UK government should "celebrate" GTA IV, says Kingsley

Rebellion CEO hits out at MPs for criticising Rockstar's iconic game, saying it should be hailed as a British success story.

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, told the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee today that GTA IV should be shown more respect and "celebrated" as a British success.

Kingsley's comments came after a series of questions surrounding the issue of games ratings in which GTA IV was singled out as being deliberately advertised to an audience below its age rating.

"This is world's biggest launch in the games market and the intellectual property is actually British made, he explained. "I think that's fantastic. It should be celebrated."

The government committee is holding an inquiry to discuss harmful content on the internet and in videogames, and among the witnesses attending this hearing was Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, Paul Jackson, the director general of ELSPA and Keith Ramsdale, the vice president of EA games in the UK.

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