PS3 sales drop 24 per cent in US

Rival consoles see growth as sales slide for all PlayStation hardware

Sony's PlayStation 3 has seen a year-on-year decline in sales of 24.5 per cent in January, according to data released by NPD.

Last year, the console sold 269,000 units, compared to last month's results of 203,200 units.

During the same period, Microsoft saw sales grow 25.5 per cent, from 230,000 units in January 2008 to 309,000 units in January 2009, while the Nintendo Wii saw sales rocket 59.5 per cent, from 274,000 units to 676,000 units.

Sony's handheld PlayStation Portable experienced a 25 per cent decline, from 230,000 units in January 2008 to last month's total of 172,300. The company's mainstay console, the PlayStation 2, suffered a 62 per cent decline, with sales of 101,200 units, compared to 264,000 units for the same period the previous year.

When compared with results from January 2007, the PS3 has seen a 16.6 per cent decline in sales from 243,554 units, while the Xbox 360 has grown 5 per cent from 294,000 and the Wii has seen growth hit 34 per cent from 436,000 units.

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