Atari refuses to be drawn on ratings row

The publisher is content to let the game "speak for itself"

Atari has told that it is happy with the UK reviews of the Xbox 360 edition of flagship title Alone in the Dark, and wouldn't be drawn into the row erupting over the unduly low scores coming out of Scandinavia.

"We're happy with the review scores in the UK," a spokesperson explained. "We believe the game speaks for itself."

While broad averages in the UK point to something around the 7/10 mark, two consumer sites in Norway assigned the game a 3/10 rating, kicking up a stir in the process, with other Scandinavian sites following suit.

That contrasts sharply with most other scores, and a spattering of reader reviews at online retail outlets such as assigned a 7/10 score, citing the controls as "clumsy" and noting a number of other "glitches", but concluding that " spite of all this, Alone in the Dark is ultimately likeable, even lovable.

"...There's a game there that every gamer would want. Inventive, flexible, considered. It's stunning to look at it in places, too, and it's capable of classic gaming moments."

Alone in the Dark is out now for the Xbox 360 and PC, with a PlayStation 3 edition due later in the year.

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