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Edge Games "completely certain" of victory against EA

By David Jenkins

Fri 26 Mar 2010 11:05am GMT / 7:05am EDT / 4:05am PDT

Tim Langdell's legal team complain of press bias towards Electronic Arts

The company of controversial trademark litigator Tim Langdell has claimed that it is "completely certain" of defeating EA's petition to the US Patent & Trademark Office, to cancel its wide range of registrations relating to the word "edge".

Speaking to sister site Eurogamer an unnamed spokesperson for Edge Games complained of a "biased press" and that EA "doesn't like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed."

"Just before they filed their amended petition to cancel we filed our Motion for Summary Judgement, but their resubmission of their petition gets coverage and our Motion to have the entire issue go away gets no coverage," said the spokesperson in an email.

"How could these people be more blatant in their bias in favour of EA?," they asked.

"We are completely certain of winning in both the US and UK against EA/EA DICE and against Papazian on the European CTM issue," continued the email. "We have asked Connect2Media to remove Papazian's EDGE from mobile phones and are confident they will do so if they have not done so already."

Edge Games believes it is "extremely likely" that EA's petition will be turned down, claiming that the publisher has "no new detail that enables them to argue fraud" but instead merely "trumped up" accusations.

For years Edge Games has issued a series of legal attacks against any games-related company using the world "edge" in the title of its product, from Future Publishing's Edge magazine to Mobigame's iPhone title Edge and, most recently, PuzzleKings' Killer Edge Racing.

EA's involvement began following the release of EA DICE's Mirror's Edge, with the company refusing to pay Edge Games a licensing fee and alleging that the developer had begun filing similarly named new trademarks for games that weren't in production.

A full history of Langdell and Edge Games' litigious past is available on

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Stephen Northcott Senior Consulting Engineer

76 0 0.0
Ok Tim. Whatever....

Posted:6 years ago


Jeff Wayne Technical Architect

86 37 0.4
That patent system needs to be completely revamped. Expecting royalties for using the word "Edge" in a title is ridiculous and just highlights how insane that system is.

Posted:6 years ago


Iain Lowson Writer

21 0 0.0
The press aren't biased against him. Everyone is biased against him.

Posted:6 years ago

That really is stupid...

Filing legal attacks on companies that use "edge" in their game titles. Thats like EA filing a legal attack on any company that uses the word "Sports" in their games. There would be lawsuits EVERYWHERE.

Completely and utterly stupid. I don't mean to be so negative... but come'on!

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Khaled Al-Hurby on 26th March 2010 12:06pm

Posted:6 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
*snip* Please refrain from personal insults.

Surely you cannot trademark a name that previously existed in the English language and has such common use?!

An extract from an article on this very site about the Edge Games/Mobigame disagreement:

[Tim Langdell] - "You wouldn't think of using 'Activision' as the name of a game would you? Even though there has never been a game called Activision. Or 'Electronic Arts' or 'Nintendo'?"
[link url=

The difference being Tim that Activision and Nintendo are made up words specific to the companies and Electronic Arts is a much more distinct company name than 'Edge' is.

I wonder if he can triumph against a company the size of EA. They have been guilty of pretty abhorrent practices themselves over the years, but it's hard not to cheer on them when they're up against Tim Langdell and his overblown perception of status and self-importance.


EDIT - I have also been reading about Edge Games on Wikipedia and it states that they are soon to release a game called 'MIRRORS'. Maybe EA should counter-sue :)

Edited 2 times. Last edit by a moderator on 26th March 2010 12:46pm

Posted:6 years ago


Dwain Hill

32 0 0.0
Indeed the patent system is ridiculous. If you can patent a widely used word in a language, why not individual letters! I'm going to patent all the letters in the alphabet then expect royalties from everyone who uses them in a product! /facepalm

Posted:6 years ago


Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator

962 187 0.2
Soon they're going to sue Edge magazine as well!
And what's going to happen to Soul Calibur with the Soul Edge?
It'll change the face of gaming as we know it! [/sarcasm]

Posted:6 years ago


robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard

232 138 0.6
' EA "doesn't like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed" '

... a sure-fire way to make sure that they -don't- destroy you, Tim, is to not sue them for completely ridiculous things. Something tells me that Tim Langdell will be disappearing into the same hole as that "lawyer" that was sueing Rockstar/Take2 years ago... what was his name again?

Posted:6 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
Jack Thompson.

No idea what happened to him, but he's surely gearing up to proclaim Read Dead Redemption and/or Max Payne 3 to be the Antichrist in pure videogame form.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Terence Gage on 26th March 2010 12:58pm

Posted:6 years ago


Phil Elliott Project Lead, Collective; Head of Community (London), Square Enix

186 58 0.3
Jack Thompson was disbarred, which explains why he's been quiet. As and when he's allowed to practice again I'd be surprised if he didn't continue to target the videogames industry...

Posted:6 years ago


Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College

264 22 0.1
What if I want to make a game about an Apple or set in a Blizzard? It might even be an Epic game.

Posted:6 years ago


Dave Conley Lead Programmer, Fuzzy-Frog Games

5 0 0.0
"How could these people be more blatant in their bias in favour of EA?," they asked.

Maybe because EA aren't the ones who are sitting on a trademark purely for the purpose of making money out of other peoples work. Maybe I'll file a trademark on the word "Battle" used in games.

Posted:6 years ago


Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D

863 708 0.8
Crazy. Talk about pissing off an entire industry.

Posted:6 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
Do you think it's too late to trademark the names 'Warcraft' and 'Warfare', because I reckon those two would be very healthy revenue streams?

Posted:6 years ago


Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis

472 348 0.7
@ Kingman Cheng

NAMCO used Soul Blade in Europe and North America after Tim contested the use of Soul Edge in the UK. So they decided to use Blade instead to avoid complications.
Tim also went after EDGE Magazine for its use. Not sure if they contested the claim and won or if they paid him off.

Posted:6 years ago


Roy Meredith , Eidos

1 0 0.0
Legend has it that in the 1940's Warner Bros threatened legal action against the Marx Brothers claiming ownership of the word 'Casablance' in films (Marx Brothers had made a film called 'A Night In Casablanca')
Grouch Marx retaliated by saying that the Marx Brothers owned the copyright behind the word 'brothers' and threatened to sue Warners.
Warners dropped their claim
Maybe EA should change their name to 'Tim' and then sue Langdell for copyright infringement

Posted:6 years ago


Chris Geehan Soundtrack Composer

3 0 0.0
Lets all hope that Tims sub-company "AND (tm)" doesn't get off the ground. I also hear "THE" is in the pipeline.

Posted:6 years ago

Hmm - gives one ideas for trademarking words like Auto, Final, Battle, Company, II, 2, 3

That should cover 80% of the market. heh heh!

Posted:6 years ago

Is there a patent on the word 'dickhead'?

Posted:6 years ago


Robbie Kazandjian Director, SoundBoy Ltd

14 0 0.0
yes. he owns it too

Posted:6 years ago

That is sooo weird. O_o ?! wtf

Posted:6 years ago


Patrick Williams Medicine and Research

93 63 0.7
Does anyone know when this is finally going to go to court and be over with?

Posted:6 years ago


Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.

2,522 3,225 1.3
I've worked with trademarks a bit myself and he has no legal grounds in the US.

The term "EDGE" is generic. It has no distinguishable application with regards to the trademark owner.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board would laugh this out if presented before them by Edge Games. Not out of bias to EA but out of stupidity for expecting to hold a legal claim to the usage of the generic term "EDGE".

Most mark owners only file for trademark infringement if there is potential damage to their company in the form of lost revenue or corporate image. In this case, the only damage being done is by Edge Games themselves.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jim Webb on 29th March 2010 5:44pm

Posted:6 years ago


Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator

962 187 0.2
@Barry Tingle

Thanks for that, I didn't actually know about that until recently, Tim is absolutely bonkers!
It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Posted:6 years ago


Marc Williamson Development Director/Producer, Tag Games

3 0 0.0
Humm, Set up '2 Games' 50, register the name 250 - 500. Sue every company with 2 in their game squeals = unlimited press and publicity.

Posted:6 years ago


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