Fallout 3 refused classification in Australia

OFLC bans Bethesda title from sale in the region

Bethesda's forthcoming Fallout 3 has been refused classification in Australia.

An RC rating by the Office of Film and Literature Classification effectively means the game is banned from sale in the region.

Many publishers have fallen foul of the strict classification system in Australia which does not grant games a rating above 15+, but allows movies to receive 18+ ratings.

Most recently, D3P's Dark Sector was finally cleared for sale in the region after receiving a series of cuts to content.

Fallout 3 is the latest title from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion team Bethesda, due for release this autumn. has contacted Bethesda for comment.

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Latest comments (1)

Andrew Goulding Assistant Producer, Krome Studios8 years ago
Antiquated classification system is more like it!

To get the R18+ rating approved in Australia it requires the approval of the Attorney General in each state. The only reason this hasn't been approved is because one man - Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, opposes it, and has said he will continue to oppose it while he is in office. This is clearly not a democtatic process.

So until something to affect the above changes, we will continue to be treated like children when it comes to games. Do I really have to pirate this game then send a donation to Bethesda to get around this?
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