encore?

7 Valve and HTC reveal Vive VR headset

3 days ago Smartphone manufacturer breaks cover at Mobile World Congress

Creative England offers funds to West Midlands and South West

6 days ago


Casey Lynch joins Square Enix

6 days ago Ex-IGN editor-in-chief, Midnight City exec now editorial director working on Western franchises

Turtle Rock, Sony and Twitch collaborate on Chappie battle

6 days ago Movie studio sets its sights on Twitch audience with specially created tournament

Humble Bundle updates Humble Widget

6 days ago Asm.js additions mean in-browser gaming

Dota 2 impresses with super engaged player base - EEDAR

6 days ago As Dota 2 tops 40m players worldwide, the game still sees 25% of owners that average over 750 hours of gameplay

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