Warner lays off staff at three studios

UPDATE: Monolith, Surreal Software and Snowblind Studios hit as publisher consolidates development teams

Warner Bros. has cut an unspecified number of staff at three of its studios in the US.

F.E.A.R. 2 team Monolith, The Suffering developer Surreal Software and Snowblind Studios are all affected by the cuts.

"We are committed to growing Warner Bros. in the game space and will be retaining robust teams in our Seattle studios," said the company in a prepared statement.

"We have been moving towards sharing certain resources across the studios and have also been reallocating resources to align talent with our development needs. Unfortunately, we had a few too many resources in certain functions and some positions were eliminated in this process. Our plan is to continually review staffing needs and as future projects evolve we would expect to see the studios grow."

Warner acquired Snowblind just under a year ago adding it to its in-house development team. Surreal Software was picked up as part of the acquisition of bankrupt publisher Midway.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. refused to offer any comment on the future of its UK studio Traveller's Tales when asked by The company would also not clarify the number of staff made redundant in the US or if the reduced headcount will have any affect on games in development.

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Bostjan Troha CEO, Zootfly7 years ago
This is really sad...
If it helps, ZootFly is hiring all art and programming positions for an AAA title. Work based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Info:
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