ELSPA to front marketing bill for new PEGI campaign

"Deep" PR and marketing campaign promised for roll-out of new classification system in the UK

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association in the UK is set to front the bill for a new marketing and PR campaign to educate consumers about the newly unveiled PEGI ratings system.

PEGI will become the standard classification system in the region, with the Video Standards Council taking management of the process, and ELSPA promises an extensive campaign to educate consumers on the changes.

"A good quality PR campaign is very manageable in ELSPAs budget," said Keith Ramsdale, UK MD for Electronic Arts and board member of ELSPA, speaking exclusively to "That will be managed by the organisation, we have within ELSPA funds allocated towards it."

"It will be a very deep consumer education campaign when this becomes live and ready to go - we'll be educating the public on what this means," he added.

Ramsdale said that TV and video advertising will take its cue for the current ESRB method in the US of including clear logos at the end of any game trailers.

"Most important is that the reach that we'll be achieve as an industry by tagging adverts for both TV and print is going to go a very long way," he offered.

However, ELSPA will not be subsidising publishers for any increased costs of including the new artwork and logos in advertising or packaging.

Any exact dates for a roll-out of the new system is still up in the air, according to the VSC, which said this morning that it has yet to meet with the Government to discuss the practicalities of the system.

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