Sony details PS3 motion control to developers

A "range of first-party and third-party content" promised for launch - report

Sony has reportedly detailed its PlayStation3 motion control technology to external developers, ahead of the release in spring 2010.

According to a report by Kotaku, the new control method for PlayStation 3 games will launch with a "range of first-party and third-party content" and will work "with any games across all genres from casual to core."

As well as supporting force feedback or rumble technology, the PlayStation Eye camera will be able to track up to four controllers and use the built-in microphone for voice input and recognition.

The company is also looking at a solution to support both the new wand controller and the existing DualShock 3 simultaneously.

Sony's motion control technology was first shown at E3 this month, with the company demonstrating a selection of early prototype software at the show.

Sony's European boss Andrew House recently told that the time was right to introduce motion control to the PlayStation 3, and the spring launch gave it a "good lead time to assemble the right sorts of content to take advantage of it."

"We have have a lot of confidence from a Sony standpoint on the right time to introduce new technology and new interfaces, and the goal of the company has always been to do it at the right time, when we can make a difference and be best of breed," he said.

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