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PlayStation VR sells 50,000 units in Japan during launch week

5 days ago Virtual reality device outperforms PS4 after just four days on sale


16 Nintendo Switch heralds the end of the handheld era

Opinion 5 days ago Weekly Roundup: Nintendo effectively consolidates its hardware biz, RDR 2 will be huge, and women are finally accepted as normal in games

NPD: PS4 Slim and Xbox One S fail to prevent US sales decline

5 days ago Spending on hardware, software and accessories down 23% year-on-year

SAG-AFTRA now on strike against EA, Activision, Warner Bros., more

5 days ago Final negotiations stalled on pay, picket line will form outside EA's offices on Monday October 24


2 Xbox surges as Microsoft's gamble pays off

Opinion 5 days ago It's only a first step in denting Sony's lead, but the success of Xbox One S proves Scorpio's early announcement was a good strategy - and reignites the console war

1 Xbox One won US market share in Q1, says MS

6 days ago The Xbox One S and new games fueled Xbox momentum but gaming revenue declined 5% overall


12 "Who else but die-hard Nintendo fans will buy the Switch?"

6 days ago Analysts weigh in on the new console, challenges ahead, and what audience Nintendo is truly targeting with Switch

30 Nintendo Switch officially revealed

6 days ago The upcoming Nintendo console will indeed be the portable hybrid we all have been expecting [UPDATE: Bethesda comments on Skyrim]

"Making your games inclusive is complicated and fraught with frustration"

6 days ago Beamdog creative director David Gaider on the importance, and pitfalls, of promoting diversity

Nintendo prepares to unveil the NX - Here's what we know

6 days ago The speculation ends today, but how bold will the NX prove to be? And has Nintendo got enough time to send the right message?


1 expands UK team with two veteran editors

6 days ago Ex-Develop editor James Batchelor and ex-MCV editor Chris Dring have joined ahead of our site relaunch

HTC Vive has sold more than 140,000 units - report

6 days ago Rare sales figures emerge, suggest slow build for premium virtual reality device


Pokémon Go is just the beginning of an absurd copyright struggle in AR

Opinion 6 days ago The EGDF's Jari-Pekka Kaleva anticipates a major legal hurdle


Mixing dynamic narrative with dynamite

7 days ago The Church in the Darkness' Richard Rouse III attempts to avoid sensationalism when combining a Jonestown-esque cult story with randomized plot points

Outside Xbox launches multi-platform channel, expands team

7 days ago Attention Seekers' Ellen Rose and CNET's Luke Westaway join to broaden video coverage

$850m raised towards Tencent's Supercell acquisition

7 days ago Chinese investors will hold 76.9% stake in Clash Royale studio

Valve pushes back against Washington State skin gambling claims

7 days ago "As we have explained on multiple occasions, Valve is not engaged in gambling or the promotion of gambling, and we do not 'facilitate gambling'"

Ex-Zynga VP's VR animation studio Baobab secures $25m funding

7 days ago California-based virtual reality start-up has now raised $31m to date

Kabam offered $800 million for Vancouver studio - Report

8 days ago Marvel Contest of Champions studio has attracted multiple bids, according to VentureBeat

1 DeNA shutters Western business as games "did not meet expectations"

8 days ago A filing with the Tokyo Stock Exchange reveals the mobile publisher's full retreat from the West

Mobile hits need new content 3-5 weeks post-launch - Nielsen

8 days ago Consumer research firm identifies when players most want updates, breaks down what types of content work for which games

Red Dead Redemption 2 to sell 12 million in fall quarter - Analyst

8 days ago Ben Schachter notes "significant pent-up demand and interest" for sequel, expects PC version in early 2018


Inexperience as an advantage

8 days ago The industry outsiders of KO_OP haven't had problems finding work-for-hire that lets them be themselves or publishing partners for the experimental GNOG

1 PlayStation VR launch demonstrates Sony's PR expertise - ICO

8 days ago Analysis by ICO Partners reveals that PSVR dominated media coverage compared to the launches of Rift and Vive


1 "There are not as many questions. We have more freedom now"

8 days ago Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert believes the industry has changed since Remember Me's problems over its female lead - and changed for the better

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