Two more studio veterans leave Infinity Ward

Activision insists a "deep bench of proven talent" remains within studio

A further two studio veterans have left Infinity Ward in the wake of troubles between the developer's founding members and parent company Activision.

The departures of programmer Jon Shiring and designer Mackey McCandlish are the latest to be felt by the studio.

Their resignations follow those of software engineer Francesco Gigliotti and lead designer Todd Alderman last week, who had spent seven and eight years respectively with the company.

As reported by VG247, Shirling announced his departure via Twitter, saying: " After almost 6 years at Infinity Ward, I resigned today. I'm incredibly proud of everything we accomplished and I'm going to miss everyone."

Meanwhile, McCandlish, who had served with Infinity Ward for eight years, also announced his departure on Facebook.

In a statement issued to Gamasutra Activision stated that the troubled studio still retained a wealth of talent.

"We look forward to continuing to work with Infinity Ward's deep bench of proven talent on exciting new projects," it said.

The publisher added that the founding of new EA studio Respawn Entertainment by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella came as "no surprise".

"This agreement comes as no surprise to Activision given the myriad of improper activities detailed in the cross-complaint filed on Friday against Jason West and Vince Zampella," it said.

In its counter lawsuit, Activision has accused the pair of attempting to hijack its assets, and of going on a secret trip by private jet to meet with senior executives of a rival publisher.

It also said that West and Zampella had maliciously delayed pre-production of Modern Warfare 3 in order to gain leverage in negotiations with their then-employer.

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