The Haunted mod wins $50k in Unreal contest

Epic Games hands out over $1m in annual Make Something Unreal Contest

Epic Games has handed out $50,000 and a commercial licence to the makers of The Haunted mod in its annual Make Something Unreal competition.

The company rewards outstanding mods built using the Unreal Engine, with a total prize fund of well over $1 million going to a number of amateur developers.

"We’re beyond impressed with the level of talent we’ve uncovered as a result of our latest Make Something Unreal Contest," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games

"The mastery of the Unreal Engine 3 tools shown by these teams is fantastic. This year’s winners have created the most ambitious mods we’ve seen to date. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help these gifted programmers, designers and artists launch their professional careers."

Other winners include mods The Ball, Angels Fall First: Planetstorm, Prometheus and Hazard: The Journey of Life.

Winners in the Educational category included the IT University of Copenhagen, the Art Institute of California, Australia's Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and Sweden's Hogskolan I Skovde.

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Latest comments (3)

Stephen Woollard Online Infrastructure Specialist, Electronic Arts7 years ago
Ah mods and mod teams - the commercial game makers of tomorrow. I've lost count of the amount of professional game developers I know who started out making mods.

This kind of incentive from Epic is exactly the right idea and recognises the work done by those folks who help keep PC gaming fresh and bring new blood into the industry.

Cheers, this story just brightened up an otherwise dull Friday afternoon.
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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College7 years ago
It's a great competition and the winners page has plenty of good looking stuff on it.... please make more like it if anyone reading this is in a position to :)
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Costantino Oliva7 years ago
hehe...yay for the IT University of Copenhagen!
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