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Playing the headlines

8 months ago What devs can learn from Newsgame development


2 War in Syria: Using Games to Understand Conflict

3 years ago Why Auroch Digital made a game based on a real-world war in two weeks


6 How We Evolve Fun

3 years ago Inspired by Darwin, Tomas Rawlings asks whether incremental evolution of games will lead to a loss of innovation


10 Store Wars: Which is the right app store for you?

3 years ago Red Wasp's Tomas Rawlings breaks down the pros and cons of app stores for the independent developer


17 Gary Gygax: The Father of Games Design

3 years ago On the 74th anniversary of Gary Gygax' birthday, Tomas Rawlings looks at the legacy left by the designer of Dungeons and Dragons


From Paper to Digital: The Cthulhu Strategy of Games Development

3 years ago How Red Wasp Design brought Chaosium's much-loved RPG to life with a small budget, good-will and just 1000 of marketing money