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amBX — a year in the making

8 years ago Philips' Jo Cooke on the company's first major publisher deal for amBX

CES: Ubisoft titles to support amBX

8 years ago

CES 2008: Bill Gates keynote

8 years ago Despite weeks of speculation about the possibility of major gaming announcements from Microsoft at CES this year, company head Bill Gates and other senior executives delivered a low-key performance that included little related to gaming.

EA to publish Crysis this November

9 years ago Crytek's highly-anticipated sci-fi shooter Crysis will be released for the PC on November 16, publisher EA has confirmed.

Xbox: the European Perspective

9 years ago Chris Lewis and Richard Teversham on expanding the business.

E3: Nintendo's conference

9 years ago

E3: Nintendo unveils two new controllers for Wii

9 years ago Zapper and Wheel to come bundled with games

CCP: Moving On

9 years ago Magnus Bergsson on what comes after EVE Online.

CCP: 10 years on

9 years ago Magnus Bergsson on marketing EVE Online after a decade alone in space.

Ship Shape

9 years ago Part 2: More on EVE Online from CCP's Hilmar Veigar Petursson.

Space Race

9 years ago Part 1: CCP's Hilmar Veigar Petursson talks EVE Online.

Boxed version of EVE Online due for release in two months

9 years ago CCP has confirmed to that EVE Online will be released on DVD in the US, UK, Russia, Japan and other countries in the next two months.

CCP to spend $7 million on marketing EVE Online this year

9 years ago CCP's Magnus Bergsson has revealed that the company has set aside a large marketing budget for 2007 and is in talks with IBM and Microsoft about ways to handle the influx of new EVE Online players.

Nordic Game: Private label brands "may come to the games market"

9 years ago Keith Lincoln, author of recent book 'Retailisation', issued a stark warning to the games industry at Sweden's Nordic Game conference today - pointing out that retail label brands such as those owned by Walmart and Tesco now far out-strip those traditiona

Nordic Game: PS3 SingStar inspired by "mass customisation", says Bozek

9 years ago Speaking in her keynote at this morning's Nordic Game conference, Paulina Bozek focused on “mass customisation” and how current trends have influenced the development of the PS3 instalment in the SingStar series.

Shock to the System

9 years ago Part two of our interview with Junction Point boss Warren Spector.

What Warren Did Next

9 years ago Junction Point's president on hating the ether and life after Deus Ex.

Casual gaming "set to explode" - MumboJumbo boss

9 years ago MumboJumbo boss Paul Jensen believes Europe is an under-served community, and that casual gaming in the region is set to explode.

Junction Point Vivendi signing "untrue"

9 years ago Warren Spector has scotched reports that Vivendi has signed one of several secret Junction Point games, saying he's "unclear" why the story emerged and to expect a "big announcement sometime soon."

THQ confirms Warhammer 40k MMO

9 years ago THQ is to release a Warhammer 40K MMORPG at an unspecified date, the company has confirmed.

Seeing the Light

9 years ago Newly-appointed Geomerics CEO Gary Lewis on the company's latest innovations.

Gary Lewis joins Geomerics as CEO

9 years ago Having returned from a three-year tenure in New York for Take-Two as chief operating officer, Gary Lewis has joined Cambridge middleware developer Geomerics as CEO.

Dissecting Microsoft's CES

9 years ago Behind the keynote with Microsoft's games development chief.

CES: Moore's gloves come off

9 years ago Microsoft's games chief offers praise for Nintendo but has strong words for Sony.

Moore and Satchell savage 'talentless' Sony at CES

9 years ago Speaking exclusively to at CES, Microsoft execs Peter Moore and Chris Satchell have delivered a punishing broadside to Sony and its PS3 online offering - branding the service a "disaster".