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6 Retailers evasive on 3DS UK launch

4 years ago Level of success still unclear as Nintendo fails to provide sales figures

3 MS patents Avatars that look like their owners

6 years ago Elimination of "artificiality" being considered to encourage users to exercise

HMV: MW2 stock will not be shipped early

6 years ago Retailer responds to reports it has broken street date for title

2 Mobigame: Tim Langdell's lawyers have "fled"

6 years ago Alleged trademark troll backs down as EDGE game returns to App Store

Wii firmware casualties "small" - Nintendo

6 years ago Update affecting hardware following update to 4.2 firmware

1 Microsoft: Halo 3: ODST disc error "not widespread"

6 years ago Only a small number of players reportedly affected by undetermined problem

7 ShopTo: PSPgo is "almost dead before it has arrived"

6 years ago Retailers refuse to stock console, while others fail to invest marketing effort into release

Dungeons and Dragons Online US relaunch branded a success

6 years ago Millions of points sold, says Turbine, "and we've not even opened to the public yet"

1 EA: German ratings are "censorship"

6 years ago VP calls for the country to ditch current USK rating system and adopt PEGI system instead

Microsoft to increase 360 Arcade price in UK, retailers confirm

6 years ago Platform price to be raised to counteract poor pound-to-Euro exchange rate

Konami reissuing old PlayStation 2 games

6 years ago Budget priced PS2 titles being re-manufactured to meet consumer demand

Microsoft launches Games for Windows Live 3.0

6 years ago Update introduces new in-game Marketplace and added anti-piracy protection

Perry: Not yet finished with making big games

6 years ago Talks about multi-million dollar game Plague canned by Atari, and of bringing it back

Sony removes in-game advert following load-time increase

6 years ago WipEout HD ad removed following affected gameplay; Sony investigating situation

Lego MMO will break generational divide - Netdevil

6 years ago Beta test for the family-friendly online game expected to launch next year

3 ShopTo: Modern Warfare 2 price sets "worrying trend"

6 years ago Publishers follow Activision's lead in raising SRP at retail

5 Pachter: Activision's Modern Warfare pricing strategy 'is a test'

6 years ago Subsequent 'hot' games will cost more if 55 price point is successful

Xbox Live autumn Dashboard preview next week

6 years ago Netflix streaming, Avatar marketplace, Xbox Live Parties but no Facebook and Twitter integration as yet

Activision: DJ Hero is "tremendous value"

6 years ago Publisher believes 108 RRP for game and peripheral is fair for amount of content included

Carmack "tired" of publisher deals

6 years ago id Software founder explains key reason for acquisition by ZeniMax Media

1 Sky Broadband apologises for PSN problems

6 years ago Service not allowing users to connect online during peak times

3 Xbox Live Community games not "financially viable"

6 years ago Despite critical reception, Clover developer Binary Tweed won't recoup costs

Ballmer "sorry" for new Xbox remarks

6 years ago Chief executive backtracks on suggestions of new console to launch in 2010

3 Hirai: Rival next-gen systems will last five years

6 years ago And the SCE boss believes that Nintendo's mainstream audience will "move on"

WiiWare threshold misinterpreted

6 years ago Developer speaks out against the "artificially negative wave of press" against the service