Activision Blizzard backs TIGA tax campaign

"Without games tax relief the UK games industry will not fulfil its potential"

Global publisher Activision Blizzard has joined developer organisation TIGA, backing the continued fight to gain tax relief in the UK.

The company has two major UK teams, Blur studio Bizarre Creations and FreeStyleGames, makers of DJ Hero.

"At Activision Blizzard we are extremely supportive of TIGA's campaign to secure games tax relief for the UK development community," said George Rose, chief policy officer at Activision Blizzard.

"The UK has one of the most talented and creative workforces anywhere in the industry. The introduction of games tax relief in the UK will be a game changer. It will make the UK a significantly more attractive place to invest in games development. Games tax relief will lead to increased investment, more job creation and power economic growth.

"However, if games tax relief is not introduced then the UK will remain at a real disadvantage in comparison to other territories as a location for inward investment. Without games tax relief the UK games industry will not fulfil its potential."

TIGA's tax campaign was dealt a serious blow last week when chancellor George Osborne cancelled promised tax breaks for the development community.

Revolution's Charles Cecil had suggested the U-turn has been because of publisher interference, while TIGA believes the blame lies with the Treasury.

Today, TIGA CEO Richard Wilson described Activision Blizzard's support as a "huge boost" for the campaign.

"Our message is simple: back games tax relief and benefit from more investment and more jobs in a high technology, export oriented industry, or risk investment drifting away to other, more forward thinking countries," he added.

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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games6 years ago
It has to be said, the timing of this is questionable. Why not join Tiga in support of Tax relief when it really mattered? Like say two months ago!
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Christopher Bowen Owner, Gaming Bus 6 years ago
This has the stink of a smokescreen...
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Paul Sinnett Programmer 6 years ago
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Russell Watson Senior Designer, Born Ready Games6 years ago

That article sounds like they joined 2-3 weeks ago?
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