No cuts to GTA IV as BBFC clears game for release

Ratings board examines over five hours of gameplay for Rockstar's biggest game of the year

UK ratings authority the BBFC has given Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV the all clear for release with no cuts made to the content of the game.

The board came to the decision after playing over five hours of gameplay and viewing almost eight hours* of cutscene content.

The latest title in the 66 million-selling franchise is due for release at the end of this month, and is likely to become one of the biggest games of the year.

The series has never been afraid to offer mature content and GTA IV looks to continue to court controversy, with the BBFC noting the game contains "strong violence, very strong language, very strong sex references and drugs use," with further detailed acts including blood spray, masturbation and cocaine snorting.

Last year the BBFC banned Rockstar title Manhunt 2 from release in the UK, but after a lengthy battle, the Video Appeals Committee sided with the publisher and has now cleared the game for release.

Grand Theft Auto IV is due for release April 29 in Europe. The game is rated 18.

*Please note that the originally-reported "eight minutes of cutscene content" was inaccurate and has now been corrected, while the five hours of gameplay were played through and not simply viewed.

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