Sales show Doom 3 was "not bad" - Willits

But the id designer understands why it divided opinions

Doom III designer Tim Willits has said he understands why some people found the first-person shooter disappointing, although he maintains he's very proud of it.

Id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead shot back at people retrospectively criticising Doom III earlier this year, declaring "they get no credibility", and Willits echoed elements of that. "Games that sell over three-and-a-half million copies are not bad games," he told Eurogamer.

But he was gentler for the most part. "If you are any self-respecting videogame player, you love Doom, but everyone's vision of Doom and memories they had of playing Doom, and what they thought Doom should be - everyone had a different idea," he explained.

"When you're that popular, you will have different opinions. It was very successful for us, and I love playing it even to this day, and there are few games that look better, still, and that game came out a long time ago."

Hollenshead has previously described Doom III as "the most successful game in id's history", and the title, which came out in 2004 on PC (and later on the original Xbox), received big scores at the time, despite concerns about repetition and monster closets.

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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media9 years ago
Baffles me they're on the defensive for this. The criticism of the game was never that it was unsuccessful or that it looked bad, it looked great and it sold a load. However the whole oh-look-a-monster-has-spawned-behind-me-when-I-picked-up-this-healthbox was really dated back then, let alone now.

The world knows id can put together great technical games. It'd be nice to hear them talk about some attention to gameplay for a change though. As a gamer I always thought that was a little undervalued at id.

Hopefully Rage will turn that around.
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Could not agree more. Doom III was a spectacular tech demo and a craptacular game. What really frustated me was that you could feel its potential all through the game. It just never lived up to it because of the asinine level and game flow design.
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